PS2Classic Final with Source Code Arrives for PS2 Classic Games on PS3

57w ago - Following up on his previous release, this weekend PlayStation 3 developer IngPereira has made available PS2Classic Final with source code for playing PS2 Classic games on the PS3 entertainment system.

Download: ps2classic_final.rar / ps2classic-latest-src.rar / expert_103.rar (3.1 Expert with PS2 CDVD plugin) / PS2 Classics GUI (Latest Version) / GIT / by CrUmp / by u$er / PS2 Classics Template PSDs by DEREKTROTTER

Now it doesn't need root key to vmc stuff and now vmc decryption and encryption is working great, added ISO9660 checks and LIMG check and creation. Thanks to flatz, aldo and many others.




To quote, roughly translated: Good friends here I leave the last revision PS2Classic with the new changes and additions by me with the help of Flatz and aldo.

PS2Classic Final Changelog:

  • ISO9660 Check
  • LIMG Support (Check / Creation)
  • VMC Decryption / Encryption fixed with the help of flatz by making new py script to rehash stuff so i can port it and now without. the need to use a root key to encrypt or decrypt your vmc's, thanks to aldo too by helping me in the process.
  • Now you see the progress being maded by decryption or encryption, so is more easy to wait.

Deciphering virtual memory card

Encrypting virtual memory card

It will rehash every change in the blocks and now it should work. About encrypting and decrypting ISO.BIN.ENC or CONFIG nothing changes about user commands because all the change was internal, so is the same.

If you don't want to use this cmd version is better to wait to the new version of Aldo Gui tool because it will have this added and some better gui improvements. Thanks to flatz, aldo and many others helping in the process.

Here also included something for those who want to modify or ripearlas isos more easily and are functional in the PS3. The process is very easy and simple using Expert 1.3 since the 2.0 version tends to have flaws with these images ISO9660 corrupting and ends.

Ripping or modification of any PS2 game

1. Crack the ps2classic ISO.BIN.ENC with great command line or GUI aldo.
2. Expert Runs 1.03 and continues to work the following order:

  • Extract LBA
  • Extract files (It will extract every file from the game in a folder with the iso name)

Now you can make your changes to the game(But obviusly you cannot just delete stuff because the LBA has an order you need to make some dummy file and rename it to the file you want to delete for example), you can mod everything too if the game have some modding tools for sure like gta sa, vc, etc.

  • Rebuild files (Now it will make a ISO with the game folder extracted previusly modified)
  • Rebuild LBA

3. Just encrypt that Game ISO modified with new tools like this new ps2classic command line tool or with new Aldo gui Ps2classic tool with new changes (Because this tools will now remake the LIMG section too). Now use the new ISO.BIN.ENC on the PS3 and check your changes.


From CrUmp comes a PS2 ISO Renaming Tool called PS3CTool v1 (linked above) for PS2Classic v 1.0 with details below, as follows:

I only test with my mac. if you install python 2.7 on windows this should work too. i don't know if it's ok to put key file in this, so I didn't include it. put your ps2.key file in the same location, and include this folder in your $PATH like:

PS2 ISO Renaming Tool for PS2classic v 1.0 - PS3Classic: To encrypt PS2 ISO to PS2Classic image.

The best way to play your PS2 games on your PS3 console is to convert them into PS2 Classic Games. With Multiman and PS2Classic container, you can have unlimited PS2ISOs loaded into your PS3. With [gameID] Game Title naming convention, Multiman will download the game cover if avaliable.

This tool finds gameID from within PS2ISO, and compare with online database to rename the ISO file names

This script works with ps2classic command line tool to make it more convenience to convert mass ISOs.





To rename ISO file with database entry, in '[DISCID] FILENAME' format

ALL: in a folder to process every ISO under that folder, including subfolders. It will move ISO files to current folder, and re-name iso filenames against the database entries.

Finally, from u$er comes some proper PS2Classic Tool binaries (linked above) who states the following:

Hey there, i've compiled a set of PS2Classic binaries for you based on the latest changes. if you don't like using cmd-line apps, you can replace the one in PS2Classic GUI with this one.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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#655 - PS3 News - 18w ago
More attachments for the above (and below) post..

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#654 - PS3 News - 20w ago
Today Deank Kasabow (aka deank) released the latest version 04.53.00 followed by 04.53.01 and 04.53.02 of multiMAN including just the payload.

