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NORway - Teensy++ 2.0 NOR Flasher for PS3 v0.5 is Released

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113w ago - Following up on his previous release, today PlayStation 3 developer judges has updated the Teensy++ 2.0 NOR flasher NORway for PS3 to version 0.5 with the changes outlined below.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror) / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

NORway v0.5 Changelog:

  • Added block table for Samsung K8Q2815UQB. The programming modes "writeword" and "writewordubm" don't require manual chip/sector erase prior to writing anymore!
  • Bugfix: "NORway.py COMx release" didn't work. Now you can leave Teensy powered at all times and console will boot up correctly after issuing a "release" command
  • Bugfix: increased TRANSMIT_TIMEOUT for Teensy's serial device to 10000ms (required for OS X)
  • Bugfix: disabled DSR/DTR flow control (wasn't working reliably on OS X)
  • Bugfix: TRISTATE wasn't set correctly
  • Added additional verification when writing is done. Although each write command verifies each written sector/block, it happened that written bytes weren't persistent
  • Added "verify" command

NORway v0.6 Beta Changelog:

  • Changed programming modes "write", "writeword" and "writewordubm" to "vwrite", "vwriteword" and "vwritewordubm".
  • Added new programming modes that skip verification for single 4KB blocks: "write", "writeword" and "writewordubm".
  • Moved verification algorithm to Teensy.

Update: From littlebalup: Hi ladies and gents, As an alternative to WAYgui by Swizzy, here comes my personal simple programs, written in batch and compiled as exe, to easily launch and work with the well known NORway and NANDway python scripts by Judges.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]


  • Multi-lingual (English and french only for the moment, with auto-detection per windows language) If someones would like to translate to another languages, sources are available.
  • Teensy COM port auto-detection
  • Multi-dumps (I mean you can define a quantity of dumps to perform)
  • Binary dumps comparison after dumps (if multi-dumps) with log file.

Install note:

  • Simply paste the exe files into the same directory as NORway.py / NANDway.py
  • Execute

Update #2: New version of NORPatch available from judges: Norpatch v4.60.0

  • Added OFW 4.60 recognition

Update #3: New version of NORPatch available from judges: Norpatch v4.65.0

  • Added OFW 4.65 recognition

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gokuhs's Avatar
#23 - gokuhs - 157w ago
Hi guys!

Thanks for this great tutorial, I try dump my flash on a 3.56v1 FAT Ps3 (the motherboard is the same in this post) but I'm not sure if the dump are correctly dumped. Who I can check it? I would not try to flash it and finally kill the Ps3

Sorry for my bad English, and thanks for the help.

cvp's Avatar
#22 - cvp - 157w ago
is there a testpint plan for PS3 Slim CECH-2004B? Can't find it

moja's Avatar
#21 - moja - 162w ago
Wow, this is great news, and thanks for the version updates throughout the thread.

This is very exciting - it's like the JTAG hack for 360s, but without the fuse limitations. Do we know if the install diagram is similar for all models?

Perhaps a good homebrew software flasher will be worked on, especially with the new SDK leak. If this method proves reliable, I think I'll mount my Teensy inside and put a mini USB port on the case.

PS3 News's Avatar
#20 - PS3 News - 163w ago
For those following, NORway - Teensy++ 2.0 NOR flasher for PS3 v0.3 is now released by judges:

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror) / [Register or Login to view links]


  • Speed optimizations
  • Dumping now only takes 45 secs instead of over 5 mins!
  • Writing now only takes about 8.5 mins instead of over 2 hours!

PS3 News's Avatar
#19 - PS3 News - 164w ago
Below is a roughly translated guide from calimba on how to do a PS3 NOR dump with a Teensy 2.0++ device: demonhades.org/foro/viewtopic.php?f=224&t=4892#p31010. I have also added the NORway v0.2 for PS3 update to the first post.

Community well this is my first tutorial I hope you understand me. I'll be putting images to be more clear, then began:


  • Teensy 2.0 + +
  • Norway 0.1
  • Obviously a PC

1. Unzip the Norway where we want and install the serial_install.exe that comes inside the zip then download it and install it.

Python 2.7.2 ([Register or Login to view links])
pyserial 2.5 ([Register or Login to view links])

2. Program with the Teensy hex that is inside the folder "default" of Norway

3. Solder to play the 3 because of the review board is different from the diagram, here are a few. I used this:

And these are the points of the teensy:

4. Ya all welded to the plate and console ps3 off with the red LED and connect the usb to pc teensy then went into the Device Manager and look for Ports (COM & LPT) as you can see the next image to I really teensy detected in COM3

5. Open the windows command line CMD and go as far as Norway and unpack the NORway.py write in my case COM3

6. Then ignition internal green LED console and type in CMD flash.bin NORway.py COM3 dump and start making the dump, as you'll see in the image does not take much 2 minutes 38 seconds

7. Last step. After the dump CMD wrote in COM3 NORway.py NOR release to reset and turn off the console and disconnect the teensy and ready and we have the dump of the NOR

PS: I'm not very good with photocase this
PD2: I did everything in windows 7 x64

I want to thank Demonhades, Jaicrab rather the entire mark HadesTeam also thank the Judges and Norway

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