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ProgSkeet PS3 Hardware Flasher Project is Announced

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166w ago - Today PlayStation 3 developer uf6667 has [Register or Login to view links] news announcing a new PS3 hardware flasher project called ProgSkeet.

Currently the official site ProgSkeet.com doesn't offer any details beyond the ProgSkeet PS3 Install Diagrams and ProgSkeet Multi-Console Install Diagrams, however, he did provide some pictures (below, with high-res HERE) of the ProgSkeet device and the ProgSkeet Drivers, ProgSkeet Flasher Software and ProgSkeet Flasher Software Update followed by some more updates in THIS ongoing Forum thread.

Based on them, ProgSkeet appears to utilize an Actel A3P125 IC (datasheet [Register or Login to view links]) which is common among modchips due to its security, and offers enough address lines for at least 2 (if not more) NANDs with 16 general purpose lines and boasts 125,000 system gates with 133 maximum user I/O lines. It also offers JTAG pads, presumably used for programming the device.

Upon completion, ProgSkeet will allow users to downgrade and jailbreak their PS3 similar to the Infectus Mod along with backing up and reflashing the console's memory.

More details will be posted as they become available on the ProgSkeet project, with a video now posted below and a ProgSkeet Review for those interested.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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MikeCF's Avatar
#67 - MikeCF - 99w ago
Seems it has been released. I found the ProgSkeet V1.2 full kit is available now.

Dojjen's Avatar
#66 - Dojjen - 104w ago
can i use this to unbrick my ps3 that was bricked by e3? i have a valid nor dump.

i can't use e3 to unbrick becuase i have stuffed up the nor point.

I have the same problem a useless ps3 that i tried to downgrade with the E3

Anger007's Avatar
#65 - Anger007 - 104w ago
friend you missed his point - his solder point is stuffed which means almost certainly no it wont work even if the dump is converted. this is because progskeet 1.2 will use qsb to attach to the board, so unless they use alternate points (possible but not probable) it cannot work for him. having said that all he would have to do is find an alternate point for his e3.

i am eager to get another progskeet (sold the last one - bad move) and it appears cheaper however the price may not include the qsb boards required for each model of ps3, 360 etc. and i suspect that is why theres been no knowledge of it until now (possible delays due to manufacture of the qsb boards - fpc maybe? time will tell).

alchybear's Avatar
#64 - alchybear - 104w ago
if you got a 3000 model go trade it in or find a way to get a older one, you need a 2501 and lower to even downgrade a slim.

you have to use flow rebuilder i believe to get your backup from e3 set as a backup file for the progskeet. they both code it differently and flow rebuilder up to date can decode and code it both ways for it to work.

psp joe's Avatar
#63 - psp joe - 104w ago
Just wait and maybe we all surpised which main boards will be working with v1.2

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