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PS JailBreak Warns of Clone PS3 ModChips, Offers Dealer Listing

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227w ago - This weekend the official PS JailBreak site (linked above) has resurfaced after being down with a warning to avoid clone PS3 ModChips, and they have provided an Authorized Dealer List to help potential buyers purchase their PS JailBreak.

According to their banner, imitators and cheap Chinese knockoffs are already a threat to their PS JailBreak sales.

While we won't condone purchasing a PS JailBreak PS3 ModChip (official or clone) as we feel waiting a few weeks for a FREE PS3 scene solution is the smarter way to go, below is their list of current resellers around the globe for those interested along with the official distribution pricing.

It's interesting to note they intend to remove any reseller who sells below the guidelines provided. Additionally, [Register or Login to view links] reports that Dave at promods.com.au confirmed this price fixing and went on to state the minimum order is $22,000.00.

OZ Mods - www.ozmodchips.com
Quantronics - www.quantronics.com.au
Modsupplier - www.modsupplier.com

Modchip Central - www.modchipcentral.com
Canada Mods - www.canadamods.ca
Foundmy - www.foundmy.ca

Fox Chip - www.foxchip.com
Arcalide - www.arcalide.com
Siliteo - www.siliteo.com

Bluebytestore - www.bluebyte-store.com

Console Pro - www.consolepro.nl
ConsoleService - www.psjailbreak.nl
Dynamodz - www.dynamodz.com

Disco Azul - www.discoazul.com
Chips Spain - www.chipsspain.com
Alechip - www.alechip.com
Todo Consolas - www.todoconsolas.com
Sat Kit - www.satkit.com

Manzzon - www.Manzzon.com
Rejoy - www.rejoy.se
Wechip - www.wechip.se

Shop PS Jailbreak - www.shoppsjailbreak.com

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#12 - tripellex - 227w ago
tripellex's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by akrondav View Post
Its a Reg USB with a E-Tak ground the pulses at a very high speed when the eject button is pressed all the needs to be done is have a dump of what's on it and we will have a 3.50$ end around so someone dump this for me and I will make one and a vid and show the world what's needed.

Could you elaborate a bit more? I'd be interested in your idea. I tried googling USB E-Tak but came up with nothing.

#11 - syphonlord - 227w ago
syphonlord's Avatar
cant seem to find any uk dealers at the moment.. anyone know of any?

#10 - Raze1988 - 227w ago
Raze1988's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by zaror1992 View Post
I'm sorry to tell you that the person who will give DH the dongle has lost it. He disassembly it and his brother threw it in the toilet. If you dont trust me see this

Oh wow. That smells like a grade-school story:

Kid:"I have it! I'll bring it to school tomorrow!"
Next day: "Well, I had it, but then *add unbelievable coincidence here*"

Still, I doubt that this will stop DemonHades. He'll just get it from somewhere else.

#9 - b4rtsimps0n - 227w ago
b4rtsimps0n's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by sananth View Post
I for one don't trust the US shop called "shoppsjailbreak.com". Take a close look at their site. Their logo is hastily made to say "Jaibreak" (missing L). I feel it is just someone phishing for personal information.

The thing that worries me most is the testimonials from 3 customers with photos. First of all, that implies that they have somehow shipped a big quantity of the dongles already, which I find hard to believe since most other sites don't even have their first shipment yet.

Second of all, if you buy things from a modchip store, would you give them your real picture, real names and some testimonials like that?

I would say stay away from the US store at least.

On a personal note, many people claim discoazul is great, but from personal experience, they shipped me faulty merchandise, and it took forever to reach here. I for one would wait for dealextreme to mass produce these, or until the devs come up with the hardware list, soldering and flashing process. In that case, I would just do it myself.

Yeah those testimonials are so obviously fake. Nobody has got it yet, just the ones that got samples from the guys who made it, so they couldn't have any customer stories.

And indeed nobody sends their photo and location for them to advertise with. That whole site just looks like any other scam site like those buy this and make thousands of dollars right from your homee! They just took a cheap website-template and quickly put something together.

I wish I had the skills to put something like that together, but even with the best tutorials, I would probably just end up burning the house down or something

Anyways, can't wait till it arrives and I can test it out.. Probably gonna have to swap my internal hdd, because my original 40gb hdd is full enough as it is.. Mostly with just game install files. After cleaning up recently I still only got 5 gb of free space.

#8 - tjay17 - 227w ago
tjay17's Avatar
So soon there will be cheaper alternatives..


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