Maze Generator v1.2 PS3 Homebrew Game is Released

130w ago - Following up on his initial release, today PlayStation 3 developer ThatOtherDev has updated his PS3 homebrew game Maze Generator to version 1.2.

Download: Maze Generator v1.2 PS3 Homebrew Game

To quote: This is an update/remake of Maze Generator for PS3. For anyone that doesn’t know Maze Generator was actually the first thing I ever made for PS3. It was originally made with the leaked SDK but has been redone using PSL1GHT and will now work on CFW.

It now also has a lot more in common with it’s Wii version and features a title screen, textured background, multiple maze sizes and the option to watch the maze being randomly generated. It also keeps track of how many times you have finished mazes.

Just use the left analog stick to navigate the maze.

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SuperSaiyen's Avatar
#23 - SuperSaiyen - 122w ago
The link i tried was listed as Download: PS3 Development Source Code and Compiling Tools page that i arrived at from clicking the 2nd "here" link on this page. It works as far as taking you to the fileserve page, but not downloading. Last time, after selecting slower download and entering the captcha / waiting after the countdown it told me file no longer available. Now it just keeps looping back to the captcha. Maybe i'm doing something wrong..

cirkator's Avatar
#22 - cirkator - 122w ago
sounds interesting, thanks

ThatOtherPerson's Avatar
#21 - ThatOtherPerson - 122w ago
btw- the fileserve link for the psl1ght platform says the file is no longer available..
Do you mean this?
or this?

Neither have been taken down. The links are still working for me.

HeyManHRU's Avatar
#20 - HeyManHRU - 123w ago
Hopefully someone will pick these source codes up and make the games them even better.

SuperSaiyen's Avatar
#19 - SuperSaiyen - 123w ago
Thanks for all the source and updates OtherDev!! Should keep me happily busy for quite some time, i'll send feedback when i can.

btw- the fileserve link for the psl1ght platform says the file is no longer available..

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