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PRX Loader v1.05 (Unofficial) Arrives, Adds PS3 4.60 CFW Support

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25w ago - Following up on the previous updates, today PlayStation 3 developer tpryor (aka haxxxen) updated the VSH Plugin to PRX Loader v1.04 followed by another unofficial update to v1.05 followed by v1.06u and v1.07 from Joonie which adds PS3 4.60 / 4.65 CFW support respectively and PRX Mamba Loader v1.01 by aldostools with details below.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror) / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (Unofficial) / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror) / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror) / Mamba Source Code (WIP) by aldostools / [Register or Login to view links] (PSL1ght) / [Register or Login to view links] by haxxxen (aka tpryor)

From tpryor: I have done some different tests now with this core thing from mirala tijera, to autoboot prxloader, but without any luck.

Then i have looked into the sysmanager source (new_core) from estwald (to be found: github.com/Estwald/new_core), and this one is a bit different to mirala tijera's sys_init_osd.self. it is said on his github page, that it can wait for xmb.

I have took a look on the source and saw that this core really does wait to initialize xmb and then loads sm.self, which is perfect for other selfs, which depend on a fully loaded xmb, just like prx loader. also it does not interfere with boot times like the one from mirala tijera.

This new_core.self i have renamed to sys_init_osd.self and copied it via toolbox on rex 4.21 to devflash/sys/internal and replaced the original one.. now i have resigned prx loader to a retail self file and renamed it to sm.self. then i have copied it via toolbox to devflash root.

Finally prxloader now fets fully autobooted without any user interaction. the plugins, i want to be loaded are still defined in the plugins.txt in original prx loader folder and also the payloads.

The installation procedure, can be done securely via a pkg and with core flags. the manual can be found on estwald's git page. Finally I have found a different method than ccapi, to autoboot plugins without cobra.

I want to add prxloader as an additional self to be loaded or installed with core flags in new_core source, but first i have to get latest psl1ght installed and running. unluckily it does not compile on this old vm from evilsperm.

I attach the default install_core.pkg and default prxloader v1.04 resigned to retail self and renamed to sm.self.. you will need prxloader installed for plugins.txt and payloads. Edit plugins.txt in prxloader installation path.

1. Just install the install_core.pkg and run it. it will install new core automatically.
2. Copy folders from dev_usb000 folder to flash drive and put it into rightmost port (dev_usb000) and boot PS3.

It will install sm.self (prxloader) to devflash root and reboot afterwards. If any loaded plugin will freeze ps3, you can use that ignoresm flag file and put it into core_flags folder on flash drive and reboot ps3 with it attached. It will not load prxloader and also not any plugins and you can remove the broken plugin from plugins.txt

After the use of flags, they get renamed to "_xyz", so if you want to reuse the flag file, you have to remove that "_" character.

From Joonie: Holy cow, this is what I WANTED Thank haxxxen, I knew you would've made this by the way here (linked above) is the unofficial PRX loader 1.05 that supports CFW 4.60. Again thanks to user, aldostools, team cobra.

This supports only 4.21 CEX/DEX / 4.46 CEX/DEX / 4.50 CEX / 4.53 CEX / 4.60 CEX. I'd suggest this build for only CFW 4.60 users, others just use 1.04 loader that was released by user , I contacted him regarding this loader to have him release the official one.

This one is indeed "un-official" and I'd like have user to release the official one when he gets a chance. He is able to release one that supports more CFW revisions.

Update: From Joonie comes Unofficial PRX loader 1.06 [Updated by Joonie] followed by v1.07 with the following changes:

PRX Loader v1.06 Unofficial:

  • Added support for CFW 4.65 CEX
  • Plugin's default path is now set to "dev_hdd0/boot_plugins.txt" [it is the same as Cobra's CFW]
  • 4.50 DEX support is fixed due to proper compilation

PRX Loader v1.07 Unofficial:

  • 4.65 DEX support
  • plugin's default path is now set to "dev_hdd0/game/PRXLOADER/plugins.txt" [it is the same as the original PRX loader by user ] Due to various VSH plugin loader usages on various Cobra cfw builds. plugin path is changed back to the original.

Sorry about the late release, I made this some time ago when developing 4.65 REX CFW.

For developers:

When building Cobra CFW, please use "release" stage1, otherwise PRX Loader won't work when Cobra is disabled. for ex) all Standard Cobra CFW 4.46-4.55, Rebug 4.53.1 and etc.

Special Thanks:

  • U$er

Many thanks to user for his original source code, special thanks to aldostools for his awesome Getsymbol tool.

