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Project: PS3 Exploit Backup Tool & PS3 Hacks Forum Now Open

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311w ago - Many have been following the [Register or Login to view links] thread by Giulio19992 which is a project his Italian PS3 Dev Team has started. The current status results are as follows:

- gio23 [DONE - WORKED 100%]
- $n4k3 [DONE - WORKED 100%]
- aaaaa93 [INCOMPLETE]

An external HDD or Memory Stick of 4GB or larger is required along with their files, and for complete details check out their ongoing project thread in our newly added [Register or Login to view links] Forum.

Exploit PS3 Backup Tool:

Exploit PS3 Backup Tool (.PKG) Fixed:

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#18 - cod4randall - 311w ago
cod4randall's Avatar
Im Doing It Right Now i Hope It Works
Im just useing the debug.pkg for a test at 11:25 pm in usa
My ps3 Ps3 60gb retail NTSC Fw 2.53

done at : pm
What all did go on
1st . run the backup
2nd. The restore operation could not be Completed the system will restart
Error Code : 800283F0

3rd system Restart
4th Hard disk,s database will be rebuilt
5th rebuliding
6th restart system
7th ps3 is ok
8th i still got all my stuff on the ps3
Ya i did not lose anything

#17 - jevolution - 311w ago
jevolution's Avatar
Ok let me try to clear this up with the best of my knowledge at the current time. I don't think there's anything here for the average user. Nothing has been released that allows you to do anything significant at this point in time. Infact its so insignificant that people are wondering whether its real or not. I will hold off on any personal judgement of the situation however things honestly don't look very good.
We'll just have to see if giulio will return tmr and try to clear things up.

Now I know everyone has probably heard about this 'PS3 Backup Exploit BETA' which i can understand how it may be misleading with the word backup in there but please know that backup in this case refers to the function of the ps3 backing up your files like your saved games etc.

The beta released is supposed to demonstrate, inserting a pkg (sort of a ps3 program, or more correctly the package containing the program) from the debug console into the backup of a retail console and then restoring the backup on the retail console including the said pkg from the debug console.

I know it may sound confusing, but read it slowly, i'm sure you'll catch it. Now this is useless to everyone except devs who have to decide whether its totally useless or can be further developed.

Also the proof of concept (i.e. the beta) isn't even proven, because we can't seem to get it to work properly at this time.

#16 - plains203 - 311w ago
plains203's Avatar
I thought this package included in the re-pack has also been modified in a certain way to make it work ie. not just any package will work.... at least not without modification...

#15 - adrianc1982 - 311w ago
adrianc1982's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by meni12321 View Post
And this is helpful for the hack? what this is contribute for the hack?

I'll explain what I have read here in the forums...

You backup your complete system to an External HDD and when you have the backup you connect it to your computer and ADD .pkg files(that you get from other systems like GAMES from the psn) to the backup you just made. After you have modified the backup you restore your system from this backup and you will get your system plus the .pkg file you just added(that could be a game or any other .pkg).

The tricky part here is that even though you are injecting .pkg files to the system, is to see if we can find a way to add a .pkg from a debug system or something that could break the ps3 hypervision. Thats to my understanding.

Quote Originally Posted by sekemc View Post
I just wanted to post this but when I attempt to download the beta files, BitDefender alerts me of a Trojan.Generic.1256578 in the file. Not sure if its a false alarm or not but...

here's the repack: [Register or Login to view links]

#14 - thon0925 - 311w ago
thon0925's Avatar
The .rar contains a trojan, but there is a repackaged one available in the same thread.


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