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New PS3 Blu-ray 304R Drive Confirmed as Working on a PC

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227w ago - Update: Team Jungle and C4E have now joined Team Hades to assist with their ongoing research to hack the PS3 entertainment system!

A few weeks back we first reported news of a PS3 Blu-ray 302R drive being successfully connected to a PC by DemonHades and examined by JaicraB, and today Team Hades reports that Calimba has managed to do it with a newer PlayStation 3 Blu-ray 304R drive as well.

To quote from their PlayStation 3 hacking progress update, roughly translated from Spanish to English:

"Well, I just woke up with this news, our mail Calimba has managed to connect the 304R model is one of the newest, and also ensures better to connect the PS3 Slim.

The way forward has been entirely empirical, so we do not try it because it does not show any information on the Internet.

Moreover, the good news is we already know to extract and decrypt the FW. I think that people who criticized us so much, it's time to bend the ears, and finally admit what this team and this website are doing for the scene...

Thanks to the people to trust us and all members of the TEAM HADES, without them this would not be possible."

Finally, props to humi for passing along the news!

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#30 - f455tty - 226w ago
f455tty's Avatar
TeamJungle joined in collaboration to TeamHades, c4eva already helping in the Reader BD-Drive.
As you read in the title of this entry, the TeamJungle is working in collaboration with the TeamHades in the Reader-DB Playstation3 undoubtedly good news for the community of DHorg and his followers.

c4eva is delighted to partner with our team and finally the ps3 reader fall.

For those who do not know the TeamJungle, I can only say that they are responsible for the hacks of the reader of the xbox360, as a result xbox360 users have for years been playing their backups.

Any novelty in the community you DHorg comment

source: [Register or Login to view links] and [Register or Login to view links]

#29 - Bahamut - 226w ago
Bahamut's Avatar
Can not read DVD DL or DVD+R ?

#28 - PS3 News - 226w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Not sure if it was the same pic/diagram or not, but a known Spanish leaker fidillo has posted (but now removed) a diagram on EOL here: [Register or Login to view links]. Roughly translated:
Well, seeing that the double standards of many is the strong point as to publish truthful information, to publish the Pinouts of how to connect the Gaza / PS3 reader cable to an IDE and thus be detected by a PC:

[image removed]

Edited the image. Los canis threaten to break my teeth

Publishes only the essentials, that is, to whom you please identify your reader on your PC, you know how. The remaining data will not be provided because there is no need, at least for now. Everything on the fly.

As in other Lares is EMPIRICAL do these things, because fewer than telling the truth to people.

Which by the way, Sata is not empirical, it is simply having enough information to do so in a while and not a shot in the dark.

Now the rage that I was already eating can go a ZAS!, Thought that others here do nothing and harm to the Scene.

Me and my team will dedicate a ZAS! and information now circulate freely, without mincing words.


From what I could follow, DemonHades stated it is not completely accurate though, risky to use ([Register or Login to view links]) and not to update until a final hack is released that Sony can't patch.

If anyone can translate Spanish better feel free to jump in of course.

#27 - f455tty - 227w ago
f455tty's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mushy409 View Post
Can someone upload the connection points/pinouts and I'll try and piece together a small tutorial.

30-40 wires is a piece of cake when you're used to soldering tsop48/56 by hand (yes I know there are easier ways)

I have plenty of experience so this shouldn't be a problem.

Just an idea...

I could build a connection board that sits between the BDROM and the PS3 board utilising 2 flex cables. This also allows me to switch the connection to IDE for PC connection (Blaster 360 for xbox anyone?)

Anyone willing to share some info?

here look: [Register or Login to view links]

#26 - TUHTA - 227w ago
TUHTA's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by thesonandheir View Post
Hmm, sure I remember C4E saying he had a look at the PS3 BD firmware and it was encrypted with the console specific key so it was a no go...

Well time is going to be changed strongly.

So no need to think about it, just w8 for awesome team work done!


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