PS3 Debug / Test (DEX) Firmware 4.31 and 4.40 Updates Surface

26w ago - Following up on the PS3 DEX 3.71, 3.72 and 3.73 updates, today some more PS3 Debug / Test Firmware versions have surfaced from anonymous for collectors including 4.31 and 4.40 below.

Download: PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 4.31 Update (177.9 MB) / PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 4.40 Update (179.9 MB)

Changes in Release 431.001

Changes in Release 440.001

As always, it's important to note that these PS3 Debug / TEST updates will currently NOT install on a retail PS3, and so it is intended for examination and comparison purposes only unless you own a Dev unit.

For those curious, running this updater on a retail PS3 will not damage it, however, it will give the following error before the installation completes: The data type is not supported. (8002F029)

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justan's Avatar
#21 - justan - 24w ago
when will there be a 4.50 jailbreak?

AustinK's Avatar
#20 - AustinK - 26w ago
Any news on the 4.5 update? It surprised me that it came right as R* released the GTA Online gameplay.

Zarod's Avatar
#19 - Zarod - 26w ago
Holy wow! Not even 2 days I check back and there's more! Awesome! Though with all these releases, I'm not wondering if someone somewhere has the full / proper Shop updates for 2.42, 2.51 and 4.45. These are the only ones I'm missing in my collection now. So if anyone anywhere has them, it would be awesome to get them. Thanks for the releases!!

ivanjerome81's Avatar
#18 - ivanjerome81 - 26w ago
Yes Iceblade... I'm waiting the same....PS3_Generator_Tools-345 and Prodg, at least this two... hahahaha but if it coming full will be amazing..

IceBlade's Avatar
#17 - IceBlade - 26w ago
Very cool, hoping for a newer SDK full leak at least. This stuff gets me excited keep up the good finding people!

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