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JaicraB on Cobra USB and PS3 JFW DH Custom Firmware

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179w ago - Today Spanish PlayStation 3 developer JaicraB has released some Cobra USB details alongside what appear to be hints of an upcoming PS3 Custom Firmware dubbed JFW DH with the assistance of DemonHades and crew.

Download: Cobra 1.2 and 2.0 (PS3 3.41 v2) USB Dumps

To quote, roughly translated: PS3, Cobra TEAM

Greetings Cobra TEAM.

[Register or Login to view code]

Of course, you could see even changed the Psgroove hash tables. Continue selling the knowledge of all sceners.

Under construction:

In addition:

  • Plugins-boot manager.
  • Apps in the background. (Example: FTP while playing)
  • Charging payloads before entering the XMB. Payload Free Cobra...

PD: Cobra Team, came to me defective switch to switch from PC - JIG - DG. You change me?

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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PS3 News's Avatar
#630 - PS3 News - 58w ago
Below is the Cobra ODE v1.6 update and related details, as follows:

21 - 10 - 2013: Cobra ODE News - Update

The much anticipated 1.6 firmware update is now available for download.

The biggest feature of this update is the addition of the new auto-eject feature. You can now switch games without rebooting and without ejecting discs. All from the comfort of your couch. The new auto-eject feature does not require any modifications to the ODE, nor does it require any new accessories or soldering, it is now available to all ODE users, from all models, with the simple update of your Cobra ODE.

We have also added periodical polling of the HDD to prevent hard drives from going to sleep mode which made some games freeze if they had been paused for a while. The HDD polling can be disabled or configured from the cobra.cfg file.

When Cobra ODE was first released, we had seen a huge amount of positive feedback, although many users had two major concerns, the first being the use of homebrew to achieve game selection, and the second being the need to reboot or eject discs in order to switch games. With the Cobra ODE browser support which was added in v1.5 and the auto-eject feature added in v1.6, we have resolved both of these concerns for our users. Today, the Cobra ODE looks like a brand new device with a completely new user experience, which we think will make most of you happy.

The Cobra Team is the first to bring true "no eject, no reboot" feature to the PS3 ODE world for all models and we will continue to bring you new exciting features in the future.You can now grab the 1.6 update form the downloads section. Please refer to the user manual for updated instructions on how to use the auto-eject feature.

We are also releasing an update to ps3genextra tool which generated the Cobra ODE Browser, please use this version with the 1.6 update.

Concurrently, we are releasing an update to the Cobra ODE Manager which adds support for the auto-eject feature and in parallel releasing an update to the third party integration library which allows third party managers to use the auto-eject feature.


Finally, below is a guide from magneto on How to Unbrick Your Cobra ODE, as follows:

For those rare users who have bricked their device by cutting power while the bootloader or fpga1 was being updated, here is how you can fix it.

First, there are four methods to unbrick your ODE, only one will work for you depending on what your situation is, so please read carefully and follow the instructions appropriate for your situation.

For v3 and v4 boards (3.0, 3.10, 4.20, 4.20 QSV and 4.30), it is possible that either the flash is corrupted, if you interrupted a bootloader update, or that the FPGA1 is corrupted. If the FPGA1 is corrupted, it is likely that it will hold the MCU in RESET mode which will prevent the MCU from powering.

If when you connect power to the ODE, you see the clipon PCB flash green very quickly then turn off, then the MCU powered itself but couldn't start the bootloader, you will need to unbrick the ODE using your PC, follow the instructions in the unbrick using USB method section. If you do not see any green light quickly flashing, then the MCU is not powered and is probably being held in RESET, follow the instructions in the unbrick using RESET method section.

For v5 boards, if an error occured when updating the fpga image, then the device may be bricked. It can be restored to factory settings easily, make sure you follow the unbrick method for v5.x boards.

If you followed the right instructions carefully and could not fix the issue, then it is possible that the ODE is damaged.

