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MultiMAN (mmCM) v04.03.00 Introduces mmOS PS3 File Manager

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134w ago - Following up on the previous Cobra mmOS multiMAN Cobra Manager (mmCM) updates, today condorstrike has made available the mmCM v04.03.00 changelog alongside mmOS PS3 File Manager functions detailed below.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (24.63MB) / [Register or Login to view links] (293.93MB) / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror) / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror)

To quote from Tortuga-Cove.com (linked above) and via pastie.org/4004077 on the changes:

04.03.00 -

  • [Register or Login to view links]
  • Added support to launch DVD-Video titles (disc/folder format) from mmOS and other display modes (Showtime Media Player required)
  • Added support to load DVD-Video movies in ISO format from DVDISO folder (Showtime Media Player Required) (for non-Cobra Firmwares)
  • Added option to override SBS/TB modes in stereo player for .avi3d video titles (with L3/R3)
  • Changed: File Manager is replaced by a new powerful and memory efficient engine (mmOS) to resemble desktop environment

mmOS features:

  • Uses just 1-2MB of RAM (about 10-15 times less than the old File Manager mode), intuitive and faster
  • Desktop + Taskbar + 7 Windows + Desktop Shortcuts + Clock + Tray + Clipboard
  • Clipboard and each window support up to 4096 entries
  • Window properties: minimize, restore, close, move, sort contents by name/size/date (asc/desc), fast scroll in rows and pages
  • Window history: 16 path levels deep (forward and backward), window state and current scroll/cursor position
  • Window contents: content icons/names/size/date, status bar, header, scrollbar
  • Window actions (single click/tap): single/multiple entry selection
  • Window actions (double click/tap): start music playback, image viewer, hex/text viewer, launch executable files (.self/EBOOT.BIN), play video titles (standard 2D and AVI3D), play DVD folders/ISO, direct-boot or load "folder/jb" games, load Blu-ray/DVD-Video/PS3/PSP/PS2 ISO files and BIN+CUE PSX images, load AVCHD video folders, mount folders to install PKG files, install themes and launch PSX games from CD-R discs (when DDA mode is enabled: PSX.EXE/SYSTEM.CNF/ps1_*emu.self)
  • Taskbar actions: minimize/restore a window, minimize all, change active window
  • Context/command menu functions: Copy (copy selected entries to clipboard), Cut (copy selected entries to clipboard; entries will be deleted after "Paste"), Paste (paste clipboard contents), Paste as ISO (create an ISO file from a single folder selected with "Copy"), Delete, Rename, Properties, Create New Folder, Create Shortcut, Shadow for PKG game (when a PS3_GAME folder is selected from a game under /dev_hdd0/GAMES), Activate BD-Mirror (when a PS3_GAME folder is selected from a game under /dev_usb***/GAMES), Eject Disc, Open in HEX Viewer, Refresh Net Host
  • Added option in "Settings" - "Swap Sticks In mmOS - Change actions of Left and Right Sticks in mmOS."


  • Right Stick - Move mouse pointer (can be changed to Left Stick in Settings "Swap Sticks in mmOS")
  • Left Stick - Move active window (can be changed to Right Stick in Settings "Swap Sticks in mmOS")
  • LEFT/RIGHT - One directory level back (history) / forward
  • UP/DOWN - Scroll up/down window contents
  • L2/R2 - (PgUp/PgDn) Scroll window contents in pages
  • CROSS - (single tap) Select/Deselect entry
  • CROSS - (double tap) Execute/View/Play/Open folder
  • CIRCLE - (right click) Open command/context menu
  • SQUARE - (ALT-TAB) Switch active window
  • SELECT+(CROSS double tap) - Open folder in new window
  • SELECT+(CIRCLE) - (ALT-F4) Close active window
  • SELECT+(SQUARE) - (F5) Refresh active window
  • SELECT+(UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT) - Move mouse pointer (useful with BD-Remote Controller)

Finally, below is how to launch PSN games via multiMAN for those interested from sealhealy (via psx-scene.com/forums/content/tutorial-2280/):

Launch PSN Games from multiMAN like any other PS3 backup:

