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MultiMAN Cobra Manager (mmCM) v04.00.00, No Dongle Required

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146w ago - Today MultiMAN Cobra Manager (mmCM) version 04.00.00 has been released, and those interested in updating multiMAN without the DRM-infected dongle can now do so as is it not required for non-Cobra multiMAN functionality on the PlayStation 3 console.

Download: multiMAN Cobra Manager (mmCM) v04.00.00 Update (20120112) / [Register or Login to view links] (184.72 MB) / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror - 184.72 MB)

Previously multiMAN developer deank stated to the PlayStation 3 scene that he was not in bed with Cobra (aka Max Louarn), however, some PS3 developers such as [Register or Login to view links] appear to think otherwise, to quote via Twitter:

"Huge thanks to deank for leaving the scene and selling out to Cobra [/satire]"

Below is the multiMAN Cobra Manager (mmCM) v04.00.00 Full (20120113) changelog, as follows:

13 - 01 - 2012

  • Added support for jpg/png covers for BD/DVD ISO files in "Coverflow" mode
  • Added PIC1.PNG/SND0.AT3 (background image and music) support to lastGAME and "PSP Launcher" for PSP ISO files
  • Improved performance when extracting CSO to ISO and when creating ISO files from folders
  • SIXAXIS gyroscope affects screensaver mode (wave/tilt the controller to navigate the starfield)
  • Improved "Coverflow" display mode
  • Added preparations for experimental support for multi-disc PSX games in CUE+BIN or ISO format for up to 4 discs. ("Required Cobra USB/FW update will be announced when PSX multidisc support is available")
  • mmCM 04.00.00 will work without CobraUSB dongle connected (click [Register or Login to view links] for more information). New mmCM users will have to install mmCM 04.00.00 FULL version..

Changelog for non-Cobra users updating from multiMAN 02.09.02 to multiMAN/mmCM 04.00.00:

  • Added function "Create ISO from folder"
  • Support for *.0/.31, *.001/.032, *.66600/.66631 split file formats
  • Join split files in file manager (select and copy the first file to get the rest joined)
  • New display mode "XBDM" - XBOX Dash Clone
  • Added option "Detect Game Title in ISO Images" to allow using ISO filenames and *not* scan for game names in local database
  • Improved scanning for retro roms/iso and covers (populating the Retro column)
  • New THEME format (.thm). One theme - one file. Easy installation within multiMAN/mmCM without going to XMB to install theme pkg files.
  • mmTM - Easy to use PC application to create thm files from folders (separate download).
  • multiMAN/mmCM will try to read disc volume labels and display in VIDEO column (BD/DVD entry) and in other display modes.
  • Added indication (rotating refresh icon next to the column icon) when multiMAN/mmCM is loading/extracting title thumbnails (XMMB mode)
  • Added pop-up notifications when new versions of multiMAN/mmCM and Showtime are available for download
  • Added pop-up notification when running low on disc space (less than 1GB on internal HDD)
  • Added pop-up notification when multiMAN/mmCM successfully connects to nethost folders during startup (/net_host# in File Manager)
  • Added support for downloading themes in a background thread (pop-up messages will notify user when download starts and completes)
  • Added support for copying big (4+GB) files in File Manager to USB drives. multiMAN/mmCM will split source file when copying to USB.
  • Changed option "Link Video Library to Showtime" - it will only create links for XMB Video files, but will not start Showtime
  • Added shortcut (virtual folder) "XMB Video Files" when browsing HDD/USB drives in VIDEO column
  • Added "Showtime Font Preference" option to select 10 different fonts for SHOWTIME media player (GUI and Subtitles)
  • Added support to extract PSP CSO (compressed ISO) files in XMMB/XBDM display modes and File Manager (extracted image is saved in /dev_hdd0/PSPISO)
  • Added shortcut to ISO folder when browsing external USB devices (PSP connected with memory stick /ISO folder, containing CSO and ISO files)
  • Added music playback fade-out when leaving multiMAN/mmCM
  • Added download progress indication in XMMB/XBDM modes - Web column. An entry will show current download filename and percentage of completion.
  • Added TextViewer in File Manager (supported files colored in light blue). Supports viewing of ANSI/UTF plain text files.
  • TextViewer controls: L1/R1 - PageUp/PageDown, L2/R2 - zoom out/in (50%-250%), R3 - change font, UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT - scroll/pan, L1/R1+SELECT - skip to start/end of file
  • Added support for browsing Video, Games, Favorites and Retro (ROMS/PS1/PS2/PSP) in "Coverflow" display mode. Change content mode with UP/DOWN.
  • Improved performance when extracting CSO to ISO and when creating ISO files from folders
  • SIXAXIS gyroscope affects screensaver mode (wave/tilt the controller to navigate the starfield)
  • Improved "Coverflow" display mode

