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New Official PS JailBreak Backup Manager v1.1 for PS3 is Tested

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224w ago - The members over at the Spanish forums Elotrolado.net (linked above) state that they have been testing the new official PS JailBreak Backup Manager v1.1 for PS3 and have the following feedback thus far, to quote:

"I am currently trying the new Backup Manager v1.1 now.

I will update you on its new functionalities.

More information soon.

• Allows you to play your backups without a disc.
• Works with current clones.
• Current Backed up/Ripped games with version 1.0 do not work. We must re-do the ripping via version v1.1
• Faster reading/backing up (rip).

PS: I have noticed that the game compatibility has increased significantly. At the moment they all work. Interesting..."

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#27 - SpaceAgeHero - 224w ago
SpaceAgeHero's Avatar
Actually I saw something like this coming ... You may not like this but just the folders always felt like a temporary solution. Mounting a bdimage instead would be the proper way.

Personally I hope for .iso support! This will also allow for better integrity checking and therefore "clean" dumps.

#26 - GrandpaHomer - 224w ago
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Well it could be any of following (or any combibantion of):

1. Another directory
2. Compressed format
3. Encrypted format (let's say linked to particular PS3 to disallow sharing)
4. Different level of decrypting files from BD
5. Anyting else

#25 - Karas - 224w ago
Karas's Avatar
i wait and see what this has over Open manager 1.16. I hope there is way to work around the re-ripping part.

#24 - Kamse - 224w ago
Kamse's Avatar
I really hope that it's only a directory change...

I'm wondering one thing, it mean that all rips found on the Internet won't be working with this one... am i right?

#23 - Helmax - 224w ago
Helmax's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by solrac1974 View Post
If this BM 1.1 is really true, we can have it installed with our current Open Manager without any problem, for trouble games use BM 1.1 for older games use OM 1.16, simple as that!

That is a definate solution. However, I think the real headache will come for all of the uploaders. What if another version comes out and rips them differently yet again? Suddenly there are 3 different types of of 1 game floating around out there.

Also, I think some people are right. It could just be a directory change.

#22 - solrac1974 - 224w ago
solrac1974's Avatar
If this BM 1.1 is really true, we can have it installed with our current Open Manager without any problem, for trouble games use BM 1.1 for older games use OM 1.16, simple as that!

#21 - syphonlord - 224w ago
syphonlord's Avatar
If it seems compatable with all games and it can fire up MW2 then i will try it.

#20 - Mantagtj - 224w ago
Mantagtj's Avatar
Yeh DEFFO, OPEN MANAGER all the way, I am super happy with mine (I wish to thank all the people involved) and BM1.1 can kiss my bum...

#19 - symonds - 224w ago
symonds's Avatar
Looks like a waste of time and a bit late. I don't see any advantages over OM1.16 at all.

#18 - izac01 - 224w ago
izac01's Avatar
will be using 1.1 but also be keeping open manager for the ones pre-ripped and maybe if i decide to stop being lazy move them over ... eventually


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