1. Install your PSN package game like you normally would
2. In multiman go into file manager and navigate to /dev_hdd0/game
3. Find the corresponding game folder to the game you just installed eg. 'Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell HD' = NPEB00527
4. Copy this folder to your USB game folder /dev_usb000/GAMES
5. Now rename the copied folder to something meaningful eg./dev_usb000/GAMES/NPEB00527 becomes /dev_usb000/GAMES/[Splinter Cell HD]-NPEB00527
6. Inside the [Splinter Cell HD]-NPEB00527 folder create a new folder called PS3_GAME eg. /dev_usb000/GAMES/[Splinter Cell HD]-NPEB00527/PS3_GAME
7. Now move all files inside /dev_usb000/GAMES/[Splinter Cell HD]-NPEB00527/ into the PS3_GAME folder.
8. Go back to your Game list and refresh it, the new game will appear
9. Mount the game
10. When kicked back to XMB start the game from App_home not the disc icon


  • You don't always need to copy all files sometimes just creating the file structure and copying the eboot.bin and param.sfo is enough.
  • I also think the reverse maybe true for some other games that don't work copying only eboot.bin eg. leave behind only eboot.bin param.sfo TROPDIR in the /dev_hdd0/game folder.
  • Creating a shadow copy of the USRDIR may also work? Nope

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#625 - PS3 News - 63w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
13 - 10 - 2013: Cobra ODE News - Update

Following up on the previous announcement of the v1.5 firmware update with the added support for the Cobra ODE Browser, we are releasing today a video showing how the Browser works. You can see the browser functioning in both the Game category mode and the Video category mode.

This video was done using a beta version of the v1.6 firmware update we are currently working on, and it also serves as a preview for the exciting new features which will be added in the next firmware update, expected to be released within a week, once it has passed all our QA validations.

Yes, your eyes did not play tricks on you, we are proud to announce that the next firmware update of the Cobra ODE will bring support for game switching without rebooting or ejecting the disc anymore.

The Cobra Team has once again revolutionized the PS3 ODE scene with a new exclusive method that will allow game switching on all PS3 models, without any additional hardware, or additional soldering required. This feature will be available for free for all Cobra ODE users with our next firmware update.

Unlike the poorly designed and rushed E3 ODE which, not only requires you to solder resistors and capacitors on their device in order to install their firmware update, boasts a "no reboot or eject" feature but actually only ejects the disc on 2k5 and 3k models and requires the user to manually re-insert the disc, our implementation is completely automated and requires no intervention from the user.

Enjoy the new Cobra ODE Browser available from v1.5 upwards and keep an eye out for the release announcement of v1.6.

Thank you for your support.

Making PSN GAMES Into ISOs Without 3K3y Tool by bearded

Several people have messaged me asking how to do this, so here you go:

If you want to make your psn games into isos that will boot in Cobra, you can either using 3k3ys tool, or make them yourself.

Ive had a few games that 3k3y tool generated not working .isos and when i remade them myself, they were fine. I didn't come up with how to do it, I just watched this video: [Register or Login to view links], which includes no written instructions and the gentleman speaking has a thick accent.

I don't play online, so no garuntee that this is 100% safe, but this should be exactly what the 3k3y tool is doing.

Tools you'll need:

  • PS3Tool (need PkgView, PARAM.SFO editor, and PS3 DISC SFB EDIT, all included in PS3Tool): [Register or Login to view links]
  • a hex editor (I use HexEdit): hexedit.com
  • scetool that will resign eboots (I've been using TrueAncestor SELF): [Register or Login to view links]
  • a normal game that you know boots when in .iso (unpacked so you can access files) find on your own
  • psn game looking to make an .iso

To begin, I create a directory for use with all the files I'll need that aren't included in the PSN game. I grab them from my known working game. I use Resident Evil 6 [BLES-01465], but the game is up to you.

So create a directory, I just call mine PS3FILES needed. In the root of that directory, you need to copy over the PS3_DISC.SFB file from working game.

Create in the root directory two new folders PS3_GAME and PS3_UPDATE. Not all games have an update file, but the directory needs to be there.

Go into PS3_GAME on your working game and copy the LICDIR folder to the PS3_GAME folder you created.

Now you've got the basic structure setup, so you can copy and paste into each PSN title you are working on.

- Copy the PS3FILES folder you created into your PSN game folder

-If your PSN game is in pkg files, open PS3 Tools and use PkgView to extract them to source folder. You'll usually have two .pkg files, one that is the game, another that is a crack or fix.

