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PS3 3.60 Slim Flash Dumped, PlayStation 3 3.6x Keys Incoming

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161w ago - Following up on his previous update, PlayStation 3 hacker No_One has now announced that the PS3 3.60 Slim NOR Flash has been dumped via PNM board socket and the 3.6x keys may be coming soon.

To quote: Hi mates, I'm going to be on vacations for 3 weeks. I just wanted to tell you that PNM project will be stopped during this period.

But, i've some great news for you. I successfully dumped a 3.60 NOR flash using one of the socket ! The second socket has been validated too. We are not far from our main goal : "jailbreak again the PS3" !

Here are some snapshots:

  • host console with a new feature (NOR FLASH details...)
  • PNM with a NOR Flash on Socket #1
  • an extract of the 3.60 NOR dump as a proof



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Windstyle's Avatar
#46 - Windstyle - 160w ago
Hmm good news but why when we are so close for a new cfw and they have to go on a vacation. I can't wait

dyceast's Avatar
#45 - dyceast - 161w ago
Wow the good news just keep coming, first the CFW with PS2 backups and PSN access and now 3.60 keys what can a Jailbroken PS3 owner want more?
PS2 backups? Woah, what firmware does this? The latest rebug?

8inchnails's Avatar
#44 - 8inchnails - 161w ago
Great, now sony has 3 weeks to find a briefcase and do a phone call, super.

Why would some one say he's going on a 3 week vacation on something like this does not compute in my head sorry.

Don't take it against me, i really... hope i'm being paranoid (or ungrateful)!

damox's Avatar
#43 - damox - 161w ago
Great news... But the 3.6xx keys, wouldn't they only be the public key? Only good for decryption? Isn't the private key needed to sign a CFW?
This method can and will only ever result in the discovery of public keys. Private keys are required to sign anything.

The public keys can be used to decrypt current games. You could add the 3.6X keys to a 3.55JB console which would allow the 3.55JB console to play 3.6X games.

Forget about a 3.60+ jailbreak. You are FAAR more likely to see a 3.55CFW with the ability to decrypt/play 3.6X games.

You will always need an exploited console (read: 3.55) in order to ride the jailbreak train.

Unless someone finds a REAL exploit in 3.6X+ firmwares a 3.6X+ JB is not going to happen (which this thread is NOT at all about).

HeyManHRU's Avatar
#42 - HeyManHRU - 161w ago
Great news (Obviously!) But will this method work for future keys?

Great news... But the 3.6xx keys, wouldn't they only be the public key? Only good for decryption? Isn't the private key needed to sign a CFW?
I wouldn't know. But most people just want to play new 3.60+ games like that infamous Portal 2.

If only it was that easy

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