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New PSGroove Hex Codes Arrive, All PS3 Games Can Update Now

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219w ago - Today PuppetMaster on PSX-Scene has reported that with the release of some new PSGroove hex codes all PS3 games can update now for JailBreak users.

Downloads: Hermes V3 + Patch Waninkoko + 2 Fix Update Math / PSGroove XPLAIN V5 Update Fix / Hermes V3 + Patch Waninkoko +2 Fix Update Math + Fix Update Hermes by PS3ITA.com / Source Port1 Config Descriptor.S / Hermes3 TI-84 Update working / PSGrooPIC iLLNESS 1.0a 3.41 18Fxxxx LEDB145C0 C1 BTLDR / PSGroove Hex Codes (Teensy/USBKey) / PSGroove Olimex AVR-USB-STK / PSGroove 10.15 / PSGroove Hex KaKaRoto

Also above, Rancid (o) of Italian site PS3ITA.com has shared the latest compiled hex files for PS3 JailBreaking devices for the following boards:

• AT90USBKEY-mcu_at90usb1287.hex
• MINIMUS_AVR_USB-mcu_at90usb162.hex
• OLIMEX-mcu_at90usb162-8Mhz.hex
• TEENSY_1.0-mcu_at90usb162.hex
• TEENSY_2.0-mcu_atmega32u4.hex
• TEENSY++1.0-mcu_at90usb646.hex
• TEENSY++2.0-mcu_at90usb1286.hex

Finally, sorrowuk has [Register or Login to view links] that all PS3 games can update now including FIFA 11 and started a list, as follows:

Now works with Fifa 11 and all the other games like Red Dead Redemption, ModNation, etc.

List of PS3 Games confirmed working and update over Internet:

• Dead Rising 2
• EyePet
• FIFA 11
• GOW 3
• GTA 4
• Guitar Hero World Tour
• Heavy Rain
• Killzone 2
• Little Big Planet
• Mafia II
• Modern Warfare
• Modnation Racers
• NFL 11
• NFS Shift
• NHL 11
• Pro Evo 11
• Ratchet & Clank Crank In Time
• Sports Championships
• Street Fighter 4
• Super Street Fighter 4
• Tiger Woods + Move Update
• Uncharted
• Uncharted 2
• Wipeout HD Fury

List of PS3 Games confirmed NOT working:

•NONE (so far)

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#253 - evilsperm - 218w ago
evilsperm's Avatar
If your using one of my Ubuntu VM's you will get an error when compiling OpenKubus. This has to do with gcc-avr needing to be updated. The error your getting is fine it just will stop at that last entry which is OpenKubus.

Darkzero51521: That would be because you cant get the license... you would need to log on to PSN and have paid for the game.

#252 - Darkzero51521 - 218w ago
Darkzero51521's Avatar
Seeing as no one else has complained about it, it must be a problem on my end.. I can't get retail PKG's to run? They install, but when i try to star them up it asks something about renewing my license. :c

#251 - modmate - 218w ago
modmate's Avatar
I used the automati update for kakaroto, (sirjones posted tut) and also tried yours now, but i do get these errors at the end if i run the build script. Are these ok? Dont get any error if i do one by one.

[Register or Login to view code]

All board comple attached: [Register or Login to view links]

Greets Modmate

#250 - evilsperm - 218w ago
evilsperm's Avatar
This is the latest source from KaKaRoto and I have also updated the lufa-lib to support more board LEDs. You will get an error at the end trying to compile OpenKubus unless you are on the newest gcc-avr. If you are using one of my Ubuntu VM's you can wait till later and I will have a updated VM.

#249 - Mobutu16 - 218w ago
Mobutu16's Avatar
Updated and working fine now with Olimex. Kakaroto has done the OLimex compiled files at 8Mhz.


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