-Once unpacked, apply crack or fix as normal. Now you'll have a PSN game. Open the PSN game folder, and copy the contents into your created PS3_GAME folder (inside PS3FILES folder you copied over). The files you'll have should be a USRDIR folder, some .png files, and PARAM.SFO, sometimes more directories.

-Open PARAM.SFO using the PARAM.SFO Editor in PS3 Tools.

It will load with the correct information, giving you the title ID of the game (remember this!).

We need to change one thing, next to Category: you'll have a drop down box that likely says HG Harddrive Game.

Change that to DG Disc Game (blueray), and save overtop your existing PARAM.SFO. Now is a good time to check the extra directorys, sometimes they'll include another PARAM.SFO that needs the same edit.

-open the PS3_DISC.SFB from your root directory with the PS3_DISC.SFB tool from PS3 Tools.

It will give you a game title ID that isn't for the PSN Game you are using. Change the title ID to the PSN Game ID you got from PARAM.SFO, and save the file.

-open your Hex editor, and then open the LIC.DAT file that is in the LICDIR folder.

You'll have to scroll down, and eventually you'll see a PS3 game title ID. Replace that title ID with your PSN title ID, and save the file.

-Cut and paste your EBOOT.BIN file in USRDIR folder into your TrueAncestor folder.

In your TrueAncestor folder, if you hold SHIFT and RIGHT CLICK, you can open a command window. Otherwise get there however you would.

Enter this code and press enter:

[Register or Login to view code]

You'll get feedback, sometimes it says that it skipped decryption of certain sections because they contained no data. The last thing it will say is that it created an EBOOT.ELF

Enter this code and press enter:

[Register or Login to view code]

You'll get feedback like this:

  • Loaded keysets.
  • Loaded loader curves.
  • Loaded vsh curves.
  • SELF built.
  • Skipped compression of section 002 (size is zero)
  • Skipped compression of section 003 (size is zero)
  • Skipped compression of section 004 (size is zero)
  • Skipped compression of section 005 (0x00000010 >= 0x00000008)
  • Data compressed.
  • Data encrypted.
  • EBOOT.BIN written.

Now you can cut and paste your EBOOT.BIN back to USRDIR. It creates the EBOOT.ELF file, which you can copy over if you want to, but it isn't needed.


Make sure folders are correct. It should look like this:

Now generate an .iso using GenPS3Iso!

Load .iso onto your external HDD and give it a try on your Cobra device. If everything went correctly, it works and you're happy. I know it looks like a lot of work, but once you get used to it, it's not that bad. The alternative is to us 3k3y to generate the iso, and if it doesn't work, try making it on your own.

#624 - PS3 News - 63w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Official Cobra v1.5 Released with details below, as follows:

Cobra ODE News - Update 11/10/2013

We have much exciting news for you today with the release of the COBRA ODE v1.5 firmware!
Now with the v1.5 fw, you can create a manager.iso with custom sector triggers for games. This will allow developers to experiment with many new ways to provide COBRA ODE users with alternative methods to select games, such as a DVD video menu or our own COBRA ODE Browser.

The big new feature is the release of our new COBRA ODE Browser to allow game selection from the XMB without the need for a homebrew application to be running. We are also concurrently releasing a new PC tool called genps3extra in order to generate the COBRA ODE Browser for your HDD. Please refer to the updated user manual for instructions on how to use the new game browser.

We have fixed support for the manager.on_reboot option introduced in the previous firmware which was not working properly on SLIM consoles, as well as some other small bugs. We are adding six new configuration options to the cobra.cfg file. Please refer to user manual for more details.

Also included in today's new release is an updated cobra.db database file with support for 957 disc games. Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the update.

