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MultiMAN v04.06.00 is Released, Adds Support for PS3 4.21 CFW

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113w ago - While everyone is awaiting further details on PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware 4.21 from the Red Power Team, today multiMAN was updated to version 04.06.00 followed by v04.06.01 adding PS3 4.21 CFW support among the changes outlined below.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror) / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror #2) / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror)

What's new in multiMAN 04.06.00:

  • multiMAN celebrates 2 years. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • Added support for 4.21CFW (CEX) (syscall 6-10 required):
  • "Standard" BD-Emulator option (sc36) (Hermes not supported yet)
  • Direct Disc Access (LV1&LV2 patched for Storage Manager access)
  • Raw access to optical media (PS1 backups & Showtime access to BD/DVD/CDs)
  • BD-Movie Region Changer
  • BD-Mirror for INT/EXT games

! Not fully tested with Red Power's 4.21CFW (Hermes payload used and syscall 1021 required)

What's new in multiMAN 04.06.01:

  • Added support for 4.21CFW (DEX) (syscalls 6-7 required):
  • "Standard" BD-Emulator option (sc36)
  • BD-Mirror for external / USB games

Finally, below are some related comments on the multiMAN v04.06.00 update as follows:

From Lightyear: multiMAN has supported 4.21 for a LONG time. now it's just CEX 4.21 support... it's really not that different. and deank releasing mm that supports 4.21 does NOT mean a completely 3rd party scene group is working on a new 4.21 CFW! they are not even working with dean... they have their own backup manager, according to their posts. *facepalm*

FWIW, multiman automatically worked on 4.21... dean didn't change anything to make that happen. someone just tested it out and realized it worked. just like PSX support. that was just a native thing that someone just "discovered" was working one day.

From deank: I see no mentions of DEX in the "What's new"/change log, quite the contrary. And - no - the mM update server is not hacked.

I just woke up and read some posts about some chinese shtty dongle for 4.21... Just to make it clear - the mM update has nothing to do with it and doesn't need a dongle if used with 4.21cfw. It is a pure speculation I guess, because there are a lot of people around who won't allow another dongle to surface anyway. I don't believe that their dongle (which I doubt it exists at all) will see the light of any day!

Why do you ask me about their stuff? I don't know any of them nor do I know what they're going to do. Someone leaked a file from their 'promo system' (the eboot.bin they use to launch that old multiMAN version), I took a look at it, I saw what patches they use for 4.21 and implemented some of them in mM and added syscall36. As simple as that - that way nothing is hidden in 'their system/manager' and is available in the regular public mM version. I know for sure that their firmware uses hermes because I saw how the payload and stuff is loaded in that leaked eboot.bin, hence I mentioned it in mM's changelog.

I already posted what I think few pages back. In addition to that - I think it will be a huge mistake if they decide to sell dongles.

I added some additional checks to make mM recognize when it is running on peek/poke-enabled 4.21CFW. Then it adds syscall36 just like it does on 3.55, which means that games should work without patching.

When asked why update MM to a hypothetical 4.21 his reply was quite arrogantly: Because I can, no other reason.

Also from deank when asked why 4.21 CFW support was listed if not fully tested yet: Ah, just don't tell me what and where I should put.

Finally a few weeks later he partially comes clean, revealing what used to be open source code and making the following statement for those interested.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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PS3 News's Avatar
#431 - PS3 News - 99w ago
Today deank has updated multiMAN to version 04.18.00 (20320105) followed by 04.18.00a (20320105) and (20130106) with the changes outlined below, as follows:

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (29.32 MB) / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror) / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror #2) / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (104 MB) / [Register or Login to view links] (299 MB) / Showtime v4.1.368 CEX and DEX for MultiMAN

MultiMAN 04.18.00, 04.18.00a (20320105) and (20130106) are available for online update (and also in the WEB column)

The zip includes CEX and DEX updates and the BASE STEALTH.

