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Project: Resident PS3 Devs Are Seeking a Talented Coder

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284w ago - I'm here now to announce that we (the resident PS3 Devs), are currently looking for a talented coder!

What we are expecting from you:


• Very good / strong C / C++ knowledge (preferably commandline tools!)
• Ability to work yourself into (and setup) SDKs, Toolchains, etc.
• Ability to code tools, that help us to reconstruct our reverse engineered progress / information we gained (like the ECC recalculator by NDT / RPS)
• English skills
• Some time

A BIG plus! (but not required):

• worked on consoles before (preferably playstation series!)
• expierence / worked with shaders!

A plus (but not required):

• ASM skills
• Debugging skills
• Cell B.E. skills
• Worked with IBMs Cell SDK
• (Not development wise) Other languages (tell us which one you can speak!)

What you can gain from this (if requirements match):

• 0$ / month !!!
• directly joining the crew as a PS3 Dev!
• get latest information from deeper inside (non-public infos)
• work with some cool dudes :P
• if you look at the requirements, you should see where this is going and what goodies you can expect

If you think you perfectly fit into these requirements, then show us some of your previous work so we can take a closer look into this.

If you have any questions, please reply or contact me via iRC. I'm on EFnet, nick: iCEQB (and sometimes iCEQB_alt, if internet connection gets messed up )

/msg iCEQB message

I hope that we get a cool new crew member asap!

Thanks in advance!


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#27 - soultrane - 243w ago
soultrane's Avatar

I have recently entered into the PS3 community after my 1st PS3 purchase (a fat 60GB model). I have background as a programmer and electrical engineer so schematics, source code, hex dumps, etc. are of interest to me. For the time being, I am not willing to open this console up - but may look for a damaged one to do some experimenting.

Although I have a tolerance for any goal(s) of other hackers - my primary interest is in advancing the OtherOS to run more advanced emulators on the PS3. From what research I have gathered, it appears the (fat) PS3 suffers from the following:

1) Limitations on Linux direct use of NVIDIA graphics ASIC (RSX/GPU/...)
2) Possibly other limitations of Linux direct access to hardware and/or few specific tools targeted for PS3.
3) Somewhat less of an issue: 10GB rule (either PS3 or Linux partition must be 10GB).

At this point, I have not yet installed Linux. I have a 1.5TB drive (3.5") that I'll rig up a cable + external power to replace the 60GB drive. I got the drive before learning about the 10GB rule.

Looking forward to sharing ideas, findings, customized/test firmware, etc.

Hi all,

My first post got moved from a general introduction to this thread. Looks like someone else threw my hat into the ring for me.

Not sure if my goals align with the programmer the PS3 devs are looking for. Also, with no time limits - I think my pace (time available, etc) may not align with the team goals.

#26 - titanmkd - 254w ago
titanmkd's Avatar
- Very good / strong C / C++ knowledge (preferably commandline tools!)

I have strong knowledge on C/C++, more than 10 years of usage on big project from low level driver (RTL8139 driver, SPI, ARINC ...) to higher layer in C++

I have worked also on Assembly 68k and PPC for OS in industry (I wrote Boot and OS from scratch for critical software DO178-B Level A).
- Ability to work yourself into (and setup) SDKs, Toolchains, etc.

For all my embedded project I worked with tools like gcc, make, link file script ... (doing all from scratch).

- Ability to code tools, that help us to reconstruct our reverse engineered progress / information we gained (like the ECC recalculator by NDT / RPS)

I'm familiar with tools like IDA Pro (on 68k, x86 and PPC) and I have already coded tons of tools.
Some development/reverse on Linux MIPS ADSL box (rebuilt busybox, tcpdump and kernel module to dump flash ...).
I have also wrote some complex drivers from scratch.

  • PCI api, FM801 (sound card) and RTL8139 Fast Ethernet Controllers (using DMA): For AmigaOS/Amithlon/Pegasos working successfully on 3 different hardware and CPU (68k AmigaOS 3.x, x86 on Amithlon and PPC 603e/604 on Pegasos hardware using MorphOS OS).