  • Cobra ODE MCU v1.5
  • GenPS3extra v1.0
  • Cobra ODE Database
  • Cobra ODE Installation Manual (English) v1.3
  • Cobra ODE User Manual (English) v1.5

#623 - gaucho302 - 63w ago
gaucho302's Avatar
wonderful.. also below are some videos:

Cobra ODE Video Installation Guide for PS3 with QSB soldering

Cobra ODE Installation Tutorial 3XXX and 25XX Series

Cobra ODE Installation Tutorial 4XXX / 4000 Super Slim Series

#622 - PS3 News - 64w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Today deank is back with multiMAN 4.50.01 BASE with SHOWTIME4MM (for BD-R and ODE).iso with details below, as follows:

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (27 MB)

  • Supports creating folders under /dev_hdd0/game folder
  • Supports extraction of .zip files named PS3PSN~TEST12345.zip (where TEST12345 is the folder you want created and contents extracted into)

Now mM for ODDE will handle PS3PSN~TEST12345.zip files (where 9 character long file folder will be created - in this case TEST12345) and the contents of the .zip will be extracted inside.

Here is something cool: You know that multiMAN supports special ZIP files to install data under /dev_hdd0/game:

PS3PSN~TEST12345.zip (only 9 characters for game folder under /dev_hdd0/game supported).

Now, if you create such file and double-click on it in mmOS it will:

1) Create TEST12345
2) Extract the .zip contents in the newly created folder

That means that you can create semi-installable packages for OFW+ODDE.

I'll have to add the same change for new folders for this .zip extraction (new .ISO) and then you'll be all set. No more troubles.

Have in mind that "PS3PSN~" is just a prefix which tells multiMAN to extract the file under /dev_hdd0/game folder. It is can be PSN game, you can use it for folder creation or gamedata or anything you want.

If you use a PSN game (.pkg) mM can't really INSTALL it (it doesn't support PKG installation), but it should be able to access/replace the files in it if you create the folder beforehand.

mM supports two special zip naming conventions for over a year:

PS3~dev_hdd0~freddy2~newfolder.zip (this won't work with odde, because of no access to /dev_hdd0 root folder, but still..)

Ok, let me know how it goes with your tests. It is really nice to gain such access.

I have a suggestion to make COBRA ODDE more secure and stealthy

Do not manifest /dev_bdvd/COBRA folder just like that. Add a trigger (that will be known only to manager.iso application) that will make it visible during the single session...

For example - after a clean boot:

1) /dev_bdvd/COBRA is not visible/accessible
2) The manager.iso application accesses a specific file (like /dev_bdvd/COBRA/authorize.me)
3) /dev_bdvd/COBRA folder becomes visible and the app can list the ISO games.

By doing that no app can check if it runs on ODDE unless the devs know the "authorize.me" filename/phrase (which should be secret).

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (27 MB)

Here is what you can test:

1) Create a folder in /dev_hdd0 - you will know if it works if the folder is created and you see USRDIR and PARAM.SFO inside the newly created folder
2) Create a folder in /dev_hdd0/game - you will know if it works if the folder is created and you see USRDIR and PARAM.SFO inside the newly created folder
3) To gain access to /dev_hdd0/home - just do step 1) but for new-folder-name specify home If it works you'll see USRDIR created inside /dev_hdd0/home/. Basically to gain access to any folder - just create new folder with the same name and the PS3 should register it so that you can access it

If you wish - remove the PARAM.SFO file and the USRDIR folder if you don't need these - for folders under /dev_hdd0 you may want to delete the PARAM.SFO to get rid of the "Unknown" entries in the game column with endlessly spinning refresh-arrow (at least that is what happens on my CFW PS3).

Let me know how it goes.

#621 - PS3 News - 64w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Tutorial: How to Install DLC for the Cobra ODE by freddy

Tools required:

  • GenPS3iso 2.1
  • Winrar
  • PGKView v1.3
  • Comgenie's awesome file manager 4.46
  • 1 x FAT32 Formatted USB Stick
  • 1 x Game ISO
  • 1 x Cracked DLC

You can download the required software HERE: [Register or Login to view links]

The link contains Comgenie's awesome file manager ISO for Cobra ODE and PKGView.

Mirror Link 1: [Register or Login to view links]
Mirror Link 2: [Register or Login to view links]

How to:

Step 1: Download or create a working Game ISO with GenPS3iso 2.1 and download the Cracked DLC for that game.

