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JTag Port on PS3 Blu-ray Drive Board Located and Mapped

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270w ago - Developers at DemonHades have located and mapped the JTag Port on a PS3 Blu-ray drive board today.

To quote, roughly translated: I found the JTag port for the Blu-ray Reader on the PlayStation 3. Last night after finishing the research meeting I went looking for information about BD integrated reader.

In and looking at the information that I found on the back of the plate reader I saw that there is no connector terminals, these terminals belong to a connector which connects 'something' via terminals and through the Internet I found the points used in a JTag, including the TDO, TDI, TMS etc.

Originally developed for printed circuit boards, it is currently used for test of submodules of integrated circuits, and is also useful as a mechanism for debugging embedded applications, as it provides a backdoor to within the system.

When used as a debugging tool, an in-circuit emulator that uses JTag as the transport mechanism allows the programmer to access the debugging module that is integrated into the CPU. The debug module enables the programmer to correct their errors and code logic of their systems.

There are consumer products that have a JTag port integrated, so that the connections are often available on the PCB as part of the prototype phase of the product. These connections can provide a simple way to reverse-engineer.

As you can see we have a door strike to try to get the firmware, decrypted data, and all that is able to control the Blu-ray reader.

The data from this integrated JTag will CXD5063GG-1. CXD5063GG-1 = ASIC / CPU - Video Decryption Device Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., CXD5063GG-1, 2005 SCEI, 120,748 0608HAL.

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#35 - mushy409 - 270w ago
mushy409's Avatar
In regards to the idea of dumping the BDROM firmware, wouldn't the firmware itself be encrypted?

Ideas for the port - Maybe to trigger the drive into 'Device Mode' or 'Vendor Mode' similar to the Xbrick?

Hasn't the Spansion IC already been dumped?

Some more clearer pics of the connector & topside while I'm here...
(Excuse the size)

#34 - PS3 News - 270w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by DemonHades View Post
hi,on first step thanks to admin and cjpc for talk with me and fix the problem.

No problem DemonHades, we can all work together.. and nice to see ya back!

#33 - DemonHades - 270w ago
DemonHades's Avatar
hi,on first step thanks to admin and cjpc for talk with me and fix the problem.

well,i publish its investigation for the ppl on the world work for a cause"bd-drive repair" and others thinks.

My investigation is easy,show the conectors and the pinout for investigation all ppl,i dont work in secrets,always work the open face.

I are'nt a "iluminati" for mute and dont say nothing,for it and i send the data service more ppl for make investigations,dont for store and dont make nothing,ok?

for it,i see nothing ppl investigation and make nothing...i talk and show the information.

The winners is alls,investigators and users....all just can investigate and find the objetive.

Sony cant make nothing,dont update is easy...is a port hardware dont soft.

well thanks and wait a good investigation with it.

1saludo and sorry my bad english

#32 - JesusFMA - 270w ago
JesusFMA's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by zaror1992 View Post
sorry im chilean (south america) and im 18, my english is useful but not 100% accurate. i did my best.

No hay problema hermano, mi inglés tampoco es perfecto, sólo quise ayudar un poco en caso de que no haya quedado clara tu traducción (que por cierto no estuvo nada mal) pero como lo comenté anteriormente, incluso el mensaje "original" es difícil de leer en español ... como que la persona que escribió eso necesita unas clasecitas de gramática no?. En fin, espero que no me lo hayas tomado a mal, de nuevo, solo quise ayudar


No problem brother, my English is not perfect, just wanted to help a bit if that has not been clear your translation (which certainly was not bad) but as I said earlier, even the message "original" is difficult to read in Spanish ... as the person who wrote that needs a grammar clasecitas not?. Anyway, I hope you've taken the wrong way, again, i just wanted to help


#31 - zaror1992 - 270w ago
zaror1992's Avatar
sorry im chilean (south america) and im 18, my english is useful but not 100% accurate. i did my best.


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