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How to Load METLDR in SPU Isolation Mode on PlayStation 3

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250w ago - Just over a month ago the PS3 Hypervisor lv2 (GameOS) was dumped and GeoHot hinted that it was accomplished by commanding an SPU to load METLDR.

Today dondolo let us know that simone has detailed how to load METLDR in SPU isolation mode on the PlayStation 3 and included some [Register or Login to view links].

While this is definitely a step forward, he still doesn't specify what the read/write u32 functions are... or which functions to add to the recent XorHack release.

Those interested can check it out below, and to quote:

"After some experiment I succeded to load METLDR in spu isolation.

You need geohot's exploit to do this, because you need to turn spu relocation off (MFC_SR1[R]=0) and not let know the HV you are using a SPU (so no calls to lv1_construct_logical_spe or similar). For some strange conf, it doesn't work in HV way."

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#18 - dante489 - 250w ago
dante489's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
it's part of the Mathieulh "I need to feel important" mentality.

lol exactly!! though i can not understand geohot! if he Chose to not share with anyone i can understand that, but why Mathieulh why?

since geohot is the reason for all the progress on the scene i'm not gonna say anything, but it looks like an ego is playing a big part of it.

#17 - PS3 News - 250w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
He (Skywalker) may end up publishing it as a PDF like he has done with some other nice stuff on hitmen-console.org, but it wouldn't surprise me if he was "poisoned" into not sharing... it seems to be quite common when it comes to the PS3.

Usually someone else figures it out though and shares, so in most cases only a little time is lost luckily.

#16 - WolfgangGrojcig - 250w ago
WolfgangGrojcig's Avatar
You know SkyHitmen has also decided not to tell the secret "recipe" to simmone. After he found the solution to the problem he decided to stay quiet. Maybe this thing is spreading like a disease ?

#15 - dc740 - 250w ago
dc740's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by yellowsnow View Post

so... the METLDR loads... meat? hahaha hilarious...

just joking... keep it up!

#14 - PS3 News - 250w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by dante489 View Post
where have you been? even Mathieulh has it and it looks like neither one of them wants to release it.

Correct, and worse yet (like in the past) neither is willing to share with other Devs in the scene how to dump their own... but they want us to create public Wikis documenting everything, riiight.

This lack of cooperation means people like Skywalker of Hitmen and simone have been spending (sadly, wasting) time figuring out how on their own over the last month instead of moving forward. It will always be like this though, so better get used to it now.

Just look at the mess Mathieulh left the PSP scene in, actually making end-users feel guilty asking for M33 CFW updates to run game back-ups because they never shared their reversals or source code so other teams could update without them... it's part of the Mathieulh "I need to feel important" mentality.

Then after people settle with these releases and give them praise, the guys doing the actual work for Mathieulh (Adrahil, Alex, SilverSpring, etc) stop updating them and switch to their elitist "we owe you nothing" attitude and welcome to the PSP scene 2010, with PS3 is heading in the same direction...


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