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n4ru Flash Loader for PS3 - Successor to JaicraB's Loader Arrives

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211w ago - Here's a small app called n4ru Flash Loader, a successor to JaicraB's Loader, I made in a few minutes. It's completely untested as I have no access to a PS3 until Monday and thus may not work at all, so feedback would be appreciated.

Download: n4ru Flash Loader SRC / n4ru Flash Loader PKG File

It uses the SynaPS3 library, even though it only uses 1 function from the library. No harm in self-advertisement for my (baby-stage) library?

Jaicrab's Loader was made when we still had to use peek/poke to remount directories. We now have syscall8 (hermes) and syscall35 (PL3) for remounting directories. This makes things much easier.

This loader is universal and works with both Hermes and PL3. Create a folder called "cfw" on the root of your device and place the "dev_flash" folder inside it. Then create another folder called "cfw" INSIDE your "dev_flash" folder.

It supports CFW on your harddrive, so once you have a "finalized" build of your CFW, just throw it on hdd0 and run the app on start!

Along with mounting your dev_flash, this app will also dismount your cfw the next time you run it.*

It checks for the "cfw" folder on the following devices (in this order, meaning bottom devices take priority):

usb00x (1 through 7)

Source is of course included, and so is a compiled .pkg

*If any part of the app is broken it's probably this.

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#15 - modmate - 211w ago
modmate's Avatar
I wouldn't release toilet paper before i test it myself. Seriously , even if it's simple and could not brick something you need to verify your app before release.


#14 - n4ru - 211w ago
n4ru's Avatar
We don't even have permanent write access to the PS3's firmware right now, I couldn't write a bricking app if I tried.

Obviously I'd have tested it if I had the chance, but I don't until monday. The source is extremely simple, it should work anyway, so I see no problem in releasing it.

#13 - modmate - 211w ago
modmate's Avatar
LOL at the suggestion that my app could brick a console. Try not to make stuff up when posting, especially when you don't know what you're talking about.

I have a PS3, I've even posted a small library for it already and a few other apps. I simply don't have access to mine until Monday. Don't make baseless assumptions.

Then LoL back to you... It was just an idea of what could happen... Remember that PsP emulator??

Anyway, apps should run at least ONCE before make it public. I don't know any dev who give stuff to public without testing!
And one last thing, i respect your work and efford but test it anyway next time.

Greets Modmate

#12 - n4ru - 211w ago
n4ru's Avatar
To clear up some confusion for those who don't understand where to put their dev_flash:


#11 - ben2005 - 211w ago
ben2005's Avatar
deanrr was just looking at the code, he didn't test it personally..



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