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How to Load METLDR in SPU Isolation Mode on PlayStation 3

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249w ago - Just over a month ago the PS3 Hypervisor lv2 (GameOS) was dumped and GeoHot hinted that it was accomplished by commanding an SPU to load METLDR.

Today dondolo let us know that simone has detailed how to load METLDR in SPU isolation mode on the PlayStation 3 and included some [Register or Login to view links].

While this is definitely a step forward, he still doesn't specify what the read/write u32 functions are... or which functions to add to the recent XorHack release.

Those interested can check it out below, and to quote:

"After some experiment I succeded to load METLDR in spu isolation.

You need geohot's exploit to do this, because you need to turn spu relocation off (MFC_SR1[R]=0) and not let know the HV you are using a SPU (so no calls to lv1_construct_logical_spe or similar). For some strange conf, it doesn't work in HV way."

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#23 - Pcsx2006 - 248w ago
Pcsx2006's Avatar
Well this is a great news i read it on geohot blog about a month ago i was very much excited but as always he didn't shared with other people and now after hearing someone else has done it ie loading metldr in spu isolation mode which i hope will leads to dump lvl2 (gameos). Hats off to the one who has done it

#22 - tworok - 248w ago
tworok's Avatar
fantastic news. it's nice to see that the PS3 scene is alive, unfortunately some guys seem to care more about their importance (which obsviously they have doubts about) than to acomplish a common goal between all of us

in the end it'll taste so much better when we tell that french dude that the goal was achieved without his help.

"the one who laughs last, laughs better" Portuguese saying

#21 - PS3 News - 249w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
This diagram was also posted today from DemonHades METLDR article for those interested...

#20 - dante489 - 249w ago
dante489's Avatar
i think egohot is awesome and way much cooler than geohot lol!, coz he's not keeping it inside, the world must know that he is a god

#19 - PS3 News - 249w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
I could say why, but I won't... ironic you mentioned ego though, someone played on letters with GeoHot and EgoHot in the iPhone scene. Check this out for a laugh if you're bored: [Register or Login to view links]


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