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Play Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 EUR in English on PlayStation 3!

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220w ago - Although many fans have been disappointed to discover that English was not an included language for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 EUR on PS3, fishcake over at the Evo-Web forums (linked above) put together English menus from the 2011 demo version for use with the European release!

According to developers at Konami, only the English version will be in English as this is to prevent imports due to the fact that its out in Europe a week before the UK.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

Just extract the file dt05_e.rar to give you dt05_e.img and copy it over to: PS3_GAME/USRDIR of your Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 game directory.

Fire up your game either from your external and internal drive using PS3 JailBreak and you should now have English as an option

Looks like its going to be a good year for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011... Bring on the old Pro Evo patches!

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#22 - Boo1974 - 220w ago
Boo1974's Avatar
Thanks Bishoff for correcting the link problems.

The PES god who directed me this far has been hard at work adding more mods. He has discovered that individual file size limitations do not seem to matter on the Ps3 version. This means that higher def. images from the PC version may be used. In short the game has the potential to look a little better than it already does.

He promised to get back to me later with all the relevent files to include EPL kits & team names, stadium edits with correct names, referee kits, new ad boards, new scoreboards and upto date team lists. If the method he uses is fairly straightforward I might post more info. on it.

To be honest him and others at evoweb really know their stuff, they've been modding PES for years for most of the platforms. These edits are all down to them. I'm glad that i happen to know at least one of them personally. That way I can be their guinee pig

#21 - Almo - 220w ago
Almo's Avatar
This is great news.

I was playing it in German language, but for the master league it is need to have the englisch language. Good job, thanks 2 the makers.

#20 - Bishoff - 220w ago
Bishoff's Avatar
Thanks dude, but you have to click those links as you just copied the "short link" versions for the hotfile ones. The FS links are broke. Can you or anyone paste the full links please please!

Here we go... I had to register to get it. Single link download for English Commentary: [Register or Login to view links]

#19 - Boo1974 - 220w ago
Boo1974's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by thatdamngood View Post
Please share where we can get the commentary and EPL Kits from... Been looking around the net but can't find anything.

The commentry can be found from; [Register or Login to view links]

They have provided the following mirror links;

[Register or Login to view links]
[Register or Login to view links]
[Register or Login to view links]
[Register or Login to view links]

[Register or Login to view links] (part1.rar.html)
[Register or Login to view links] (part2.rar.htm)
[Register or Login to view links] (part3.rar.html)
[Register or Login to view links] (part4.rar.html)

The links above include the english commentry & menu files in one complete rar. All four parts are needed. The top 4 show alternative locations to the bottom 4. A mixture of the links above can be used to obtain the entire rar of 4 complete parts. Once all 4 parts have been download and extracted, the commentary file, dt00_e, can be copied across to the same location as the menu file.

With regard to the EPL kits a correct dt0c.img file is needed. I have a version that a PES modding god helped me to construct. It is over 800mb in size and currently includes EPL kits only. I know he is working on a complete set of mods which will include all kits, correct team names, correct stadiums and various other tweeks. I do not the bandwidth to post his early EPL .img file. He does work closely with evoweb and I'm sure that they will post his edits when more complete.

#18 - scousetomo - 220w ago
scousetomo's Avatar
i've tried it all eng lang is there its weird with foreign commentary, but thanks mate a great find.


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