Download: multiMAN 04.53.00 (CEX) / multiMAN ver 04.53.01 BASE CEX (20131208).pkg / multiMAN_ver_04.53.02_BASE_CEX_(20131217).pkg.555.v04.53.02.pkg / multiMAN_ver_04.53.02_BASE_CEX__20131217_.pkg (Mirror) / multiMAN_ver_04.53.02_BASE_CEX__20131217_.pkg (Mirror) / multiMAN_ver_04.53.02_BASE_CEX__20131217_.pkg (Mirror) / multiMAN_ver_04.53.02_BASE_CEX__20131217_.pkg (Mirror) / multiMAN ver 04.53.02 BASE CEX DEX STEALTH (20131219).zip

Nothing new, only the addition of the payload which allows booting and loading games on Custom Firmware base 4.53.


  • Added firmware payload 4.53 (added support for 4.53 CFW).

I have no intention of installing 4.53 at the moment, so hopefully folks will post back if it works properly.

Update: multiMAN 04.53.01 is now available (online update within mM and in the WEB column):

  • Added support for 4.53 CEX CFW (tested)
  • Fixed covers/backgrounds for network PS3 games in JB/folder format
  • Added spoof to version 4.53 (COBRA7 firmwares only)

On Cobra7 compatible firmwares - make sure to delete mM's USRDIR/cache folder (if you want to get PIC1.PNG covers for network JB/folder games).

Network (/net_host#/***PS3***/) games now show ICON0.PNG, PIC1.PNG and a cover if available.

Cobra Cinavia Tools for Rogero 4.46 Cobra v7.00 CFW by atreyu187


Here is a simple set of files to remove Cinavia from Rogero 4.46 Cobra v7.00 CFW. This release comes with an install and un-install set of tools. Simply extract and choose the zip file in the folder you want.

Then copy the zip to a USB flash drive and double click on the file in mMOS and it will install or remove the patches of your choice. Tested on Rogero 4.46 Cobra v7.00 as Habib already has this disabled.

I will be adding some more Cobra packs like a nice updated plugin pack with PSNPatch, users new peek/poke, and webMAN 1.25 to replace my older pack with AUTOBOOT.ISO for Fan Control since deank has implemented this already.

UPDATE for Cobra Cinavia BD Disable

Ok now I have added Habib's BD Cinavia removal as well. Now this seems to be hit or miss for disc but it has worked for me on a copy of Smurfs 2 I dumped myself and made. It has some other stuff in there as well because it is a plugin and if you install just this it would disable all your other plugins. So as of 12/21/2013 this has the latest and great of each of the following plugins that will be installed.

  • webMAN 1.26 (Update # 2)
  • Habib's BD Cinavia Bypass
  • PSNPatch v1.06

It will install all plugins to hdd0:/plugins and replace your boot_plugins.txt file. You might want to remove your plugins from hdd0:/ root but is not needed. It will also install a new folder called on hdd0:/ called hdd0:/selfs

It contains prepNTFS.v1.01.self so you can execute it without having the app installed to prep NTFS drives via multiMAN OS with a simple press of the X button to prep your HDD. The last thing it will do is alphabatize your game section of your XMB if you don't have this neat little hack done already instead of them showing by date installed by Bahamut Lord.

If you want to remove any of these features simply extract the contents of the zip file delete what you want removed (nothing really should need to be done as they are all great features and this will stop any conflicts with this one tiny zip file) anyhow once removed zip all the folders backup and rename properly.

Download: BD Cinavia Removal, webMAN Update, PSN Patch Pack (

I also updated my Cinavia 4.46 removal pack to also update your CA.CER files to 4.53 files for good measure as another users requested this. Not a needed update and bitsbubba's tool set does this as well so it is here if you are interested is all but again not needed and nothing has changed with the actual Cinavia removal just updating the CA.CER files for online use to help mask your online status. Figured it would be good to add since I have added PSNPatch as well to help you stay hidden from the Giant Enemy Crab S*O*N*Y I hope you all enjoy.

Download: Cobra 4.46 Cinavia Removal [Update #1] & 4.53 CA.CER File Replacement (

Install as usual, place the zip file(s) on a HDD/USB drive and go into multiMAN OS and simply press X on each file to install. Then simply reboot and enjoy!!

For those interested I will be working on my PSN PKG to PS3 ISO (without need for rap/edat/reActPSN) tutorial tonight and tomorrow and have it ready by Monday at the very latest.

Also I did not write any of these tools, I only put them together for easy install for you all. Thanks for this goes out to KW, BahumatLord, Habib, bitsbubba & deank for all there work and giving me the ability to share these with you all. Without them this would not have been possible.

