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Project Ideas: Possibilities of the PlayStation 3 XMB Interface

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280w ago - Recently SKFU shared some details on a PC / PS3 Messenger project in development, and over the weekend he has also theorized on some other untapped potential via the PS3's XMB (Cross Media Bar) interface.

To quote: The XMB is a nice core for a lot of features but why are they not unlocked yet? To mention a few examples:

Selfmade Widgets
The PS3 uses a widget engine based on open source for the information board. So why not give us the ability to load our own homebrew widget's from external mediums or install them like themes? As they mostly use XML and flash files it wouldn't even compromise PS3's security.

Music Visualizations
The PSP has a lot of them, the PS3 only three. Next-Gen multimedia entertainment? Not really, yet.

Universal Messenger
The PSP can use Skype, why not the PS3? The PS3's messaging system is based on Jabber. It would be very simple to allow the PS3 to communicate with iCQ, Google Talk and other instant messenger protocols.

Open File Transfer
Why can we only send pictures with size limitation via the PSN while we would more like to send music files or savegames. If that uses to much ressources like traffic, then P2P would be a solution.

Session Video/Audio Streaming
We have an audio/video and textchat there. Where's the ability to stream videos or music to watch/listen them with friends over the PSN? If it's the traffic problem again, one PS3 can host a server and invite friends.

Ingame Invites
Change the game unique invitation system and do it like for example Resident Evil 5 does. Invitations via XMB, we don't need another invitation way for every game. Keep it easy.

Trophy Sync. & Compare
Every time we want to compare our trophies with friends account we need to sync them again with the server. Why not local check which trophy file changed, than comparing every file online which takes the user a lot of painful time and patience. Do a simple hash and if the hash didnt change since last sync, let it be.

XMB Music
Click the wrong option and the music stops. Why? There's no need to stop the music while changing some settings or load a friends profile.

Feel free to comment on these ideas, or share some of your own below!

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saviour07's Avatar
#5 - saviour07 - 280w ago
The three most exciting features in that list (for me) would be the homebrew widgets, enabling personalised feeds (rss maybe??) and features; the open file transfer system, it could be a new means to save file transfers and other media on the user's hdd
and the xmb music system - listen to music from the hdd while using the browser! i would like someone to explain the reason behind not being able to keep a track playing while performing another task (such as web browsing or testing the internet connection or woteva you wana do)

something else caught my attention too - a system hosting a service if traffic is an issue to allow video/audio streaming over a network
just seems like such an interesting idea

Misled3k's Avatar
#4 - Misled3k - 280w ago
Quote Originally Posted by ionbladez View Post
Also, I think a PS3 Ad-Hoc play should be integrated into the architecture.
It'd be great for next-door neighbors that would like to play multiplayer on a game if their next door, or they bring their system over.

Agreed! Two PS3s in the same LAN should be able to play a multiplayer game with only one disc.

Perhaps games could come with an with an optional install for a "disc-less multiplayer mode"?

gtxboyracer's Avatar
#3 - gtxboyracer - 280w ago
read this article yesterday.. I think its just a wish-list.. hoping i guess that Sony read it and take note.

Good points though.

ionbladez's Avatar
#2 - ionbladez - 280w ago
Also, I think a PS3 Ad-Hoc play should be integrated into the architecture.
It'd be great for next-door neighbors that would like to play multiplayer on a game if their next door, or they bring their system over.
PSP Has it.
DS Has it (sucks though, sorry. heh).

Future PSP Firmware should also be allowed to load the friends list and chat with friends.

I've started getting into PPC ASM, so future TIFF exploits will be possible (possibly).

victorinox's Avatar
#1 - victorinox - 280w ago
im not shocked to hear this, but i am disapointed =[ i hope we at least get messengers so i can multi task XD

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