PRX Mamba Loader v1.01 PKG by aldostools

This tool (linked above) can be used to load webMAN with PS3 ISO support on non-Cobra CFW. The tool is based on IRISMAN. It simply loads the CFW payloads & patches, installs the mamba payload in memory and starts the VSH PRX loader with webMAN-MOD.

Edit the included plugins.txt found in /dev_hdd0/game/IRISMAN01/USRDIR to load additional plugins.

IMPORTANT: The webMAN's dynamic fan controller and psid/idps spoofer may not be working on 4.65 when loaded via PRX+Mamba Loader.

Thanks to: Estwald, u$er, Joonie, Habib, deank, Cobra Team.

Changelog (Sep 12/2014):

  • Updated with webMAN 1.30.23: Fixed the issue with idps/fan controller on 4.65

Changelog (Sep 15/2014):

  • Currently load: webMAN 1.30.25
  • Fixed the issue with idps/fan controller on 4.65

Changelog (09/17/2014):

  • It's another repack of the existing PRX+Mamba loader. This installs webMAN 1.30.26.

Changelog v1.01:

  • Edit the included plugins.txt found in /dev_hdd0/game/IRISMAN01/USRDIR to load additional plugins.
  • Thanks to: Estwald, u$er, Joonie, Habib, deank, Cobra Team
  • Currently load: webMAN 1.30.29 (Cobra Edition - English-Only)
  • Fixed the issue with idps/fan controller on 4.65

Changelog v1.02:

  • Currently load: webMAN MOD 1.31.00 (Cobra Edition - English-Only)
  • Added payloads for 4.66

From aldostools: The tool is now updated with a new "hybrid" version of webMAN MOD 1.31.00 Cobra + nonCobra Edition.

Note: The Cobra + nonCobra Edition is an hybrid version of webMAN MOD that mounts ISO using Cobra api, and mount the game rips in folders using multiMAN's payload from webMAN nonCobra edition.

The reason of this hybrid version is due webMAN Cobra edition alone cannot mount game rips through the Cobra api (webMAN Cobra only can mount ISO with PRX+Mamba). However, this version of webMAN MOD can handle both PS3 game formats.

A limitation is that once a game rip (folder) is mounted, the support for ISO is not allowed until the system is restarted and mamba is loaded again. But you can continue mounting games in folder format.

Thanks to Joonie for help to test this workaround until a better solution can be found.

Update #2: PS3 developer haxxxen (aka tpryor) has now updated PSX Loader to PSL1ght (linked above) with details below, as follows:

Just for the record, i have converted PRX Loader to psl1ght and merged it with newcore from estwald. this way you can really auto-load plugins on regular CFW just with newcore. i am still looking into merging payloads as-well into core, but i have no idea how to load them from the self file, cause merging works fine.

Here is the first test version, but not with merged payloads. it works fine on 4.21, but i am too lazy at the moment to test out others. source is included, and if anybody wants to improve it, feel free to do so (after all i have no real clue about coding and i am only modifying things.)

It only works for:

  • 4.21 cex/dex
  • 4.46 cex/dex
  • 4.50 cex/dex
  • 4.53 cex
  • 4.55 cex
  • 4.60 cex
  • 4.65 cex

I had no other symbols and i am really too tired at time to search for others. I have included several checks, so that no soft-brick should occur if wrong firmware is present or even if a corrupt plugin is loaded. i have made a new flag named "removeprx", incase a plugin freezes XMB. it will unlink/delete plugins.txt, located at dev_hdd0/plugins.txt

The installation only happens, if firmware is supported, otherwise pkg will triple beep and exit. only the right payload for the running CFW is installed, no other one. so for example on REBUG REX, you have to install the pkg 2 times, to get both payloads for both kernels. the pkg itself can be installed without problem on top of already installed prxcore.

If somehow still prxcore is installed and cfw is not supported, it will also triple beep on reboot and not even load PRX Loader. also if somehow payload gets deleted located in dev_hdd0/tmp/payload_xxx.bin and is not detected, PRXLoader gets not loaded and only newcore is running.. sm.self is also still supported.

I just forgot to mention, if you plugin a flash drive in usb000, PRX Loader will spit out some debug messages in a log, where you can see what exactly happens, or where is an error. ah, and also here is modified mamba with map_paths. i have compiled all payloads up to 4.65 only.

It works fine if you load a cobra webman, or with ccapi installed a hybrid ccapi cobra version (though the syscall _sys_ppu_thread_exit has to be removed for a hybrid ccapi cobra version).

I have noticed i have forgotten to include lv2memory protection removal for rebug 4.21/4.46, because i have patched it directly on my cfw. this is mandatory, otherwise prxloader will not work and shutdown ps3. sorry for that and i will make new one with included patches for these versions.