Unbrick method for v5.x boards

  • Remove power from the ODE
  • Short the R6 pins. This means put a wire between the two solder pads of R6. You can find R6 on the lower right corner of the main chip, just below the yellow component in this image: cobra-ode.com/images/V5_QSV.jpg
  • Put power back to the ODE
  • You can now stop shorting R6.
  • The ODE should then unbrick itself by restoring the FPGA to factory settings, it will now accept a new update from a USB 2.0 device.

Unbrick using RESET method for v3.x boards

  • Power the ODE
  • Short the pin 3 and pin 8 of the U5 component. The U5 component is the chip with 8 pads in the top left corner of the board, as seen in this picture: cobra-ode.com/images/MainBoard.jpg. The pin 8 is the one in the top right corner of the U5 component, adjacent to the corner of the EXP connector, while pin 3 is the on the other side, closest to the border of the board, the third pin counting from the top.
  • As soon as you short pin 3 and pin 8 of U5, the MCU should power up and the clipon PCB light will blink green. Keep those pins shorted while you update the fpga1.dat again using a USB stick.
  • Once the fpga has been restored, and the update completed, you can stop shorting pin 3 and pin 8 of U5, then power cycle your ODE.

Unbrick using RESET method for v4.x boards

  • Power the ODE
  • Short the TP3 and TP4 test points under the RST label. It is located in the top left corner of the ODE, as seen in this picture : [Register or Login to view links]
  • Stop shorting the TP3 and TP4 points
  • If the ODE did not boot, then short the TP3 pad with the eight pad of the U5 component. The eight pad is the one in the top right corner of the U5 component, adjacent to the corner of the EXP connector, as seen in this picture : [Register or Login to view links]
  • As soon as you short TP3 and pin 8 of U5, the MCU should power up and the clipon PCB light will blink green. Keep those pins shorted while you update the fpga1.dat again using a USB stick.
  • Once the fpga has been restored, and the update completed, you can stop shorting TP3 and pin 8 of U5, then power cycle your ODE.

Unbrick using USB method for v3.x and v4.x boards


You will need:

  • A PC
  • A USB-A Male to USB-A Male cable
  • A USB stick or HDD formatted in FAT32
  • Zadig appication
  • dfu-util application
  • unbrick.rom file

You can download Zadig here: [Register or Login to view links]
You can download dfu-util here: [Register or Login to view links]
You can download unbrick.rom here: [Register or Login to view links]
You will first need to create a USB-A to USB-A cable. A USB-A connector is the standard USB connector that connects into your PC. This is what a USB-A connector looks like: [Register or Login to view links]
You can make such a cable by cutting two USB cables and then connecting together the green, red, white and black wires of the two cables to create a USB-A to USB-A cable.

Instructions for Unbricking the ODE

  • Turn off the power on the PS3
  • Wait 5 seconds
  • Turn on the power on the PS3
  • Immediately connect the USB cable from your PC to the clip-on PCB where your HDD would normally go
  • Your PC should detect the USB device as a "USB device with DFU capabilities"
  • Let windows finish installing drivers for the USB device
  • Open Zadig
  • Select "List all devices" from the menu
  • Select "USB device with DFU capabilities" from the list in Zadig
  • Select "WinUSB" for the driver
  • Select "Install driver" or "Replace driver"
  • Wait until Zadig successfully installs the WinUSB driver for the USB device
  • Open a command prompt by typing "cmd.exe" from the start menu
  • Go to the directory where you extracted dfu-util
  • Run the command : dfu-util.exe -d 0471:df55 -D C:\Path\To\unbrick.rom
  • Wait until it finishes uploading the unbricking firmware successfully
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the PC
  • Reconnect the USB cable from the PC
  • The light on the clip-on PCB should turn Blue now. If it doesn't not, then something went wrong, go back to the beginning and make sure everything is done correctly
  • Disconnect USB cable from clip-on PCB
  • Copy ldr.rom and mcu.rom to the root of the FAT32 USB stick
  • Insert the USB stick into the clip-on PCB
  • LED should turn purple and flash a few times until it becomes solid red or solid green depending on whether your USB stick has the cobra manager and database
  • Your device is now unbricked, you can use it normally.

