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PS JailBreak Successfully Cloned by Mathieulh's PS3 Hacker Team

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226w ago - Over the weekend the PS3 modchip known as PS JailBreak was examined, and today Mathieulh has made several Tweets (linked above) confirming that his PS3 hacker team have successfully cloned the PS JailBreak USB device.

Essentially this means the PS3 hack used to run PlayStation 3 game backups on a retail PS3 console was itself hacked, and according to Mathieulh details on the exploit used will be publically documented and available as soon as next week.

Those interested in acquiring the necessary hardware, specifically a Teensy ++ board or an AT90USBKEY, may want to check HERE for some handy links.

Below are some quotes from his recent Tweets, as follows:

"Someone from our group just successfully cloned the psjailbreak dongle. Going to improve the shell code soon.

We are not releasing anything, we didn't just rip things off, we know how it works, the clone is just a POC, we plan on documenting.

The exploit will be documented on the ps3wiki as soon as possible (we need to write up the whole article, will take a bit)

Buy an AT90USBKEY or Teensy board now and we'll have good news soon.

Right now as far as I know the (original clone) code has been ported to the Teensy ++ There is no ETA as to any other devices so far."

Teensy Key Features:

• USB can be any type of device
• AVR processor, 16 MHz
• Single pushbutton programming
• Easy to use Teensy Loader application
• Free software development tools
• Works with Mac OS X, Linux & Windows
• Tiny size, perfect for many projects
• Available with pins for solderless breadboard
• Very low cost & low cost shipping options

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#119 - tmaster - 226w ago
tmaster's Avatar
you connect the board using a standard Mini-B USB cable, no soldering needed.

#118 - sqkulaly - 226w ago
sqkulaly's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by tifozi1 View Post
Woohoo local Atmel shops here in Dallas I will just wait and watch.

Hey I live in Dallas area, which shop?

#117 - ragnar - 226w ago
ragnar's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
yeah i regretted rushing to get the psjailbreak. but that was only on the pretence that i would get it a week after i paid - 3 weeks later and nothing. all i've gotten is news on clones and now this.

if i've now wasted $30ish dollars on this teensy++ it's a lot better than the $170. i have no real regrets for the refund.

i have faith in mathieulh and if all fails, i'm sure there's a solution

NOW i can wait.

i'm in the same boat as this, i have money, and dont give to tosses about clones or free versions etc etc i just want the damn thing and i dont give a crap how much it costs etc cause for me its value is unimaginable in terms of what i can get out of it.

i'm REALLY EXTREMELY pissed off that its been 3 weeks since i pre-ordered (ordered it almost straight away as it came up) and now were seeing all this other crap come up and still NO DISTINCT word on when ACTUAL PAYING CUSTOMERS are going to recieve one of these things other then just "SPECIAL" people getting them.

it's really all getting out of hand, i was more then happy to pay the price for the original unit, hell give the guys some credit for figuring it out they deserve the money as far as im concerned.

but now with all this other crap coming out, its looking more and more like a big scam especially with the fact that both the jailbreak and the "clone" website are registered to the same person its just plain fishy.

all these delays, clones, etc is just ridiculous, its going to be good for the end user eventually, but i feel with all this stuffing around, sony will have figured away to stop it before people actually even get there hands on one.

hell look at how quick sony were to jump on putting injunctions on selling them down here in australia, they know the thing works or they wouldn't be doing that so quick. they will be hard at working finding away to stop this and by the time people get the units it could be to late.

#116 - hak8or - 226w ago
hak8or's Avatar
Why no PIC love?

I am hoping someone, or I, can port this to a PIC, since I have lots of pic's laying around waiting to be used for something or other

#115 - BwE - 226w ago
BwE's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by AMurphy View Post
yeah i know but is it a usb or just a board

The Teensy is a complete USB-based microcontoller development system, in a very small footprint! All programming is done via the USB port. No special programmer is needed, only a standard "Mini-B" USB cable and a PC or Macintosh with a USB port.

Key Features:

* USB can be any type of device
* AVR processor, 16 MHz
* Single pushbutton programming
* Easy to use Teensy Loader application
* Free software development tools
* Works with Mac OS X, Linux & Windows
* Tiny size, perfect for many projects
* Available with pins for solderless breadboard
* Very low cost & low cost shipping options


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