I have included this 4.20 ppu-gcc toolchain with mamba. btw, the payload for prxloader can be compiled as well with this toolchain, but using 4.1.1 toolchain from cobra, makes the payload some bytes smaller i have noticed, and it is better than this one.

You can even compile lv2kernel for cobra with this toolchain, but it breaks unluckily cobra stage2, which was already mentioned on here some time ago.

Finally, from aldostools: These are 3 new payloads that I ported (they need to be tested). I hex edited the payload 4.46C and changed like the symbols like Joonie did for the other CEX/DEX payloads included in PRX+Mamba Loader.

Hopefully they could be used to load webMAN on 3.55 and rebug 4.53.x (DEX kernel)

Why that "hacky" way of porting the payloads? even though i love to use hexeditor myself and manipulating files.

I have posted that you can compile the payloads better with 4.1.1 toolchain on linux. i have tried to compile that toolchain to windows, but i am not that good at linux and it has failed on me.
besides, thank you much for this. i am pleased to try it for 3.55, which has deserved it.

And also thanks for your modifications on webman, which have helped me much lately Why? LOL, simple: because I can

I modified the prxcore to detect all cfw from 3.41 to 4.65 (4.66). Also try to load the payload file from different locations.

Here is the compiled version:

  • [Register or Login to view links] (signed with sys_init_osd.self as template)
  • [Register or Login to view links] (signed as regular self application)

Update #3: PlayStation 3 developer _NzV_ has now made available PS3 Manager v0.1.1 Beta with the following modifications as detailed below:

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]


PS3 Manager extend cobra (or mamba) by adding new features (see bellow), this also include an server/client application to do remote peek/poke and more in next release.

For now its a beta a lot of think can be improved, but it works as well like this anyway.

New Features Cobra/Mamba:

  • Peek and poke for any processes by pid (new syscall 8 opcode).
  • Set self/fself memory map flag to "RWX" for any processes (Allow to write to protected process memory).
  • Include modded psnpatch stealth extensions v2 by kw (Not remove syscall 8 like webman, add remove of syscall 1022 in mamba version only).

PS3 Manager is compatible with removal of syscall by webMAN-Mod or PSNpatch (v4.66.30 at least), after removal of syscall with one of this tools you can always peek/poke any process and mount games (syscall 8 not removed).

Server/Client App Features:

  • Support remote connexion wirelless or not.
  • Attach to any runing process (vsh, game, ...).
  • Peek memory from attached process.
  • Poke memory from attached process.

PS3 Manager Launcher For CFW Non-Cobra Or Cobra Toogle Off:

PS3 Manager Launcher is a modded version of MAMBA+PRX LOADER by Aldostools, who include my new mamba payload (based on source code from irisman 3.34), PS3Manager_API.sprx (server side for remote peek/poke), and webMan-MOD 1.34.04.

Compatible firmwares: 4.46,4.50,4.53,4.55,4.60,4.65,4.66 CEX (I will add DEX support later, i miss some symbols now).


  • Install ps3mapi_launcher_nocobra.pkg.
  • Wait until XMB get back (take some times).
  • Done (If you reboot your ps3 you need to relaunch the app).

PS3 Manager Installer For Cobra CFW:

PS3 Manager Installer install a new stage2.bin and PS3Manager_API.sprx (server side for remote peek/poke). Thanks to Aldostools who made me in contact with Habib who me help to build stage2.bin.

PS3 Manager Installer update stage2.bin who is on dev_flash so be careful, use of ps3 manager launcher is more safe (but need to toogle cobra off, and the launcher need to be launch on each times you boot your ps3).

Compatible firmwares: DARKRNET COBRA 4.65 CEX ONLY! (based on source code from Joonie DCBR_465_SRC_092414, I will add more fw later if i can find source code for them).


  • Install ps3mapi_installer_darknet_cobra_465.pkg.
  • Launch "[DARKNET COBRA 4.65] PS3 Manager Installer".
  • Wait until your PS3 double beep and reboot it self (take some times), if it was only a simple beep and your ps3 direct get back to the xmb the installation was fail (cobra not detected? unable to find stage2.bin? ...).
  • Done (Unlike the launcher you dont need to redo this each time you boot your ps3 , you can also remove "[DARKNET COBRA 4.65] PS3 Manager Installer" from your ps3 if you want).

PS3 Manager Source Code:

I will release the source code of my modded mamba payload (is the same for cobra) and for the server side sprx with the next release i need to make it a little better first.