If something is unclear or does not work for you, let me know. I have only tested this on a Windows 7 machine, and I don't know if I missed any steps in case my system is set up differently.

Updates: Added link to LPCXpresso for the DFU driver and added USB ID identifiers. If you wish to manually brick the device in order to use this method to flash it, then you can short the SPI Flash chip to force it to enter DFU mode and use the above instructions to flash your device.

Shorting the SPI Flash chip will not permanently brick the device, it will only brick it as long as it is shorted. If you reboot the device without shorting the pins, it will work again as it did before.
To short the SPI Flash, you can use a screwdriver or anything metallic like some change (money) and connect it to the three pins closest to the inside of the board.

The SPI Flash is the chip in the corner of the board between the JTAG connector and the EXP connector and it has 6 pins, 3 on each side. Short the 3 pins that are closest to the EXP connector then connect the power to the board, and the LED will very briefly flash green before turning off. Without shorting those pins, the LED will flash green slightly longer before turning off.

Cobra ODE IDPS Dumper (Dump Your IDPS using Cobra ODE - Unofficial) by atreyu187

I hereby present to you the (Unofficial) Cobra IDPS dumper. A friend of mine (which i shall not name) found a way to dump the IDPS on OFW. I created a neat cobra package from this. You can put this in your PS3_GAMES directory and run it from XMB.

Download: Cobra IDPS Dumper.zip


1. Put a fat32 formatted USB key in the USB000 (most left) or USB001 or right port
2. Run the homebrew program, and it will exit again to the XMB
3. IDPS.bin is on your USB drive.

For now this IDPS.bin is not very useful (yet) but we might need it in the future.


dj1138's Avatar
#629 - dj1138 - 58w ago
does anybody know how to get reactpsn to work (or any other app i can get my rock band 3 DLC to work) with cobra 4.3x usb?

hey69's Avatar
#628 - hey69 - 58w ago
same issue

stue1975's Avatar
#627 - stue1975 - 58w ago
Hi there,

I have the latest multiman, but for a while now certain games do not have a PS3 cover, its displays a blue cover with a message saying 'cover not available'.

Where would I put a cover if downloaded and resized to make it appear on a particular game?

Many thanks

PS3 News's Avatar
#626 - PS3 News - 59w ago
Today deank is back with multiMAN ver 04.50.02 BASE (20131013) with the changes detailed below, as follows:

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (131.83 MB)

Changelog for .00/01/02:

  • Added support for 4.50 CFW
  • Added support for 4.41 DEX CFW
  • Added support for lastGAME 8.0 (bdMIRROR)
  • Added Korean language (big thanks to Joonie86) and updated Romanian
  • Disc-less mode: Icon changed from BD disc to "folder icon"


  • multiMAN ver 04.50.02 BASE CEX (20131013).pkg
  • multiMAN ver 04.50.02 BASE DEX (20131013).pkg
  • multiMAN ver 04.50.02 STEALTH (20131013).zip
  • Showtime 04.03.536 [CEX].pkg
  • Showtime 04.03.536 [DEX].pkg


p.s. Thanks to everyone for the covers. I updated them on the server.

List of supported languages in multiMAN (34 total):

[Register or Login to view code]

Big thanks to everyone involved. There is not a single PS3 app that supports so many different languages.

From Nickdude911 comes a Cool Custom Cobra Browser MP4s for MCU v1.5 below:

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (Battlefield Girl/Space) / [Register or Login to view links] (Character Collage)

From zecoxao comes a script-resigned homebrew game folders for ODE, as follows:

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

script used (i called it ODE_EXPLODE, has a nice ring to it xD):

[Register or Login to view code]

This script is valid ONLY for 3k3y (since it uses 3.55 keys instead of 3.41) to change it for 3.41 just use the cobra encryption command on scetool part of the script.