  • Added support for downloadable packages/files in the Web column
  • Fixed some minor issues (rename/delete) when using "Game Settings" menu (after using L1/R1 to switch games)
  • Reworked some core functions and improved mM's performance even more
  • Added back "Install Package Files Method" to Settings for 4.30 firmwares
  • Removed pulsing of the currently selected entry (works better with some fonts)
  • "Game Settings" menu now loads faster
  • If the background game-verification didn't complete and you had to wait for "Verifying..." it will now happen only once per game. The result of the verification is now remembered

I rewrote and optimized a lot of functions in this version and you will notice the difference.

multiMAN ver 04.18.00 BASE (20130106) Contents:

  • multiMAN ver 04.18.00 BASE CEX (20130106).pkg
  • multiMAN ver 04.18.00 BASE DEX (20130106).pkg
  • multiMAN ver 04.18.00 BASE CEX STEALTH (20130105).zip
  • bdRESET4.pkg
  • gameDATA4.pkg
  • installPKG [SingStar Replacement].pkg
  • installPKG.pkg
  • lastGAME41.pkg
  • Showtime 04.01.307 [CEX].pkg
  • Showtime 04.01.307 [DEX].pkg
  • stDISC3.pkg
  • c2d
  • genGP3
  • ps3netsrv
  • rcp_bdemu
  • split4G

p.s. If you download from the WEB column you can go to mmOS and browse to /dev_hdd0/packages and double-click the .zip file. It will be unzipped and you can install the desired version by double-clicking the .pkg.

p.s.2 Both BASE and FULL include AIOMOD.BIN so if you want to get rid of it - delete it like you did before.

  • multiMAN ver 04.18.00 FULL CEX (20130106).pkg
  • Everything from the BASE package (without the PC apps) plus:
  • 6 themes
  • 2 motion backgrounds
  • 5606 PS3 covers
  • 3426 PS1/PS2 covers

PS3 News's Avatar
#430 - PS3 News - 99w ago
Today Max Louarn's Cobra USB Team have announced that PS3 CFW v4.30 is incoming for DRM-infected dongle users with details below, as follows:

Update: Due to the quality of the PCB boards not being good, the ODE is being pushed back till Mid March.

05 - 01 - 2013

Cobra-USB CFW 4.30+ News

Cobra users will be pleased to hear that the Cobra USB CFW 4.30+ is currently being BETA tested. We are pleased to confirm that the PS1, PS2, PSP and all other Cobra USB features have already been integrated into our CFW.

Thanks to all Cobra users for their patience and support. Please note that PS2 games on non backwards compatible machines is no longer supported, since this functionality was removed in 4.30 OFW.

The download link will be available in few days for all Cobra-USB users.

Cobra ODE is THE optical drive emulator for PS3! In the past Cobra brought ground breaking features and unparalleled support to the PS3 scene with its Cobra USB dongle.

Now we're back with the Cobra Optical Drive Emulator for PS3. Run game and movie ISO's from any PS3* without the need to restrict your console to running on a CFW. This brings freedom of choice for the SEN, original games and functionality of the Cobra ODE without hassle or complication. A switch allows user to toggle between use of the original BD drive or the emulator.

Stocks of Cobra ODE will start shipping next month (February)

Category : PS3 ODDE
Producer : Cobra-Team (Max Louarn of Divineo / Supreme Factory)
Stockstatus : RESERVE
Shipping weight : 0.100 kgs.

Your price / pcs. :
78.00 USD
250+ pcs : 77.00 USD / pcs.
500+ pcs : 76.00 USD / pcs.
1000+ pcs : 75.00 USD / pcs.


  • Compatible with all PS3 models including phat/slim and super slim (SATA/PATA), on exploitable consoles.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Work is in progress for key extraction on non exploitable consoles.
  • Emulation support for PS3 ISO's (PSX and PS2 supported on BC consoles)
  • Works with any current Sony OFW and third party CFW's
  • Active emulation mode or pass through mode
  • High speed ARM MCU onboard
  • Two high speed FPGA's on board powering emulation engine
  • 256 Mbytes SDRAM onboard
  • Supports USB hard drives
  • Supports external UI commander (included)
  • All FPGA logic and MCU's onboard are fully upgradable ensuring maximum flexibility in the future, via built-in update mechanism
  • Direct dumping of games from disc to ISO format on HDD (will be supported in future firmware update)

What's included in the box?

