PS_Unban v0.2 UnBan PKG for PS3 3.55, 4.21 and 4.30 Released

69w ago - Following up on his initial releases, PlayStation 3 developer 0x00 has updated PS_Unban to version 0.2 for PS3 Firmware 3.55, 4.21 and 4.30.

Download: PS_Unban v0.2 for 3.55 CFW / PS_Unban v0.2 for 4.21 CFW / PS_Unban v0.2 for 4.30 CFW

Currently it is getting mixed results with different PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) versions, including a working confirmation from StanSmith and a non-working report from MiNDTH3G4P.

Feel free to give them a try and post your results (with the PS3 Firmware and version details you are using) in our ongoing thread.

Note: As posted by Easton999GS, be sure to run this application in 1080i NOT 720p or it will black screen on you!

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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AcIdMaX's Avatar
#243 - AcIdMaX - 67w ago
My Ps3 is banned and i never play games online i only use psn because of netflixs i used ps unban and it worked for maybe 5 days. What i want to know is there any way for me to watch netflixs on my Ps3 with out signing in to psn?

PS3 News's Avatar
#242 - PS3 News - 67w ago
Those with (2) or more Quality Posts can contact him via Private Message or on his Profile Page here:

For those without (2) Quality Posts, you will have to wait or get posting... many sites require up to 30 posts to do such things, so only 2 isn't bad at all.

nateisaspy's Avatar
#241 - nateisaspy - 67w ago

ikill4fun360's Avatar
#240 - ikill4fun360 - 67w ago
how do i? i see you passing the collection plate but i couldn't find a way to

kalaner's Avatar
#239 - kalaner - 67w ago
I wonder if you release anything today or in the coming days? Please let me know, if you release any new public version, if so when? before we give for the private version.

My ps3 is banned so this is my only hope.

Btw, thx 0x00 you are the best.

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