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PS3 BD2HDD - PlayStation 3 BD Game to HDD Game GUI App

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205w ago - Today user has released PS3 BD2HDD, a PlayStation 3 BD game to HDD game GUI application which automaticly creates a HDD patch NPDRM package for your desired game, followed by some revisions below.

Download: PS3 BD2HDD v0.1b / PS3 BD2HDD v0.1c / PS3 BD2HDD v0.1d / PS3 BD2HDD v0.2a / PS3 BD2HDD v0.2b / PS3 BD2HDD v0.2c2 / PS3 BD2HDD v0.2d2 / [Register or Login to view links]

To quote: Features:

-ppf support now you can create and apply ppf files of your working games! but please don't forget to state where to put the files
-easy to use
-some patch options to try
-keeps path lengths (maybe better compatibility)


1. select local game directory (don't select PS3_GAME)
2. choose a name for the games backup folder (exactly 6 letters and/or digits)
3. choose a patch method (try different, if game crashes)
4. choose the firmware your ps3 is on
5. click patch
6. you can find your pkg in the directory you extracted my tool
7. ftp your backup (contents of PS3_GAME!) to /dev_hdd0/z/XXXXXX (chosen at step 2)
8. install the package you generated


-3.55 geohot fw? maybe 3.41 jailbroken works too
-a game to test on your PC's HDD
-FTP Server installed on your PS3


-when using ppf patches you don't have a choice between internal or external
(defined in ppf)
-this is an experimental release, plz report fail/success here
-pkgs with PS3_GAME warnings may still work
-added experimental support for external drives (might change path length)
-small patches

How to make a PPF?

-click create
-select your unedited and patched eboot (.elf)
-click make patch file
-you can find your ppf in the directory you extracted my tool

thx to: fail0verflow, geohot, kayot for his great idea

REPORTED WORKING without PPF so far:

-Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
-Batman Arkham Asylum
-Battlefield 2
-Brunswick Pro Bowling (aggressive)
-Dead Space
-Gods of War Collection
-GTA 4 (edit param.sfo back to GD after installing pkg)
-James Bond Bloodstone
-Just Cause 2
-Monopoly Streets
-Naughty Bear
-Rock Band: The Beatles
-Saints Row 2
-Sam Heroes
-Silent Hill (aggressive)
-Singstar vol 3
-Tomb Raider: Underworld (external & internal)
-Uncharted Drakes Fortune
-Virtua Fighter 5
*more results plz


-fixed .NET Framework issues

-support for Test/Debug machines (make_fself_npdrm.exe isn't included, don't ask me for it)
-minor improvements

-3.56 keys added

-auto sfo fix for 3.50 games on 3.41
-auto make ppf
-log is more detailed now (debug option)

-fixed sfo output, should fix corrupted data msg (sorry)

-better compatibility
-show icon and info of chosen game

-support for auto patching unicode paths
-gui cleaned

-improved auto patching (+ compatibility)

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#99 - dadutchpride - 176w ago
dadutchpride's Avatar
sweet app..

#98 - PS3 News - 192w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Here is the latest version, the old ones were all removed:

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

#97 - MajorDisaster - 192w ago
MajorDisaster's Avatar
where is the d/l link?

#96 - Desi - 203w ago
Desi's Avatar
There is a fix for Tekken 6 that works from the xmb. After you install the modified eboot pkg, and after copying the files to the USRDIR dir as specified in the pkg instructions, boot into Gaia manager (or any other manager) and launch it (fix permissions).

When it goes back to the XMB, choose the Tekken 6 icon (installed from the eboot pkg) in the xmb not the disc. have it install the data, and you should be good to go. You can even remove the game from Gaia and it will still work from the XMB.

Let me know if it works out for you guys. This similar method can also be used to launch Super Street 4 from the XMB as well.

#95 - ronsin909 - 204w ago
ronsin909's Avatar
I'm trying to give as much detail as possible. What am I doing wrong? I am using the follow apps (sorry if I name them incorrectly) :

- CFW 3.55 GeoHot
- FTP Black Box
- MultiMan
- FileZilla

I do the following for GT5:

1. Retrieve the original game data to my PC
2. Create a PKG file with PS3 BD2HDD, aggressive, no errors, 6 digit directory

3. I drop the PKG file to my USB HD
4. Connect the USB HD to my PS3
5. Install the PKG
6. XMB has a shortcut for GT5 (correct installation?)
7. Use FileZilla from my PC to my PS3 via FTP
8. On my PS3 I created directories "/dev_hdd0/z/GRANT5"
9. From the original data on my PC, I transfer to my PS3

"/dev_hdd0/z/GRANT5" directory the following files/data:
- USRDIR (I deleted the old EBOOT.BIN and transfered the new EBOOT.BIN).../dev_hdd0/game/BCES00569 (the other GT5 location)... both locations have the new EBOOT.BIN... (both locations have the same data)


10. After transferring the data, I then go to my PS3 and reboot the PS3
11. After rebooting, I then click on the GT5 graphic on the XMB
12. After clicking the GT5 graphic, the PS3 acts as if it is loading a game,
then goes to a black screen. When the screen goes black and the PS3 is
non-responsive, so I manually have to reboot the PS3. The game is
not working.

I apologize for trying giving so much detail. I'm just FRUSTRATED.

My main goal is to backup my games so I would no longer have to insert a disk just to play a game (like most of you). I see how some of you are successful with achieving this goal. I to would like to reach this achievement.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If it the game, what games work? If it is my process, what is wrong? If there is another way of doing this, please let me know.


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