  • Intel 82551 Fast Ethernet Controllers (using DMA): For Texas DSP proprietary board (I have also developped basic PCI driver for it).

Other low level development done from scratch :
Texas C6x/C2x and Power PC: IT/Interrupt Handler, RS232, Timer, PWM …
Texas C6x/C2x: PCI 2.x, SPI (IT/Pooling), SD Card,
Nand Flash 8/16bits API, Nand Flash Management (ECC 1bit, Bad Block management, Wear Leveling), Nand Flash IO and HAL.
ReedSolomonECC optimised on DSP and x86.

- English skills

I'm french but i think i'm not so bad in english, at least to write and understand any datasheet.

- Some time

I have not lot of time but I could take 8 hours per week to work on such things.

A BIG plus! (but not required):
- worked on consoles before (preferably playstation series!)
- experience / worked with shaders!

It is the first time I work on console but it is very similar to my work on embedded system and I like challenge.
I do not know shaders, but i know well multiprocessing especially on GPU with my Nvidia GF8800GT GFX card, I have done a LGPL program to crack more than 200millions MD5 hash/sec using CUDA API and GPU.
My website for MD5 GPU crack (Special Backtrack4 release but work on any Linux and Windows with Cuda): [Register or Login to view links]
- ASM skills check

Of course on 68k, x86 and PPC.
I have already reversed lot of software (on x86 and 68k) for fun and for personal knowledge.
- Debugging skills a little (gdb)

Yes but i prefer to debug using a minimal interface like DDD.

- Cell B.E. skills
- Worked with IBMs Cell SDK

I'm working on that, but seems very similar to GPU computing.
- (Not development wise) Other languages (tell us which one you can speak!)

My native language is french and I know english and a bit Russian.

Best Regards


#25 - thirdq - 254w ago
thirdq's Avatar

Coding : only C, and system coding only (writing linux kernelmodules, and system tools)
Linux : Very advanced
Network : good
operative system concept : advanced
electronics : have a degree on it, not to interested.

english : ok
Norwegian : native

I know I am probably not what you are looking for, but if you need some help on specially linux system programming, or designs, I could probably help!

Also I could probably help analyse system designs. So I am looking forward to see what comes out of hv dumps


#24 - PS3 News - 254w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by inginear View Post
i hope it's ok to reply to this old thread. if not, sorry for bringing it back up.

This thread will always be open to replies so don't worry about that, as we can always use active PS3 Devs to lend the others a hand!

That being said, welcome aboard inginear and +Rep! We will definitely keep you in mind when new Devs are selected (based on skills needed at a given time) periodically throughout the year.

#23 - inginear - 254w ago
inginear's Avatar
i hope it's ok to reply to this old thread. if not, sorry for bringing it back up.

anyway, i am currently in school working for a simulation and game development degree at the local community college. i am taking the first of the required c++ classes this semester. i have taught myself some c, c++, html, vbscript, and python, but not enough to say that i am proficient in any one of those languages, yet. oh, and i do html in notepad, i despise wysiwyg editors with a passion. i also have experience setting up and running various distros of linux, starting with red hat 7.2.

i also have a b.s. in mechanical engineering from a four year university. however, due to the economy i lost the good engineering job i had for a few years. now i'm working for my second degree to better myself and hopefully be more marketable when the economy turns around. plus i love learning, and i got the hardware stuff down with the engineering degree, now i'm learning the software stuff.

i have built and upgraded/modified many computers over the years starting with the intel 486 dx2 and overdrive modules. you know, the hardware that made overclocking possible back in the day. lol!

i may not be qualified to be a ps3 dev on this board yet, however i am diligently working towards that goal. as one day i hope to work for an actual ps3 game developer.

p.s. i write most everything online in lowercase and print in all uppercase. no particular reason, just habits that i fell into.


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