Update #2: From deank: I compiled showtime 4.3.582 for mM... It is available in the WEB column of multiMAN and also from the VIDEO column -> Update. Standalone versions are in the web column.

Download: Showtime 04.03.582 [CEX].pkg / Showtime 04.03.582 [DEX].pkg

Update #3: MultiMAN ver 04.53.02 BASE CEX is now available with the changes below, as follows:

04.53.02 (20131217)

  • Added proper detection of COBRA7 firmwares (4.46-4.53)
  • Added "Check for updates" for local PS3 games in ISO format
  • Added check when loading local/network PS3 games in ISO format if installed game update requires higher firmware version and fixes sprx/self/eboot files

Update #4: multiMAN ver 04.53.02 BASE CEX DEX STEALTH (20131219).zip (122.41 MB)

Download: multiMAN ver 04.53.02 BASE CEX DEX STEALTH (20131219)

  • multiMAN ver 04.53.02 BASE CEX (20131219).pkg
  • multiMAN ver 04.53.02 BASE DEX (20131219).pkg
  • multiMAN ver 04.53.02 BASE STEALTH (20131219).zip
  • webMAN 1.26 (source/sprx)
  • ps3netsrv (win/linux/nas)

p.s. Those of you who had troubles with mM on non-cobra7 firmwares - try this updated version. All three versions are also available online via mM update and in the WEB column.

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#653 - PS3 News - 21w ago
Below is some updated Cobra ODE news from manufacturer Max Louarn and PS3 scene profiteer Gary Wayne Bowser (aka GaryOPA) as follows:

27 - 11 - 2013: Cobra ODE News - PCB revision

We are now shipping version 3.00, 3.10, 4.20 and 4.30 of our product concurrently. There is no difference in the MCU update files. Only the FFC cables and switch usage is different between revisions. Please refer to user manual for more details.

28 - 11 - 2013: Cobra ODE News - Video & Tutorial

New Review & tutorial are available.

03 - 12 - 2013: Cobra ODE News - PCB revision

New PCB revisions pictured (4.20 and 4.30A) and new version of the Cobra ODE released "QSV".

We have today released a new version of the Cobra ODE QSV, which caters specifically for users of 2k5,3k and 4k/4k2 console owners. The QSV version of the Cobra ODE is fully compatible with all software updates, but does not support older PATA/SATA FAT consoles or 2k/2k1 series SLIM consoles.

The Cobra ODE QSV offers incredible value to newer console owners, being considerably lower in price than the regular Cobra ODE.

Since many owners do not require the USB cables included in the full Cobra ODE pack, the QSV package does not include the USB cables, nor does it include the power cables required for FAT consoles or the additional FFC cables required for FAT PATA and SATA CECHx/2k/2k1, since these consoles are not supported on the Cobra ODE QSV. The overall RRP has been considerably lowered as a result.

We now therefore offer two packages, the regular Cobra ODE, supporting almost all console revisions (PATA/SATA FAT **excluding BMD-21 BD drive control boards, SATA SLIM and Super SLIM consoles) and the new Cobra ODE QSV which supports only 2k5/3k SLIM and 4k/4k2 SUPER SLIM consoles.

Enjoy Cobra ODE on later model consoles at a lower price and have peace of mind that the QSV is fully compatible with the regular software and hardware updates!

We have now added an installation manual to the downloads section which reflects installation on the console versions which it supports.. An installation manual for the QSV version is also available.

Download: Cobra ODE Installation Manual (English) v1.0 - QSV

Finally, from bitsbubba comes Cobra CFW Tools v1.19, v1.20, v1.21, v1.22 and v1.23a:

Download: Cobra CFW Tools v1.19.pkg / Cobra CFW Tools v1.20.pkg / PlayStationHome~IconSwap.pkg / Cobra CFW Tools v1.21.pkg / Cobra CFW Tools v1.22.pkg / Cobra CFW Tools v1.23a.pkg

  • added Dean's latest webMAN sprx
  • removed testplugin.sprx by Cobra dev (not needed with newest webMAN )
  • changed ICON.PNG (thanks STLcardsWS)

Cobra CFW Tools

With this app you can install "webMAN XMB v1.20" based on XMBM+ (aldostools' webMAN links) and concept from multiMAN XMB Integrated) with ★Install Package Files, REBUG's ★Package Manager or XMBM+ support, 4.50 certs (for ?safer? PSN), Ingame ScreenShots and custom coldboots by atreyu187 that I helped design. It's been tested on both Rogero (Cobra 7- Unofficial) and HABIB Cobra edition (any version). Choose what suits you


  • 4.50 certs
  • Custom Coldboot
  • Cobra [Center]
  • Cobra [Full]
  • Cobra [Right]
  • In-Game ScreenShot (thanks habib)
  • webMAN XMB v1.17
  • With Install Package Files
  • With Rebug's Package Manager
  • With XMBM+ Support

One thing that was pointed out to me was if Playstation Home isn't installed then the eject icon will replace it's icon. So I created the PlayStationHome~IconSwap.pkg which will take the PlayStation Home listing out of the PSN column and put it in GameData with the PlayStation Home GameData icon

Note: if you have PlayStation Home already installed on your PS3 there is no need for you to install the PlayStationHome~IconSwap.pkg as you have the correct icon.