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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gile's Avatar
#788 - gile - 2d ago

rj10018576's Avatar
#787 - rj10018576 - 2d ago

vtspp's Avatar
#786 - vtspp - 2d ago
Putting licenses Stuff Psn games at E3, Cobra Ode Ofw

Hello guys from Youtube,

Through this video, I show and prove the operation of the procedure to transfer game licenses for a ps3 with ofw Ode. For this I will use a cfw ps3 to access exdata folder and will use a so-called R2R program to generate the files EDAT which is a license for the game in question.

Well folks, I will not explain all over again, as they leave here in the video description, a step by step process that will be doing. The parts that I have to use the PC, will not show the video, cuz I'm alone and I can not hold the phone and do the procedures. Apologies for Poor Quality Video, my phone has a terrible camera.

1) First, you have to extract your IPDS through Cobra IDPS Dumper and then extracted, rename the ipds.bin for IPDS.

2) On Ps3 cfw psn log in with the account you used on Ps3 ofw (making processes to avoid Ban) and go to system activation / game / turn.

3) Enter the HDD0 / home / 000000x / exdata folder and copy the file act.dat

4) Enter the "data" folder in the R2R program and place the file act.dat and IDPs.

5) I will use this example games that need to validate Edat file, then put the game in the R2R program pkg folder.

6) Run the R2R.exe, will open a cmd and you should choose the options according to your necessidades.Entre in EDAT folder and copy the file that will validate the game.

7) Paste the folder EDAT exdata on ps3 cfw.

8) Go back into the activation system and turn off the system and disable the ps3 internet connection options and the media server.

9) Use the process of transferring data between ps3 to it using a network cable

5) Set the ps3 that will send the data (which obviously is the one who will send cfw ps3) and the ps3 they will receive.

6) After the end of the process, the Ps3 that received the data, show the xmb the game installed, but you can still start (Only games that use rif for validation).

7) To validate the game, u should log into psn ??with the same account used on ps3 cfw.

8) Go activation system ps3 / game / enable and activate the ps3.

Just ready to play ... If you do not know how to do any of the steps, see the internet, as there is a road several tut, was not I who invented, there is already a long time. Do at your own risk, despite being easy steps and have no risk of brink on ps3, I'm not responsible for lack of knowledge and attention of people, let it clear. My goal and assist. I am a curious and take responsibility for my mistakes, not others. Good luck to all.

If it does not work with any game, I'm happy because it's a chance for me to overcome my knowledge, I hope others think so too. I am very happy to have discovered a part of this process, since it only has videos showing how it works, but nobody wants to do a tutorial.

In this video, I show in more detail that I installed the game with the method of the previous video is not a full game and demo testify to and through the screens of the game. Ex: Screen saving the game (demo does not have it), information sharing data on Psn...

Furthermore I show that in the Playstation Store on the tab "downloads, the game in question was not purchased through psn but validated by .. and now Everaldo method presented ??? Explains why u said it does not work and the game is there and unlocked ... Maybe now you want to tell us how his method to enrich our knowledge'll face his words:

"I think it's wrong these people who are guarding knowledge nor created anything. Copied and stuff, blah, blah, blah, etc ... I want to make clear, the credit is not mine but of all Hacks and developers working hard to create the tools that exist today to squeegee the net.

I quote a few that I remember: Geohot, Flatz, Fail0verflow, Kakarot, and many others...

cviksson's Avatar
#785 - cviksson - 3d ago

Type07's Avatar
#784 - Type07 - 4d ago
I've downgraded to 4.60 cfw because 4.65 gave me problem (and MultiMan doesn't support this cfw yet). Now seems to work (even if it sometimes crashes)..

Thank you..

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