For this example i will use the following:

GAME ISO : Injustice.Gods.Among.Us.PROPER.PS3-DUPLEX (BLUS31018 ISO)
Cracked DLC : Injustice.Gods.Among.Us.All.DLC.Unlocker.PS3-DUPLEX (BLUS31018 DLC)

s3nint3!The Duplex Injustice DLC unlocker includes:

Unlocks all DLC skins
Unlocks zombie mode (dlc) --> settings / zombie mode ON/OFF
Unlocks red son campaign (DLC/skin) ---> stars labs mode / last page /
20 new missions

After making a ISO for the game (With Original EBoot files if required ) Copy the ISO to your PS3_GAMES folder and make sure that it is fully working. Install all of the game data installs and game updates from the PSN. If the game is fully working move onto Step 2.
If you require a original untouched Eboot file then visit here: [Register or Login to view links]

Step 2:

Unpack the DLC with Winrar so you are left with a PKG file: injusticealldlcBLUS.pkg
Download and run PKGView v1.3 on your PC.
Click file / Open and browse to the location of the PKG file.

Once opened you should see a table of contents like this:

s3nint3!Right click on the first folder in the table (BLUS31018) and click "Extact to source folder"

s3nint3!Navigate to your source folder and copy the extracted PKG folder to a FAT32 Formatted USB Stick. You can now remove the USB Stick from the PC and plug it into the front USB port of the PS3.

Step 3:

Copy Comgenie's awesome file manager 4.46 ISO to your PS3_GAMES folder of your Cobra ODE. If you are using kataroto's Eleganz Manager then ignore the above since CAFM is bundled with the Eleganz Manager. Launch Comgenie's awesome file manager ISO with the Manager of your choice (My preference is MultiMAN by deanK but any Cobra ODE compatible Manager will work).

Step 4:

Now that CAFM is loaded you should see 2 lists of locations. We will use the list on the right to navigate to the USB stick and the list on the left to select the location. Starting on the right navigate to dev_usb002 by pressing down on the D-pad and click x to open (The USB number may differ depending on which port you use), You should see the extracted pkg folder BLUS31018.

Next Press left on the D-Pad and navigate to the dev_hdd0/game/ location and press X . You should now see a list of several game data installs with the BLUS and BLES numbers. Scroll through the list until you find the folder for your game (BLUS31018) and leave it

s3nint3!Step 5:

Press right on the D-pad to move the pointer back to the BLUS31018 folder on the USB Stick and press "0" .You will be asked if you want to copy the folder to the HDD0 location click "START" button on the PS3 Controller. The files will then be transfered from the USB to the internal hard drive of the PS3.

Step 6:

Quit CAFM and Eject the drive to go back to your ISO Manager , Navigate to your game ISO and launch it. Install any game updates if required (See "Important Notes" below for more information) Enjoy your DLC

Proof of Zombie mode DLC working on my Cobra ODE:

s3nint3!Important Notes

If the game ISO crashes (Double beep) after launching with the DLC installed let the PS3 reboot and it will automatically rebuild the database. This should fix the crash and you will be able to restart the ISO again.

Some DLC might not work because certain files may need to be installed to locations other than dev_hdd0/Game/ that we cannot access on official firmware.

If your DLC contains a PARAM.SFO file that is lower than the game updates that you installed when you first launched the ISO then you may be forced to re-install the game update again. You can usually avoid this by deleting the PARAM.SFO file that is located inside of the extracted PKG file.

Some DLC may require a PS3 Database rebuild. This can be activated by booting into recovery mode on the PS3. If your DLC BLUS/BLES Number does not match your game ISO number i would suggest trying to find the correct DLC with the correct number... although just copying the USRDIR and hacked Edat/DLC files should work on all regions. This also works for cracked Online passes.

Sometimes a cracked DLC will come in 2 PKG files (One is the DLC and the 2nd PKG file is the Cracked files) To install these you will need to extract both PKG files with PKGView then copy the contents of the crack pkg to the DLC pkg before transferring them to dev_hdd0.

The tutorial does look like a lot of work just to get some DLC on the PS3 but once you have done it 2 or 3 times you will find it real easy.

Special Thanks:

Thanks to Harry Oke for his tests / Youtube videos on the 3K3y, PS3 Crunch staff / Members for a place to join together and help make the Cobra ODE the best on the market, Rowan (Rowjack1993) Jackson for pointing me in the right direction, Duplex for the ISO/DLC, magneto (+ Team Cobra) and all of the PS3 Devs behind the software that i used to create this tutorial. Keep up the good work guys.


