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OpenSplit v1.0 to Split 4+GB Files for Open Manager PS3 Arrives

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220w ago - Here is OpenSplit v1.0 to split 4+GB files via PC for Open Manager on the PS3 followed shortly by version 1.1 which includes some bug fixes and version 1.2, and deanrr shared a similar app called Split4G which he detailed HERE.

Download: OpenSplit v1.0 / OpenSplit v1.1 / OpenSplit v1.2

* What is this? *

This little tool lets you split the BIG files (bigger than 4GB) in your games on your PC, so that you can use them with Open Manager 1.0 for the ps3.

* How do I use it? *

- Press "Split BIG files to .666xx" in order to select a folder with your games. OpenSplit then will search the folder and all its subfolders for BIG files and split them according to Open Manager 1.0. All game folders that contained BIG files will be renamed accordingly. (example -> "BCESXXX" to "_BCESXXX")

- Press "Merge .666xx files to BIG" in order to select a folder with your games. OpenSplit then will search the folder and all its subfolders for .666xx files and merge them to BIG files. All game folders that contained .666xx files will be renamed accordingly. (example -> "_BCESXXX" to "BCESXXX")

- Check the checkbox "Don't delete splitted BIG / merged .666xx files" if you want to keep both BIG and .666xx files.

You can choose your whole GAMEZ directory, then all games will be processed.

I have attached the program to this post.

An important issue: PLEASE DON'T TRY TO MERGE .666xx FILES ON A FAT32 HDD! There files can't be bigger than 4 GB! You will only encounter errors!



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#99 - itwalksamongus - 217w ago
itwalksamongus's Avatar
What's the best PC program for this, opensplit 1.2 doesn't have an exe?

#98 - deank - 217w ago
deank's Avatar
Depending on which SPLIT option you used, you can join them to your internal HDD with comgenie filemanager (if you used .#.part option) or with OBM or my multiMAN manager (if you used the .666xx option).

If you want to keep all at the PC side you can simply use the command prompt with

copy /b file.a+file.b+file.c file

And you'll get 3 parts joined in one.

#97 - realaace - 218w ago
realaace's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
Not to overtake the topic, but couple of weeks ago when Comgenie released his Awsome Filemanager I created a small win32 application to do the PC side split. It doesn't require java or NET or anything. It supports both split naming conventions and I decided to share it anyway.

Here is the requested version of the split4G application. It now has additional drop-down-list option to select the split filename format:

filename.#.part (for Comgenie's join function)
filename.666## (for OBM join function).


I like your tool as it doesn't require Java or .Net. Can you also add the "Join" function? One time I accidentally split to file.#.part format and deleted the original files. Now OBM cannot combine them.


#96 - the govnor - 219w ago
the govnor's Avatar
Good evening,

I'm really stuck and hope that someone might be able to help me, i've split COD4 with open manager on my windows 7 pc, then i copied the 7 folders. All with .66600 up to .66607, over to my Fat32 external hard drive. When i jail break my PS3 and open up open manager there are no files on my external hard drive so i am unable to copy them over to my PS3 can someone please tell me where i am going wrong.

#95 - alexg13 - 220w ago
alexg13's Avatar
Hmmm, alright..

Makes sense now I guess, would be great if we could just play from the external drive but still.. I guess that'll work.


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