PS3 Blu-ray Drive Connected and Recognized as Reader in a PC!

194w ago - This weekend Spanish PS3 developers at DemonHades (linked above) have shared some details and pics of a PS3 Blu-ray drive successfully connected and recognized as a reader in a PC.

With the exception of the Lite-On DH-401S that can read PS3 game discs on a PC, this is the first time an actual PlayStation 3 PS-SYSTEM 302R drive has been reported as functioning on a standard PC.

Many may recall last year the DemonHades Team first Mapped the JTag Port on PS3 Blu-ray Drive, and prior to that GodzIvan shared schematics for the PS3 Blu-ray drive pin-outs.

To quote from, roughly translated:

"Our colleague has managed HadesTeam Calimba of connecting the PS3 BD player to the PC, as you all know the communication interface that uses the reader is bd flex belt so you do not have any type of connector for this work, so we have communicated BD reader to the pc to start to investigate more thoroughly.

Jungleflasher as both dosflash recognize it. Another good news in PlayStation 3 research community for DHorg and his followers from other Web sites. More information is available here."

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Chivafighter's Avatar
#3 - Chivafighter - 194w ago
So does this mean the PS3 BD Player has BD-R burning capabilities? Interesting...
It looks like it, but doesn't red mean it doesn't have it, or the color of the circle doesn't matter?

tripellex's Avatar
#2 - tripellex - 194w ago
So does this mean the PS3 BD Player has BD-R burning capabilities? Interesting...

PS3 News's Avatar
#1 - PS3 News - 194w ago
I moved this to the Site News, and +Rep for sharing the news f455tty!

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