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PlayStation 3 Flash ECC Algorithm Reversed!!

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327w ago - Well this week we have some exciting news that we hinted about last week.

First, a small technical explanation. We were not able to modify any data on the PS3's flash chips due to the ECC. The ECC is a checksum basically, that ensures whatever data is in the block is not changed or corrupted, and if it is it errors.

So, the problem was since when we tried to alter data, the ECC would then in turn be invalid, causing errors, making the system not boot.

We did develop a way around this, however, it was time consuming and quite slow. We used the PS3 to write data to the flash, then dump it, with its proper ECC, then rewrite to where we needed it. This would take hours on end! We were not able to regenerate the ECC since we did not know the proper algorithm.

But now, we can!!

After multiple tests done by NDT to see what the ECC algorithm was when the block was filled with some magic data, our very own RPS was able to reverse the algorithm!

What does this mean? Simple, we are now able to in minutes properly edit a flash dump, regenerate the ECC and flash it onto the PS3 in order to experiment with flash changes. Using this, we have already found where the encrypted keys are stored for SELF's, PKG's, and BD Pairing among other things, more on that in the weeks to come.

Furthermore, NDT implemented RPS's ECC regeneration code into his newest FlowRebuilder, which will be posted next week!

Finally, this has already saved one PS3! Hacked2123's PS3, which bit the dust long ago due to a bad flash was recently fixed thanks to RPS's ECC Regeneration code which was built into NDT's newest FlowRebuilder!

His PS3 had bad data that did not match the ECC data, resulting in a plethora of issues. However, as described here, it is now fixed!

Stay tuned next week for the release of NDT's newest FlowRebuilder, and lots more!

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#52 - Takavach - 326w ago
Takavach's Avatar
i think i can answer you. some of file have ecc, and this means if you change any things it didn't work.

when dev can edit it manually, it means dev can edit firmware into ps3 flash and run it, and if retail ps3 need to edited like debug flash dev team can do it.

#51 - naturesbane - 326w ago
naturesbane's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
Hey, with this news I'll be writing up a guide for US/NTSC user to install/use the Infectus mod chip on the PS3 properly. This method is now refined and perfect so ALL people who properly install an Infectus (that means no bridging) will get 100% proper dumps on the first try and 100% proper writes as well.

Thanks hack2123.

To the developers spending their time in the trenches, appreciate the hard work. Talk to you soon.

#50 - RexVF5 - 326w ago
RexVF5's Avatar
A quick question: would this allow flashing TEST firmware into RETAIL units?

#49 - Starlight - 326w ago
Starlight's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
Well, it didn't take long for that idiot Pirate to steal the news and post it on quax, without crediting PS3News.com as usual.
Simply disgraceful to say the least.

They sure are a pitiful bunch over there, just shows how much air is between their ears over there as they have to steal our stuff which the ps3 devs work hard on.

#48 - PS3 News - 326w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Well, it didn't take long for that idiot Pirate to steal the news and post it on quax, without crediting PS3News.com as usual. What's worse, Mathieulh's pion RichDevX (non-dev, another Skater kiddie) actually finds it funny on IRC:
******: PS3 Flash ECC Algorithm Reversed! lol funny how they don't mention ps3news at all

DJ-RDX is ~DJ-RDX@CPE000011110000-CM001225e00718.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com * RDX

Simply disgraceful to say the least.


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