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JTag Port on PS3 Blu-ray Drive Board Located and Mapped

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271w ago - Developers at DemonHades have located and mapped the JTag Port on a PS3 Blu-ray drive board today.

To quote, roughly translated: I found the JTag port for the Blu-ray Reader on the PlayStation 3. Last night after finishing the research meeting I went looking for information about BD integrated reader.

In and looking at the information that I found on the back of the plate reader I saw that there is no connector terminals, these terminals belong to a connector which connects 'something' via terminals and through the Internet I found the points used in a JTag, including the TDO, TDI, TMS etc.

Originally developed for printed circuit boards, it is currently used for test of submodules of integrated circuits, and is also useful as a mechanism for debugging embedded applications, as it provides a backdoor to within the system.

When used as a debugging tool, an in-circuit emulator that uses JTag as the transport mechanism allows the programmer to access the debugging module that is integrated into the CPU. The debug module enables the programmer to correct their errors and code logic of their systems.

There are consumer products that have a JTag port integrated, so that the connections are often available on the PCB as part of the prototype phase of the product. These connections can provide a simple way to reverse-engineer.

As you can see we have a door strike to try to get the firmware, decrypted data, and all that is able to control the Blu-ray reader.

The data from this integrated JTag will CXD5063GG-1. CXD5063GG-1 = ASIC / CPU - Video Decryption Device Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., CXD5063GG-1, 2005 SCEI, 120,748 0608HAL.

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#25 - zaror1992 - 271w ago
zaror1992's Avatar
Hello guys, thanks for the video chakkal.

Last night i talked with CJPC, besides helping me he told me that he will test the JTAG port, i have received 1 private (message forum? i guess) of a lot of people who wants to help me with osciloscopes wih great precision to colaborate with this project.

So, CJPC told he will test the port too.. i highly doubt they knew it before (the port)... the only thing that is exposed in internet talks about the port or ((1))bus that conect the BD Drive with the PCB, wich also have TX and RX points.

Besides, I have a picture of the JIG used in S0ny's Repairing Station (they called SAT wich is the place who receives the PS3's in warranty) and they use the conector of the bus named early((1)) to do some test, even if we are talking about two diferent ports it interesting to know something about it.

Sorry if i have some mistakes.

#24 - CJPC - 271w ago
CJPC's Avatar
Well, my spanish language skills are non-existent, but my side of the conversation entailed - if you know of a JTAG - test it. Hook up a scope/LA, see what kind of signal your getting, and attempt to JTAG the thing.

Which, we did already try - it does not work - but never hurts for someone else to try it - assuming you somehow have a super special BD drive that wasn't blown at the factory, but the odds of that - well, you have a better chance hacking into the PS3 with a string and a paper clip!

#23 - SCE - 271w ago
SCE's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
Ok I feel the need that I need to mention something quite important.

Nothing was "discovered", those pinout's were taken DIRECTLY (its a print screen from the docs!) from one of the Sony PS3 Service Manual's - Yes, the service manual identifies the JTAG for the BD Drive, as well as for the CELL, SYSCON, etc - quite useful if these items were not disabled at the factory.

Now a days - these things are blown at production, companies have learned that leaving JTAG's active can be a very, very, very, bad thing.

Its very old news - we tested these exact points (and others) nearly a year ago and got nowhere- they are blown!

Now, maybe if you had say, a PS3 TOOL, or a nice PROTOTYPE with active lines it would be something different

I am really confused now cuz according to google, he is talking about a new jTag port...

Wenas chicos,gracias por el video chakkal

Anoche hable con cjpc amigo y admin de ps3news,y aparte de estar ayudandome me comento que el tambien iva a testear el puerto,tambien he recibido 1 privado de gente que quiere colaborar poniendo material importante como analizadores logicos digitales y osciloscopios de gran precision para colaborar en la investigacion.

Asi que,si cjpc me comento que el tambien iva a testear el puerto..dudo mucho que lo conozcan de antes,es mas la unica constancia que tengo sobre la informacion expuesta en internet habla del puerto o faja flex que comunica el lector con la placa,la cual tambien tiene un 2 puntos,TX y RX.

De hecho tengo una imagen de como es el jig usado en el sat de sony el cual usan el conector de la faja para realizar los test,y aunque hablamos de 2 puertos distintos...pues creo que es interesante saberlo

1saludo y gracias

Wenas guys, thanks for the video chakkal

Last night a friend and talk to cjpc admin ps3news, and besides be helping me also commented that the vat to test the port, I've also received 1 private from people who want help making important material as digital logic analyzers and oscilloscopes for high precision work in research.

So, if cjpc also told me that the vat to test the port .. I doubt I know him from before, is but the only record I have about the information posted on internet talk port or flex strip that connects the reader with the plate, which also has a 2-point, TX and RX.

I actually have an image like the jig used in the Sony sat which use the connector to perform the test strip, and although we talk of 2 different ports ... as I think it is interesting to know

1saludo and thanks

Can somebody with Spanish knowledge illuminate us please?

#22 - everglow21 - 271w ago
everglow21's Avatar
Still.. being able to back up a PS3 game would have a devastating outcome if not used properly *Piracy*.. Tho it would be great to be able to back up your games.. knowing the original BD would be kept safe as long as possible.

#21 - cfwprophet - 271w ago
cfwprophet's Avatar
I'll scream it from the rooftops.

YEAAA..i for my self would run throuth the blocks.."NAKED" will screaming "Jala,Jala Imschi Jala" (dont know what that means)

Im not surprised about that sunny have blowen the JTAG ports on retail machines and i remember back to the beginning where we have discovered that the BD FW is also present in the PS3's FW.Ok we can swap packs of the fw and flash it back so we could get the hacked bd fw into the ps3's fw to mach the drives fw but..how to resign?With what key?Does any one have discovered the PS3 puplic key?
I dono belive that sunny after all this havy securing have put in a UNSIGNED fw for the bd drive.

And even some one have discovered the puplic key we dono need to know about it till it could be used to do nice things with it.

After all...does tmbinc screamed out the info about the JTAG exploit for the x360 without the knowledge to use it?Or have he released the news together with a vid showing that it could be used to altere the machine?


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