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Project: Attempts Being Made to Re-Enable OtherOS on PS3

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222w ago - Update: A video is now available below of a PS JailBreak OtherOS Installer from Sh1m3oN (proof of concept enabling features in the PS3 XMB) with some details on how to do it from Reaver at TeknoGods.

Recently C4PT started a [Register or Login to view links] in attempt to re-enable OtherOS on JailBroken PS3 consoles, as you have the option to run your own selfs on them.

To quote: "C4PT has successfully gotten the OtherOS installer to run due to this fact. He accomplished this by putting the otheros.self into a backup game's USRDIR folder, renamed it to EBOOT.BIN, and running it.

You can also run it via AerialX's payload off a usb stick, however this hasn't been tested yet.

You will need the otheros.bld on a usb stick in the directory PS3/OTHEROS/otheros.bld, as otheros.self will try to load this file. This whole process completes successfully, but unfortunately that's where the good news ends.

This will need a lot more hacking to accomplish re-enabling OtherOS, as the otheros menu is still hidden from view on the XMB. This will require some sort of flash hacking to accomplish. The easy part has been done, now the actual work begins."

In related news, Kris Absinthe [Register or Login to view links] on some PS3 XMB flash modifications he made in attempt to increase the functionality.

To quote: "Ok I found a way to add some more functions to the XMB. As a POC I edited the PSN XML file swapping the and I left all the functions in their place, just swapped which View id was allowed to use which functions. Here is a screen shot of the new PSN menu, still not able to sign in due to Software Update. However there are quite a few of these I can swap, more to come!

Edit: Originally I said this would probably not bring back otheros. Now I have to move that to the "It Just might" catagory. I realized that I was using an old flash image from before I installed otheros with the EBOOT.BIN swap method.

Technically I can add ANY entry I want. and it can point to any file I want. So Maybe I can make it work, DONT GET YOUR HOPES TOO HIGH... But remain cautiously optimistic."

He also [Register or Login to view links] a new XML hack allows users to store their account information on a USB pen drive.

To quote: "This is for users that use the JaiCrab USB Firmware loader, obviously. In catagory_user_login.xml
you could replace the src="user://localhost/users/" with src="user://localhost/dev_usb000/users/" and copy your users from the PS3 to the pen drive. delete users from PS3 and change the XML. YOUR SAVES WILL BE DELETED ! so back them up. I just thought this was a good way to secure your user account from others."

Finally, marcan42 [Register or Login to view links] the following on his custom PS3 Linux bootloader:

"I suck at names. Help me name a usb-exploit PS3 Linux bootloader? All i came up with so far is lv2ate ("levitate") and AnotherOS.

Last tweet brought to you by LPAR, VAS, HTAB, TLB, SLB, DMA, BI, PU, RM, PME, HPTE, VSID, ESID, AVPN, RPN, WIMG, GELIC, and, of course, LV1.

http://is.gd/fj0dK sent from a USB lv2 payload using raw lv1 syscalls. And now I can finally go to sleep today.

Ha, Linux got owned by *exactly* the same bug that the 360 hypervisor had: comparing 32b of a system call no., then using 64b. (via tmbinc)"

PS JailBreak OtherOS Installer How To:

• Use hermes payload, make PS3_GAMEUSRDIR folders on USB Stick
• Copy some SFO + PNG in USB:PS3_GAME and rename otheros.self as EBOOT.BIN and copy in USB:PS3_GAMEUSRDIR
• Then get otheros.bld and copy it in USB:PS3OTHEROS in USB stick too.
• Run via PS3_GAME thingy in Game menu.

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#29 - xynuerz - 222w ago
xynuerz's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by evilak View Post
The easy part is implementing these menus and even runing otherOS but I bet money that Sony has removed sys calls that make running linux possible. After all, they wanted to close a hole not just hide it.

I think its like the 80GB Fat models the one have PS2 emu the other not the same like to te SLIM the fat one has the OtherOs option the Slim one not so i think if you test it on a fat one it will work if you test it on a slim it will not run its a firmware think if you extract the Uptate .pup you will see the CORE_OS_PACKAGE some Flash files and the SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_xxxxxx i think in the sys_con still stay wat wil be install on what system maybe the 60GB Fat neet some file wath the 80GB not needs and else

so if we can extract this package files so we can see what the firmware make wits some files and way the one PS can play PS2 the other not an way the Fat cann use other OS and the Slime not so we can then mod the falsh files but when this will come there come long time. i can't play with the Custom fW loader i have only a X360 Nand SPI and there is no groove 1.1 at the moment so i still waiting for.

#28 - evilak - 222w ago
evilak's Avatar
The easy part is implementing these menus and even runing otherOS but I bet money that Sony has removed sys calls that make running linux possible. After all, they wanted to close a hole not just hide it.

#27 - tragedy - 222w ago
tragedy's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by f3itic3ira View Post
"No appicable install data was found"

i'm calling shenanigans on the fact that applicable is spelled wrong...

Sorry, this is genuine. I remember LOLing when I saw that about a year ago when I ran the old otheros.self on a test kit.

#26 - Drunk Vegan - 222w ago
Drunk Vegan's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by junior2k9 View Post
Not a fake Just like the pic says "No appricable install data found" lol Looks like one step toward victory!!! You would think of all the millions (or should I say billions) sony has made they would stop... They won't...the rich will try to get richer lol

Maybe it was a Japanese PS3.

Ok... sorry.. that was so wrong. But if it's so wrong, why can't I stop laughing?

#25 - Bulldogzz - 222w ago
Bulldogzz's Avatar
Use USB to overwrite gameOs with Linux would be awesome xD.


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