Tested On:

  • Rogero 4.46 (Cobra 7- Unofficial)
  • HABIB 4.46 Cobra edition (any version)

Update 12/07/2013 - Features v1.21: Ok since webMAN is up to v1.21, so am I. In this update I've added:

  • webMAN XMB v1.21
  • webMAN v1.21 easy install (thanks deank)
  • 4.53 certs (thanks aldostools / Nathan_r32_69)
  • an Alternate Screen Shot install (for those having RSOD issues with original)
  • an option to revert back to original icons
  • PlayStationHome~IconSwap.pkg through bubble install
  • webMAN XMB~Game Data.pkg (also bubble) for easier uninstall (less files left behind)

Update 12/08/2013 - Features v1.22: Updated Cobra CFW Tools: Cobra CFW Tools v1.22.pkg

  • as always Deans latest webMAN sprx (v1.22)
  • combined 4.50~4.53 certs into one (as they are the same)

Note: as in last release please delete old before updating as I change file structure again .

Note: I recommend you uninstall any previous version before installing this (to avoid confusion) as I changed a few folders in the app, thanks

Update 12/09/2013 - Cobra CFW Tools v1.23a.pkg

  • webMAN v1.23 (thanks deank, aldostools)
  • webMAN On~Off (if webMAN/webMAN XMB already installed, you can use On to update sprx)
  • Rename PlayStation Network (to PSN as Sony did 4.50-4.53)

MM Stealth 04.50.02 By PS3Gunz

Download: EP9000-NPEA00374_00-STEALTHMANPS3V20.pkg (56.26 MB) / EP9000-NPEA00374_00-STEALTHMANPS3V20.pkg (Mirror)

  • Updated version of multiMAN 04.50.02
  • Spoof multiMAN for Showtime and not notify you when a official update
  • Blocking updates official multiMAN (no stealth) and Showtime for servers deank
  • A whole new theme with new icon by multiMAN Singstar jriko , thank you to him
  • Beyond Two Soul as the theme music and pacman bootsound

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#652 - articbudu - 21w ago
this work on any cfw right?

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#651 - PS3 News - 21w ago
Following up on the previous updates, today PlayStation 3 developer brunolee has released a PS3 XMB Mod Manager and updates which allow CFW users to install webMAN by deank, coldboots, gameboots, XMB waves, and more with details below.

Download: XMB MOD Manager.pkg / XMB Mod Manager v1.04 / XMB_MOD_Manager.pkg.646.v1.14.pkg / XMB_MOD_Manager.pkg.785.v1.16.pkg / XMB MOD Manager PT.pkg (XMBModManager r785 v1.16 Portuguese PKG)

To quote: 4.46 CFW with Cobra 7.00 Install Package Files (default)

  • Install webMAN v1.18
  • Install testplugin.sprx
  • Enable XMB My Games
  • Replace smiley avatars by new sub-folder categories pictures for XMB My Games
  • Enable XMB InGame ScreenShot Feature
  • Disable XMB ★ /app_home/PS3_GAME/
  • Keeps ★ Install Package Files

Manager Plus (XMBM+)

  • Install webMAN v1.18
  • Install testplugin.sprx
  • Enable XMB My Games
  • Replace smile images to new sub-folder categories pictures for XMB My Games
  • Enable XMB InGame ScreenShot Feature
  • Disable XMB ★ /app_home/PS3_GAME/
  • Replaces ★ Install Package Files by XMB Manager Plus

Package Manager (Rebug)

  • Install webMAN v1.18
  • Install testplugin.sprx
  • Enable XMB My Games
  • Replace smile images to new sub-folder categories pictures for XMB My Games
  • Enable XMB InGame ScreenShot Feature
  • Disable XMB ★ /app_home/PS3_GAME/
  • Replaces ★ Install Package Files by ★ Package Manager

The testplugin.sprx allows to reboot the PS3 pressing R2+L3+O from XMB and turn it off with R2+L3+X from XMB.


