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PS JailBreak Warns Buyers Not to Update Past 3.41 PS3 Firmware

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226w ago - A few days back the PS JailBreak folks warned buyers about less expensive clone PS3 modchips, including the x3JailBreak and the PS3Key USB modchip, and today they sent out a wave of warning e-mails to those who pre-ordered the device not to update their PS3 Firmware beyond version 3.41 until it is confirmed safe to do so.

TQCast.com (linked above) confirms receiving one of these such e-mails, and reports it as containing the following notice, to quote:

"Just a friendly update email and some advice for you over the coming days and weeks.

While PS Jailbreak team have told us it should be possible to support future firmware versions on the PS3, it's is not guaranteed, they will need to access any newer firmwares than 3.41 and if needed release an update for the PS Jailbreak to support the newer firmwares.

So we wanted to give you all some advice that if a system update is released for the PS3 in the coming days or before you receive your PS Jailbreak which blocks system updates, we recommend that nobody update their PS3 for the time being.

If a PS3 system update newer than 3.41 is released you should keep an eye on the PS Jailbreak website for news on compatibility with the PS Jailbreak on the new firmware's. Only update your PS3 past 3.41 firmware if the PS Jailbreak team say that it's safe to do."

While this message seems like common sense to PS3 sceners, those new who pre-ordered a PS JailBreak chip and are not familiar with Sony's battle against piracy on the PSP may wish to take notice.

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#19 - Kiriller - 226w ago
Kiriller's Avatar
Why is whorelix even here? seriously...

#18 - cirojr - 226w ago
cirojr's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by whorelix View Post
Seriously is it really worth the hassle?? to play Backup games?? what's the freaking point.

I can't believe my eyes.

#17 - Kiriller - 226w ago
Kiriller's Avatar
Good news can't wait... can't wait... i'm getting all jittery.

#16 - PS3 News - 226w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
They mailed us back last night and said they would get it out ASAP, so I guess we'll see how fast ASAP is to them. I believe it is coming from HK, so not sure if they would even bother trying to overnight it from there to the US (doubt it, but we'll see eh?)

#15 - Kiriller - 226w ago
Kiriller's Avatar
ps3 boss, what's the status on the delivery of the clone?


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