PlayStation Home Summer House Save Glitch Discovered

265w ago - Update: I can confirm the save works even on accounts and PS3's that do not have the Summer House installed. I removed all Save data Game data and Home data. After I reinstalled home, copied the exploit save over and booted up Home it asked me to download the Summerhouse and install it. Viola!

Note you can't teleport to it via PDA but can enter it via Central Plaza (Home Square) etc.

Download: PS Home Summer House Save Glitch [Right-click, Save As]

I have discovered that when I copied my main PSN account Home Settings save over to my other master accounts and I had the default Home space set to the Summerhouse it remained that way and when I logged into home I appeared in the Summerhouse (which I only purchased with my main PSN account).

I have built a save for you all to try out. It has been tested with US, Euro, HK and Jap accounts and works with all accounts and PS3's that do not have the Summer House installed. Read me for install notes included in .rar file.


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#13 - TESTKITPS3 - 260w ago
Thanks for the info, looks good.

I hope Sony didn't ban someone us.

Edit: PlayStation Home update v1.23 fixed this glitch. You may only use saves created by your account.

Rtrace's Avatar
#12 - Rtrace - 260w ago
I wonder if it'll get me banned. I'd try it if I wasn't so sure I'd get banned.

lilshortwun's Avatar
#11 - lilshortwun - 264w ago
very nice glitch! Wonder if it'll stay?

Avanaboy's Avatar
#10 - Avanaboy - 265w ago
Cool glitch !!! Thank you MrWiggles !

ssneeky10's Avatar
#9 - ssneeky10 - 265w ago
Nice one, gonna try it out now see how it goes.

UK 40gb console with US account and never downloaded before and works fine.

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