Ok... after my first test of a PSN game - Flashback (Duplex Release) This is strange lol Here is what happens... It seemed to unpack perfectly and i could see the extraction progress. I went to the XMB to see if i could see the game installed = Failed

I went to the Game data utility and i could see the folder install = NPEB01417 (That worked but missing icon - Unable to run the file from there)

So i went back to mM and looked inside of the folder and this is what i found... NPEB01417 folder = correct

Inside of that is USRDIR and PARAMSFO (Almost correct but missing several of the other files) missing files = all of the ICON0 pngs , PIC1 files and TROPDIR folder (I assume you should be able to see those folders in mM and even launch the PNG files to view them)

Inside of USRDIR i see the EBOOT.BIN Then two more folders... One called FLASHBACKGAME and the other is called BINARIES (Missing GAMEDATA1.EDAT) The FLASHBACKGAME folder is missing 8 PS3TOC txt files and the MOVIES folder.

So it seems to be "part working" but missing several files and folders during the extraction. I checked the PS3PSN~NPEB01417.zip that i created on my PC and all of the missing files are in there.

So i copied the missing files from the original unpacked version into the folder but ran into another issue , It only displays under game data utility and will not launch but the ICONS are now visable (After manually adding them myself)

From kamingrandeu: Did you try to rebuild the PS3's db after copying all the missing files?

From freddy: You sir are a legend... It works... Flashback is installed and on the XMB (Without using any demo pkg files).

So to install PSN Games =
Use multiMan to create the folder
Extract and Copy contents of PKG files to the new folder
Rebuild data base
= Winner

Update: Tutorial: How to Install PSN Games for the Cobra ODE by freddy

How to install PSN games for the Cobra ODE. deank has recently updated his amazing Backup manager to support folder creation under dev_hdd0/game/

Now it is possible to create the folders needed for cracked PSN titles and allow them to appear on a OFW PS3.

Download the latest version of multiMan here: [Register or Login to view links] (27 MB)

Download and extract the PSN game you wish to install. For this tutorial i will be using Flashback PSN PS3-DUPLEX

s3nint3!After extraction i am left with two files:

s3nint3!Open PKGView 1.3 and use it to open main PKG file. (File/Open/ and navigate to the PKG files)
Right Click on the main folder at the top of the structure and select Extract to source folder.
Once extracted do the same for the cracked PKG duplex-flashback.crack.pkg

s3nint3!Next we need to merge the two folders.
Copy the Extracted Crack PKG folder NPEB01417 and paste it over the original Flashback PKG folder NPEB01417.
You will be asked if you want to copy and replace the files during the merge select OK.
When everything is merged you will be able to copy the merged NPEB01417 to a FAT32 Formatted USB Stick.

Insert your FAT32 formatted USB stick which contains the files to your cracked PSN game
in one of the front USB ports of your PS3.

Launch Multiman and navigate to "File Manager / mmOS" and press X

Highlight PS3 Root and double tap X

In the root head to /dev_hhd0/ Double tap X
Navigate to /game/ Double tap X

s3nint3!s3nint3!You should now see a list of installed folders (Depending on what you have installed on your PS3)
At the top of the list press "O" and you will be asked to "Create New Folder" Press X to confirm
Then use the "on screen keyboard" to type the name of the game , File name stucture is important so i suggest you use the same name as the folder that you unpacked from the PKG file(s)
(So for Flashback it would be a folder called NPEB01417)

Go back to the root of the PS3 in mM OS and select dev_usb00X (X = the port number of your PS3)
You should now see the NPEB01417 folder with the cracked content. Press O and select copy then navigate back to dev_hdd0/game/ and select paste by pressing O again.
Wait for the process to finish copying the files to the PS3 and shut down the PS3.

Next we enter recovery mode to rebuild the data base:
Press and Hold the PS3 Power button and keep it held down until it turns off.
Press and hold the PS3 Power button again until the PS3 makes a Two Beeps sound.
You should now be entering recovery mode follow the onscreen prompts and select the "rebuild database" option.
Let the rebuild complete and your PSN game should be available under the game section.

*Important notes*

Some games that need access to other locations still will not work using this method.
This will only work on games that require all files to be copied to dev_hdd0/game/ folder

Thanks to deank for his work on multiMan and a big shout out to kamingrandeu for help on the final piece of the puzzle. Awesome work guys.


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