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MultiMAN PS3 Backup Manager v02.00.01 with Split File Updates

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194w ago - Here we go with multiMAN PS3 Backup Manager update version 02.00.01, with the changes and details as follows:

  • You can update within multiMAN
  • If you can't update within multiMAN use this link: [Register or Login to view links]
  • This update is only to be applied if you have BASE/FULL 02.00.00 (or any test version T00-T22).

Changes since 02.00.00:

  • Special thanks for helping with extensive tests: GoTiT4FrE
  • Special thanks for testing and bug reports: condorstrike, B6S, S4BRE, bitsbubba
  • Thanks to Hermes (again) for SC8
  • Thanks to Z0ner for helping n00bs
  • Thanks to multiBOT for the lovely IA brought in by its creators

multiMAN 02.00.01 changes:

XMMB mode:

  • Game poster/background loads/shows 2x faster now
  • Game poster is crisp and unaltered
  • All texts in XMMB are smooth and easy to read with bright backgrounds
  • All texts got small shadow to improve visibility
  • Favorites column shows game icons
  • Fave star applied to game icons in Favorites column
  • Clock and column title more visible and better looking
  • Cover overlay image (GLC.PNG) applied to cover in XMMB mode, too
  • Added image background for theme selection (10x to condor) (pop up can be moved with analogue sticks)
  • Fixed: time/date format changes immediately (not after 30 seconds)
  • Fixed 'favorites' column (showing stuff when no faves selected)
  • Added option in SETTINGS column to disable "Theme Audio"
  • "Title Details" option in SETTINGS column to change 4x2, 8x4, cover flow and Box-art modes (title/+id/+title count/none)
  • Fixed Mouse X/Y deadzone setting
  • Fixed PHOTO column populates properly from USB storage (/PICTURE folder)
  • Changed: "Verifying USB Games" option: [Always/Auto/Never]
  • Added new function in SETTINGS column "Clean Game Cache"
  • Added selection list menu to clear Game Data for specific Game
  • Favorites selection remembered when going out of game-settings submenu
  • Added support for SDHC/MemoryStick/CompactFlash storage for MUSIC/PHOTO/VIDEO columns in XMMB mode
  • Added: SDHC, CF and MS icons in PHOTO/VIDEO/MUSIC XMMB mode
  • Added: multiple strategies for mounting titles using all available methods


  • Changed: options are saved on exit (not each time you change a setting in SETTINGS column)
  • Changed boot procedure (EBOOT.BIN is just 50KB and it launches main multiMAN app RELOAD.SELF)
  • "Mouse X/Y deadzone" can go up to 90%
  • "Dim titles" setting can go up to 10 seconds
  • Changed top-menu in File Manager
  • Fixed "DIRECT BOOT" from external USB HDD
  • Changed: "Overscan" application (much better than before)
  • All texts in FileMan mode look better now
  • Added support for SND0.AT3 in themes

New BDEMU.BIN (4992 bytes) required for some functions:

  • Added option BD-Emulator (to switch between Standard (syscall36) / Hermes (syscall8) / None)
  • Added support for MFW 3.41 (BD-Emulator option: Hermes (syscall8)
  • Added support for playing games with split big files from USB HDD (up to 10 BIG 4+GB files supported):
  • Caching split files to internal HDD for unlimited number of titles
  • Playing games with split files works with "Direct Boot" and "BD Mirror" options, too.
  • Launching games with split files works from Disc Icon and /app_home
  • Added new option in "Game Settings" submenu: "Ext Game Data" (install game data on external USB)

  • Fixed: garbled screen in File Manager when Help/About selected while coming from another display mode
  • Fixed: changing current game for game modes while browsing XMMB display mode
  • Removed: sparks/stars from slide-coverflow mode
  • File Manager top menu text color is defined by COLOR.INI FMFILE setting
  • Added: Vertical alignment for title/title+id in some modes when "Title Details" option requires it

I hope you like the additions and fixes.

multiMAN ver 2.00.01 BASE (20110513_220000).rar (22.84 MB) (lastGAME ebootFIX ebootMOD bdRESET)
For all FW versions
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multiMAN ver 2.00.01 FULL (20110513_220000).rar (145.18 MB) (2238 game covers) (lastGAME ebootFIX ebootMOD bdRESET)
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#4472 - m4xm4xm4x - 12w ago
m4xm4xm4x's Avatar
loved that much, thank you

#4471 - anonimu5 - 13w ago
anonimu5's Avatar
thanks a lot

#4470 - UNCHAINED - 13w ago

#4469 - eRTy77 - 13w ago
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#4468 - padayappa - 13w ago
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thanks very much

#4467 - bondsky - 15w ago
bondsky's Avatar
thanks bro.. very useful tool

#4466 - Necronlord54 - 15w ago
Necronlord54's Avatar
thanks as well

#4465 - mtuchizi - 15w ago
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#4464 - olpredz - 15w ago
olpredz's Avatar

Amazing !

#4463 - dquestagod - 15w ago
dquestagod's Avatar
does this work with 4.55?

trying to get little big planet to work


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