PS JailBreak Backup Manager v1.1 Incoming and More!

189w ago - Today the PS JailBreak team have confirmed via xiaNaix (linked above) that an updated version 1.1 of the Backup Manager is coming soon which will include new features and tweaks.

Previously it was reported that the PS JailBreak delay was due to a component shortage, however, this was also clarified today, to quote:

"They would also like to clarify that the launch delay was not caused by a parts shortage as originally reported. They are finishing their retail packaging and finalizing the new software."

Finally, the PS JaiLBreak team are assisting Australian resellers who were recently a victim of an injunction by Sony, as follows:

"With the recent injunction in Australia, they have decided to stand behind their dealers and distributors with financial support. They have made a sizable donation to both OzMods and Quantronics to help support the cause!"

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Marcelkie's Avatar
#40 - Marcelkie - 189w ago
I love it... for years there was no chance for the ps3 homebrew scene and now every hour there are lot of spectaculious news !!!! Please go on like this and hopefully sony will not close the doors.

Lakerfanalways's Avatar
#39 - Lakerfanalways - 189w ago
which site is that? I am planning on buying it.. I hope that they decide to lower the price, with everything being released right now I think lowering the price would be the best thing to do.. since I cant find a darn teensy board I will be forced to wait for the psjailbreak anyway.

efciem420's Avatar
#38 - efciem420 - 189w ago
My mod chip dealer has this posted "The team has announced they will ship the product to us September 6th/7th. They are changing a few vital features which will be imparative to the future. The support and communication from this team seems to be top notch, we expect great things from these guys. While at first we heard the feature would come with the delay, we got upset but the reason for delay makes it worth waiting an extra week. All orders will be sent out xpresspost. Please read our policy terms & conditions pages before ordering anything off the site"

Lakerfanalways's Avatar
#37 - Lakerfanalways - 189w ago
From Modchip central? yeah that is where I want to buy mine from. I am tired of all this BS, either they should release it or forget the whole thing. If they are waiting to find out what will happen in Australia tomorrow is the big day, so if everything is resolved tomorrow they should just go ahead and send it out.

I dont think I am going to bother with the teensy board method (One reason being I cant find the damn thing anywhere) but also because no one has really proven that it indeed does work so why bother getting something that might not work. If there is actual proof in the coming days that it works then yeah I will get it otherwise I will just get the psjailbreak.

efciem420's Avatar
#36 - efciem420 - 189w ago
I sure hope they ship PSJailbreak soon..

Preordered from a canadian dealer and they are saying its delayed and wont ship till Sept 8th.

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