JaicraB on Cobra USB and PS3 JFW DH Custom Firmware

147w ago - Today Spanish PlayStation 3 developer JaicraB has released some Cobra USB details alongside what appear to be hints of an upcoming PS3 Custom Firmware dubbed JFW DH with the assistance of DemonHades and crew.

Download: Cobra 1.2 and 2.0 (PS3 3.41 v2) USB Dumps

To quote, roughly translated: PS3, Cobra TEAM

Greetings Cobra TEAM.

Of course, you could see even changed the Psgroove hash tables. Continue selling the knowledge of all sceners.

Under construction:

In addition:

  • Plugins-boot manager.
  • Apps in the background. (Example: FTP while playing)
  • Charging payloads before entering the XMB. Payload Free Cobra...

PD: Cobra Team, came to me defective switch to switch from PC - JIG - DG. You change me?

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#305 - PS3 News - 76w ago
Retail (CFW 3.55) is CEX, but this update (the Full Pack) also includes DEX which is for non-Retail (Debug) consoles... so yes, you would be fine using the CEX version of multiMAN.

leftpimp's Avatar
#304 - leftpimp - 76w ago
If i am on CFW 3.55, will updating with this Mm affect me using it? i see when i downloaded it, it says [CEX] and i am not using CEX?

innerg's Avatar
#303 - innerg - 76w ago
thanks Deank

PS3 News's Avatar
#302 - PS3 News - 76w ago
We only mainpage the main ones, all the incremental mM updates are posted in this thread so hopefully people will continue to check it between major releases.

elser1's Avatar
#301 - elser1 - 76w ago
thanks boss and big thanks to deank!!

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