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JaicraB Releases PS3 OtherOS Base Exploit and Source Code

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240w ago - As a follow-up to his previous work, today JaicraB has updated his blog entry with a PS3 OtherOS Base Exploit and the related Source Code for PlayStation 3 developers.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

This comes shortly after gow3forme shared a relatively larger PS3 OtherOS Exploit Module which seemed to be loaded (the command lsmod showed: exploit 10497032 1 - loading 0x000000000012000 (P+)) but nothing appeared on the video.

To quote, roughly translated: Good. Here you have a minimum base to build the otheros.bld. The BLD takes up 30 Kb and has functions to the HDD with ext2 to save the DUMP. The functions are described.

Call table incorporates LV1 and ASM functions. This ready to assemble the mechanism of the exploit. I hope this helps those concerned who did not know where to start. It has been compiled with the toolchain pdaXrom.

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#33 - SCE - 239w ago
SCE's Avatar
Another question to geohot. If you are that angry at Sony for removing OtherOS, then why don't release the whole LV2 Dump?

#32 - Warrorar - 239w ago
Warrorar's Avatar
Many working on the Playstation since it got released and also people tried to get a modchip working for the system, but its the same like the psp problem. you have to hack the software before you can attack the system because the software protects the whol console.

at the playstation 3 the hypervision blocks all incoming code who's not signed. if you install a modchip without knowing the correct key to sign updates/software/homebrews, you cant start those things on the playstation 3.

when the key is known, i think some modchips will arrive in the future. but are they needed? i don't think so. in around 1-2 years the software will be completly hacked and there will be software based solutions for all things. homebrew, backup, customfirmware, linux. all what you wanna do.

i wish there would be news =/ many days are gone now since the last update.

#31 - CodeKiller - 239w ago
CodeKiller's Avatar
Mod chip for WHAT? Corrently no more "patchable" HW has been reported and a good DB-emu (very low-level) would be much more than a simple mod-chip..

#30 - tjay17 - 239w ago
tjay17's Avatar
I wonder if it would be better or easier to try to come up with a modchip like for the ps2 for the ps3 to hack it with software like the psp.

#29 - sapperlott - 239w ago
sapperlott's Avatar
Nice one. When I first read this I thought that they had built a minimal Linux. Looking at the source it turns out that this is custom code built specifically to dump the RAM to a HDD. If they allocate little enough memory it could well be possible to create a clean LV2 dump with this.

Has anybody tried it yet?


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