  • Cobra
  • PS3 (default)
  • Rebug


  • Classic
  • Cobra
  • None (default)
  • Rebug

XMB Waves

  • Electric Blue Purple
  • Electric Green Yellow
  • Gold
  • Kamo
  • PS3 (default)
  • PSP
  • Rainbow
  • Smoke
  • Vertic
  • Zebra

XMB MOD Manager EBOOT is from XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+)

Update 1: XMB MOD Manager update:

If you have a previous release installed, please uninstall it before installing a new one.

Update 2: XMB MOD Manager update:

  • Added webMAN 1.18, & vsh.self from smhabib , now PS2 Games work !!!

Version 1.04 Changelog

Install Package Files (default)

  • Install "webMAN v1.19"
  • Enable XMB "My Games"
  • Replace "smiley avatars" by new sub-folder categories pictures for XMB "My Games"
  • Enable "XMB InGame ScreenShot Feature"
  • Disable XMB "★ /app_home/PS3_GAME/"
  • Keeps "★ Install Package Files"
  • Priority Setector to "multiMAN/mmCM ver 04.50.04"

Manager Plus (XMBM+)

  • Install "webMAN v1.19"
  • Enable XMB "My Games"
  • Replace smile images to new sub-folder categories pictures for XMB "My Games"
  • Enable "XMB InGame ScreenShot Feature"
  • Disable XMB "★ /app_home/PS3_GAME/"
  • Replaces "★ Install Package Files" by "XMB Manager Plus"
  • Priority Setector to "multiMAN/mmCM ver 04.50.04"

Package Manager (Rebug)

  • Install "webMAN v1.19"
  • Enable XMB "My Games"
  • Replace smile images to new sub-folder categories pictures for XMB "My Games"
  • Enable "XMB InGame ScreenShot Feature"
  • Disable XMB "★ /app_home/PS3_GAME/"
  • Replaces "★ Install Package Files" by "★ Package Manager"
  • Priority Setector to "multiMAN/mmCM ver 04.50.04"

WebMAN already supports the shutdown/restart key-combo and there is no need to use additional plugins. Also I already stated what my test configuration is and that it is issues-free.

  • L3 + R2 + O = RESTART
  • L3 + R2 + X = SHUTDOWN


  • Cobra
  • PS3 (default)
  • Rebug


  • Classic
  • Cobra
  • None (default)
  • Rebug


  • Electric Blue Purple
  • Electric Green Yellow
  • Gold
  • Kamo
  • PS3 (default)
  • PSP
  • Rainbow
  • Smoke
  • Vertic
  • Zebra

If you have a previous release installed, please uninstall it before installing a new one. XMB MOD Manager EBOOT is from XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+)

Prior Changelogs

XMB MOD Manager update 1.01

  • Added testplugin.sprx and XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) aka XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.0.22.008 - mod by aldostools

XMB MOD Manager update 1.02

  • WebMAN 1.18
  • vsh.self from smhabib, now PS2 Games work

To keep the idea of aldostools (multiMAN always on top) and fix double multiMAN/mmCM with Manager Plus (XMBM+)

XMB MOD Manager update 1.03

  • Updated webMAN 1.19
  • Added Item Priority Setect to multiMAN/mmCM ver 04.50.04 in all modes (default, XMBM+, REBUG)
  • when selected a mode, will appear on the XMB PKG Bubbles to select multiMAN/mmCM ver 04.50.04 Priority

XMB MOD Manager update 1.05

  • Updated webMAN 1.20

XMB MOD Manager update 1.06

  • Updated webMAN 1.21

XMB MOD Manager update 1.07

  • Updated webMAN 1.22
  • Some Changes in PKG Bubbles to select multiMAN/mmCM Priority (Removed version to prevent confusions)

XMB MOD Manager update 1.08

  • Updated webMAN 1.23

XMB MOD Manager update 1.09

  • Updated webMAN 1.24

XMB MOD Manager update 1.10

  • Updated webMAN 1.25

XMB MOD Manager update 1.11

  • Updated webMAN 1.26

XMB MOD Manager update 1.13

  • Updated webMAN 1.27

XMB MOD Manager update 1.14

  • webMAN always Updated
  • XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) always Updated (v0.0.22.012 - mod by aldostools)
  • Added compatibility with HABIB COBRA 4.53 V1.01

XMB MOD Manager update 1.16

  • Updated webMAN 1.29 (2014-02-08)
  • XMB MOD Manager PT Manager and all its contents translated in Portuguese Language

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