Contains ONLY the homebrew game folders in which there wasn't a stackdump of scetool (failing at encrypting) and those with ONLY one SELF in USRDIR (Pointman wasn't included because of this). For the script you need:

  • ungpkg (github.com/euss/ps3tools)
  • scetool 0.3.0 (github.com/wargio/scetool)
  • cygwin/linux environment

I have absolutely NO IDEA how to create isos with the ripp3r, so i'm leaving this to you guys

PS: unself is as valid as scetool i think

From SDeath comes a guide: Tutorial: How to Create the COBRA Browser

01 - Download this package: cobra-ode.com/downloads/GenPS3extra_v1.0.rar
02 - Extract the contents to you COBRA HDD
03 - Create the COBRA folder on the COBRA HDD root.
04 - Create the PS3_GAMES folder on the COBRA HDD root.
05 - Download this package: cobra-ode.com/downloads/Cobra_ODE_Database_(11-10-2013).rar
06 - Extract the cobra.db file and place it in the COBRA folder on your COBRA HDD.
07 - Copy all game iso's to the following path: COBRA HDD/PS3_GAMES/
08a - Download this package: [Register or Login to view links]
08b - Rename it to: DATA000.PKG
08c - Copy this to the following path: COBRA HDD/GenPS3extra_v1.0/COBRA_ODE_BROWSER/PS3_EXTRA/D000/ (Create the dir if it don't exist yet)
09 - Run genps3extra.exe in this location: COBRA HDD/GenPS3extra_v1.0/
10 - When it asks for EXTRA dir select the following path: COBRA HDD/GenPS3extra_v1.0/COBRA_ODE_BROWSER/
11 - When it asks for COBRA dir select the following path: COBRA HDD/COBRA/
12 - When it asks to show as BD drive select yes or no to your liking.
13 - Now connect the drive to the COBRA ODE and it should work. Done!

When you select a game from the Games section in the XMB it will install the small pkg file, select back afterwards and reboot or eject for the game to load.

Finally, from magneto: 1.6 is finished and tested. The new manager with auto-eject support is finished, and the new third-party library is finished. There is a small fix to do to genps3extra to enable automatically the eject.on_selection option, and the update to the user manual, then I will send it to the webmaster. It should be done and sent in the next 24 hours, and hopefully will be made public on the website less than 24 hours after that.

Changelog is:

  • auto-eject for all consoles to switch games
  • periodic polling of the HDD to prevent it going idle
  • new option to enable auto-eject on game selection
  • new option to configure HDD polling
  • new /dev_bdvd/COBRA/EJECT file to allow managers to request auto-eject

COBRA ODE Browser Demo and v1.6 Preview Video:

Following up on the previous announcement of the v1.5 firmware update with the added support for the Cobra ODE Browser, we are releasing today a video showing how the Browser works. You can see the browser functioning in both the Game category mode and the Video category mode.

This video was done using a beta version of the v1.6 firmware update we are currently working on, and it also serves as a preview for the exciting new features which will be added in the next firmware update, expected to be released within a week, once it has passed all our QA validations.

Yes, your eyes did not play tricks on you, we are proud to announce that the next firmware update of the Cobra ODE will bring support for game switching without rebooting or ejecting the disc anymore. The Cobra Team has once again revolutionized the PS3 ODE scene with a new exclusive method that will allow game switching on all PS3 models, without any additional hardware, or additional soldering required. This feature will be available for free for all Cobra ODE users with our next firmware update.

Unlike the poorly designed and rushed E3 ODE which, not only requires you to solder resistors and capacitors on their device in order to install their firmware update, boasts a "no reboot or eject" feature but actually only ejects the disc on 2k5 and 3k models and requires the user to manually re-insert the disc, our implementation is completely automated and requires no intervention from the user.

Enjoy the new Cobra ODE Browser available from v1.5 upwards and keep an eye out for the release announcement of v1.6.

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