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NZHawk's Awesome MountPoint Manager v1.0 is Released

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221w ago - Today NZHawk had released Awesome MountPoint Manager v1.0 (followed by a few revisions below) which, according to him, is pretty much like the existing backup manager, with one major difference- You can choose any folder on any device on you PS3 to use as the mounted disk.

Download: NZHawk's Awesome MountPoint Manager v1.0 / NZHawk's Awesome MountPoint Manager v1.0.1 / NZHawk's Awesome MountPoint Manager v1.0.2 / NZHawk's Awesome MountPoint Manager v1.1

This Awsome MountPoint Manager is pretty much like the existing backup manager, with one major difference! You can choose any folder on any device on you PS3 to use as the mounted disk.

I wanted to mess around with the SDK that was 'avaliable' and it was a good learning curve! (Pretty much the first time ive coded in C++) and it was a challenge! (24 hours with no sleep)

How to Use?

1. Download and install my app
2. Browse to the location that you store your PS3 backups (does not have to be LAUN12345/GAMEZ anymore!)
3. Make sure you have highlighted the folder that CONTAINS the game to be mounted (Not inside the game folder!)
4. Press the right button on the D-Pad
5. Double check that you have selected the folder that CONTAINS the game!! Then press the right D-Pad button again.
6. The app will now exit to the XMB, and you *should* see the game where the Blu Ray Game usually is


Oh:Will this brick my PS3 like that fake psp emulator?
I'm not that mean :P, So no.


• Completely Re-designed
• Cool Text Transitions
• Remap any DIR to any DIR
• Makes use of Kakaroto's syscall35
• More which I cant remember..

Have a look at the video for the new XMB inspired gui, some may like it, others may not.

Note: You must have a payload capable of syscall35 (IE: KaKaRoTo's PL3 + the new groove)

• Adding editable points montages (dev_flash2, dev_flash3).

• Using the syscall 35 syscall instead of 36 (you must use the last payloads)
• As well as add support for "any folder to redirect support" any folder .. Bare with me peeps. 1.1 only has support for dev_bdvd and dev_flash (Not included).

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#34 - thexnightmare - 201w ago
thexnightmare's Avatar
Dear all,

Anyone have version 1.1a signed to cfw?


#33 - hanzoverfist - 219w ago
hanzoverfist's Avatar
This program has accidentally rearranged the structure of my PS3 downloaded games and apps under a new folder with the wrong icon, somehow I must of used this application inccorectly(a glitch) and has messed up my PS3 even when I cold boot, it has made permanent changes to my PS3 folder structure, and btw, this application does not work for me at all.

#32 - stjohnson - 220w ago
stjohnson's Avatar
thanks for sharing the great application. It is comfortable!

#31 - ahasverus - 220w ago
ahasverus's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mossopinc View Post
ya, can play Wii games over a network and im pretty sure that wasnt built in to the Wii's system so it won't be that different on PS3.

I know this will be far, far way off topic but I must ask you.. how do you play wii games over the network share ?

Which homebrew do you use ?

#30 - WeOutHere - 220w ago
WeOutHere's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by bababe View Post
OMG... please! Can you make the text bigger atleast 10x bigger. It's unreadable on regular TV.. you know the old kind...

Wait, people still have "old" tv's.

This looks like a nice tool, I may be a little cautious around someones first program they created in a particular language but if others say its OK, then I would be inclined to believe them.


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