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MinimusUSB Announced, Same Price as Teensy and AT90USBKey

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224w ago - With the release of the open-source PS JailBreak dubbed PSGroove last week, a new device known as the MinimusUSB AVR USB development unit has been announced and is said to be comparable in price to both the Teensy and AT90USBKey.

According to the official site (linked above), the device is expected to ship to distributors this coming week. This is a USB development board similar to the Teensy and the AT90USBKey.

To quote from Paul Owen: "Presenting Minimus, a high quality production grade AVR USB Development Unit that is clean in design, low in cost and readily available to resellers around the globe.

There are hundreds of projects available for the AVR USB hobbyist looking for a powerful yet cost effective solution. Works with Open Source LUFA USB firmware library and Open Source LibUSB software library. In production and shipping September 2010."

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#12 - richardlee - 223w ago
richardlee's Avatar
I just canceled my teensy++ order, got an email saying it wouldn't even be shipped before november. So i will try my luck with one of these minimus's instead.

#11 - IslaTurbine - 223w ago
IslaTurbine's Avatar
Maybe in the wrong place, but I got this from Paul yesterday:

First, please let me apologize for the lengthy delay in processing your order. I realize how frustrating the wait can be, and until now we've done a poor job of communicating your order's status. I'm trying to improve our process (while also working like mad to ship so many packages....) Your order contains a Teensy++, and unfortunately our stock was depleted by other orders that came before yours, so your Teensy++ is on backorder.

The good news is we are expecting more Teensy++ stock within 10 days, and signs are promising they might be early. We counted up the queue, and your order is before the point where we believe the new stock will run out, so it's likely we'll be able to ship a board to you within the next 2 weeks. Again, I'm really sorry we haven't managed quick service or responsive communication. I do hope, in the end, your experience with Teensy or Teensy++ will overall be positive and your design or project is ultimately a great success. Thanks, -Paul

#10 - Lou R - 223w ago
Lou R's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by badincite View Post
Who are the distributors? I've been trying to find a cheap version or just one at all lately

I will ask Paul today. Usually when I ask where he gets components he replies Mauser or DigiKey. Keep in mind though that the reason the Teensy is so limited is that Paul is unable to find any more of the chips out there from any supplier he can find. Basically between JIT inventory strategies, the economic recovery starting to spin up and the out-of-left-field sudden huge demand for the product basically there is a global run on the chip until the manufacturer can arrange for fab space to make another run on them. Simply put the Teensy was not designed for the purposes that gamers are using them for and no one anticipated this sort of dramatic increase in demand.

Granted, when Paul is sourcing components he is buying reels of them so that the product can be made in numbers, so I am assuming he is ignoring suppliers that have less than a certain number of the chip. I am -guessing- that if you are lucky you might find some left in someones parts bin somewhere. I'm sure though that Paul would just give me one of his "not likely" looks and say "Maaaaaaybe".

#9 - badincite - 223w ago
badincite's Avatar
Who are the distributors? I've been trying to find a cheap version or just one at all lately

The part numbers listed are a little confusing do i need the board and the chip?
- AT90USB162 ~ looks to be just a microchip
- AT90USB646 ~ looks to be just a microchip
- AT90USB647 ~ looks to be just a microchip
- AT90USB1286 ~ looks to be a full board but there are more part numbers


- AT90USB1287 ~ looks to be a full board but there are more part numbers
- ATMEGA32U4 ~ looks to be a full board

Then theres the atusb90key which mouser list as "End of Life: Scheduled for obsolescence and will be discontinued by the supplier."

#8 - IslaTurbine - 223w ago
IslaTurbine's Avatar
Yes he does come off as a good guy. His updates on his website have been particularly helpful. It shows that he cares about his customers.


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