  • Cobra ODE main board
  • (Supports all PS3's/regions/current models all PHAT, 20xx, 21xx, 25xx, 3xxx and 4xxx series)
  • Connection cables
  • UI Commander
  • Adapter PCB assemblies for 2k5-3k models and 4k models

Update: Cobra ODE, shipping February 2013! The Cobra Team are famous for their Cobra USB device which brought tons of unique features to the PS3 scene!

Now we're proud to announce the imminent release of our Cobra ODE device, which again will be at the forefront of cutting edge innovation for PS3 users.


  • Play all PS3 games
  • Play PS2/PS1 games on backwards compatible consoles
  • Solderless installation on all FAT consoles and 20xx/21xx SLIM consoles
  • Easy and fast installation for 25xx series SLIM, 3000 series SLIM and 4000 series SUPER SLIM consoles
  • Supports all current OFW and CFW's
  • OSD selection of ISO's
  • UI commander included
  • Easy selection of Emulation and pass through modes
  • Flexible and powerful embedded OS
  • High speed ARM and onboard FPGA's are updatable via inbuilt updater mechanism
  • Movie ISO's supported
  • Additional hardware interface included to support future hardware addons, giving user maximum flexibility

**** Designed by the team who brought so many firsts to the scene!
*** 3000 series SLIM and 4000 series SUPER SLIM hardware supported from launch
* Manufactured at a high tech facility = superb quality

Models supported:

  • One hardware revision supports all.
  • Our hardware has been designed to both fit inside and interface with the Super Slim version of the consoles, as well as the SLIM and older FAT systems.
  • If you upgrade at any time from a FAT to a SLIM or a Super SLIM, then there's no need to buy a new device....
  • Support for the newer consoles such as 25xx, 3xxx and 4xxx to run ISO's will be included at release.

Game Ripping:

  • Functionality will be added shortly after release of the device via a firmware update.
  • Ripping speed will be almost as fast as that reached by connecting drive to PC and users will benefit from the convenience of a hassle free game ripping experience! Rip games directly on PS3 to an external USB HDD in ISO format.
  • Additionally we will provide a PC app at time of release of the product to market which allows conversion of JB game dumps to ISO format, so users can simply download games from the net and convert them with our app. The app will patch additional data required to create necessary ISO format.

From deank of the Cobra Team: The EBOOT.BIN (and other .self/.sprx files) for disc games are signed as regular non-NPDRM executables (like RELOAD.SELF, SHOWTIME.SELF included in mM/RetroArch/etc).

If mM is started via ISO on OFW + ODDE it will have exactly the same functionality as it had on 4.xx OFW DEX few months ago.

If they release a tool to convert a folder to a proper ISO then you can pack any homebrew which is properly written and path-independent. If the homebrew requires access to the PS3 filesystem for temporary storage (like saving/reading settings, caching stuff) it will have to create a proper game-data folder for itself and work with that path (basically the app must follow the standard ps3 conventions for disc games). mM already has this support for over an year when I experimented with discBOOT and burned a disc with multiMAN as a game.

Here is an example of how a converted homebrew looks (in this case mM):


[Register or Login to view code]

You'll still have to convert your games to ISO files. I already mentioned that in such environment mM would behave like on OFW DEX (no peek/poke and other stuff), but it would still allow for launching Showtime, RetroArch, copying stuff from/to network, FTP... I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Finally, from [Register or Login to view links]: Have fun decrypting EID4 ('drive key') on non d/g models

draken's Avatar
#429 - draken - 99w ago
deank, keep up the good work. Just some quick questions about backing up games to bluray:

1) Can I burn the game folder as data blu ray using imgburn to the root, or do I need to put in a special directory like /Games(z) etc.
2) Can Multiman recognize multiple games? In essence, using a blu ray media as a small external hard drive?
3) Are there any compatibility issues with some games..or most seems to work fine?

Any help is appreciated. I wanted to backup the games on blu ray, but media is expensive so I didn't feel like wasting media.

rodq's Avatar
#428 - rodq - 99w ago
You need multiMAN 04.10.00 BASE CEX with DUMMY_BDEMU.

Lanceris5's Avatar
#427 - Lanceris5 - 99w ago
Can somebody help me with my ps3 rebug 4.21, with broken bdrom? The problem is that when i take a game from ext HDD with multiMAN, the game goes blank, and the multiMAN quits to XMB, but when i take the app_home , the ps3 goes blank again and do nothing...

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