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PS JailBreak Tiny Clone & Android PSGroove Port in Development

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224w ago - Since the release of the PSGroove open-source PS JailBreak PS3 exploit there have been numerous clones and ports in the works to other devices, which now includes the JailBreak Tiny (dubbed PSGroove Buddy) and a WIP Android port.

xiaNaix of PSX-Scene.com (linked above) reports via [Register or Login to view links] that the JailBreak Tiny is under development by the TIAO community, who state the following about the project, to quote:

"We are working hard on the Jailbreak Tiny (a.k.a PSGroove Buddy) for your PS3. You can install open-source firmware (PSGroove etc.) to this USB dongle, which will enable you to run homebrews on your PS3!

We haven't decided on the price, but as usual, it won't be expensive and our price is always SHIPPED price! It will have diygadget/TIAO logo."

An Android PSGroove port is also in the works by [Register or Login to view links] on his [Register or Login to view links] and [Register or Login to view links].

To quote on their progress thus far: "I'm currently working on a android port of PSj. You can follow my progress on. Look me up on twitter and blogspot. Currently the only real requirement is that your phone be rooted and running an android OS.

Also this is not limited to just phones. You can also use an android tablet. Or any other device you have that runs Android os. It appears to work on my netbook as well. I'm very close to producing a fully working bug free app for this."

"Lol I just got my Android to mimic the 6 port hub. Stage 1 Complete. Stage 2 done. Thinking If I should use PSGroove or OpenPSJailbreak as a base. for stage 3."

Also, spunks310 let us know HERE that another [Register or Login to view links] is in development as well.

Finally, ps2chiper and atommann from the Shenzhen Linux user group announced they are working on a low-cost and open-source PS JailBreak hardware design, as follows:

"We saw the news for PSGroove and I convinced atommann to use his avr skills to design open hardware for PSGroove to stop pirates from profiting. Our goal is to sell the open hardware at cost to anybody who wants it.

Here is a alpha design created on geda (with an update HERE and both Original and Revised code). We will let you guys know when the final design is done and the price seems to be around 3 dollars each."

Here is a alpha design created on geda. We will let you guys know when the final design is done and the price seems to be around 3 dollars each."

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#19 - mmanolos - 224w ago
mmanolos's Avatar
Does anyone know if there is a possibilty for this to be ported to a java app to run on our cheaper cell phones? (I don't own an Iphone, N900, PSP, etc). Thank you.

#18 - boomstick - 224w ago
boomstick's Avatar
Can this not be booted of a laptop running windows, surely that would be the easiest port.

#17 - tonybologna - 224w ago
tonybologna's Avatar
Man! The options that are becoming available are unbelievable!

#16 - laggmaster - 224w ago
laggmaster's Avatar
creating the hardware and selling it for just $3 ok im taking this hook that would be awesome and unsupprisingly cost effective... i would totally buy a 3 dollar board off of someone and flash the programing myself than pay the 150 for the psjailbreak moneygrubbers.

#15 - Tsusai - 224w ago
Tsusai's Avatar
Keep it coming, I love the fact i won't have to spend anything 'cause I have a PSP and Android toys.


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