PC Demo Tool + PS3Lib_Mod:

The demo tools use PS3Lib_Mod.dll who is an updated version of PS3Lib v4.4 by iMCSx who include support for PS3 Manager.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#33 - PS3 News - 1w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
The latest PSNope is here: [Register or Login to view links]

The latest PSX Loader updates (v1.06u, v1.07, etc) are here: [Register or Login to view links]

I generally update the last news article with the latest versions if some come out between news articles... mainly as I don't create a separate article for every version since some only contain minor changes, etc.

#32 - toolazy - 1w ago
toolazy's Avatar
just new to the prx loader thing, and I have a question:

is there a newer version for install_core.pkg/sm.self ? the only one I can find comes with v1.04U, and a newer version is mentioned but I can not for the life of me find download links for them.

I'm on rebug 4.65 with cobra disabled (because destiny hates cobra), and I'd like for prx loader to auto start so I can use sen enabler support immediately, which currently works fine, but I have to start prx loader manually every time, so should I use the install_core.pkg from 1.04U (which is before 4.65 was launched) or is there a newer version ?

Also, is the Prx Mamba loader an alternative solution in my case ? I don't need webman, but if it can auto-load plugins on startup, I'll be just as happy.

Thanks for the great work you guys, I use many apps by aldo and they have saved my life countless times and made my life easier, and the continuous support for Prx loader by tpryor is just as great.

#31 - said780 - 1w ago
said780's Avatar
is this the new psnope which works in cfw 4.65 debug?

#30 - PS3 News - 41w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Following up on the previous updates, today PlayStation 3 developer user updated PSNope to version 1.06 (Test) with the changes outlined below.

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

To quote: here were some requests for an update so here you are. Sony added some checks to syscall 870 in fw 4.55, but this update should make psnope pass these checks removing cfw calls should work again.

New Test Features:

  • Output content from the community log files (enable the debug_log option if you're running cex fw)
  • Cleanup community log files based on blacklisting. no idea if its useful or not...

No cobra fw support (and no plans to add support it in the future)

Anyway, i'm not really interested in updating PSNope anymore and if you want to play online with cfw i recommend to:

  • restore ofw syscall table
  • clean up all history and log files
  • restore ofw explore_plugin.sprx, nas_plugin.sprx and explore_category_game.sprx

There is no tool which supports all of these atm. oh, and don't spoof anything. PSN can check in theory if idps belongs to console, syscall table matches fw version, syscall table is not ofw, fw allows installing debug pkgs with broken signature, etc. no idea if they actually do these checks but they gather lots of checksums from your console each time you log into psn.

Prior Changelogs & Q/A

PSNope v1.05:

  • psid spoofing
  • Cleanup boot_history.dat etc.
  • Delete boot_history.dat etc.
  • Beep to indicate successful rif creation

PSNope v1.00:

  • Activate PSN content
  • Spoof idps
  • Fake ofw (remove cfw syscalls)
  • Firmware independent i.e. no version specific offsets

Q&A (from v1.05)

Q: I want to activate PSN content. How to get started?
A: 1. create the folders psnope\lic\ on your pen drive
2. put the rap files of the content you want to activate into the "lic" dir
3. plug your pen drive into the rightmost usb port of your ps3 (/dev_usb000)
4. run PSNope

Q: Do i need the "aa" account to make it work?
A: No, you don't.

Q: How can i enable changing my idps?
A: open config.txt, change "spoof_idps=0" to "spoof_idps=1" and set "idps=" to the idps you want to use

Q: Where does it look for config.txt?
A: It looks for config.txt in the following places and uses the first it is able to open:
1. /app_home/config.txt
2. /dev_usb000/psnope/config.txt
3. /dev_hdd0/game/BLES08890/USRDIR/config.txt

Q: I spoofed my idps and and activated some content. Why doesn't it work?
A: Because your idps is part of the decryption algo. Please set "use_spoofed_idps" to "1" to fix it.

Q: Whats a ".klic" file?
A: Its a decrypted ".rap" file. PSNope supports these as well.

Q: How can i disable certain System Calls that may be detected?
A: remove_cfw_syscalls=1

Q: Will PSNope work on future CFWs?
A: It should work as is, because there are no version specific offsets being used (unlike the others).

Q: Is there any chance my console could get bricked by PSNope?
A: Nope no changes are being made to your console's flash.

Q: Can I use the source code or parts of it in my own projects?
A: Sure, as long as your project is open source.

Please have a look into config.txt. Enabling or disabling the new features should be pretty much self-explanatory.

More PlayStation 3 News...

#29 - jackkiej - 57w ago
jackkiej's Avatar
You will need a console ID, if you have a psid with it it can be better (we don't know on what sony checks), but you always need a unbanned console id (idps).

Just replace it like in the psnope config, read the first post of this topic, it is explained in there.


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