Hermes AsbestOS Loader Beta Mod by MrGatz85 is Released

181w ago - Last week Marcan posted a video of AsbestOS running Linux on PS3 3.41 without OtherOS via GameOS, and today mrgatz85 has modified Hermes AsbestOS Loader and released a Beta of his own followed by MrGatz85 & Cael's Open AsbestOS Loader.

Download: Hermes AsbestOS Loader Beta Mod by MrGatz85 / Hermes AsbestOS Loader Beta Mod v1.1 by MrGatz85

In related news, Marcan has Tweeted a picture (below) stating, to quote: "proof that RSX 3D works, time to pester the nouveau guys to figure out how we can use it sanely "

From his Blog (linked above): OK I'm back again with one of my simple apps. I'm lazy and I like one button solutions. I have created a new loader based on Hermes loader.

It does everything almost the same, but you don't have to go through the extra step of putting the bins on the USB and opening any Game Manager.

I also added a check to make sure you are running a payload that will work. I will be releasing the code shortly as right now I need more time to clean it up.

Please use Hermes' payload or it won't work. And if you have an error let leave a message on the blog, how far did it get and when it froze and remember it's a Beta.

In the mean time I have converted Hermes AsbestOS source to compile under Linux (evilsperm Multi SDK VM). Once Gatz releases his source I will convert that as well and post it here.

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Sterist's Avatar
#9 - Sterist - 181w ago
i want to see it boot my linux installation on partition #2 !!!

dante489's Avatar
#8 - dante489 - 181w ago
with access to the 3d capabilities that were locked on OtherOs?

i hope someone from nvidia leaks the binaries for the rsx, i don't know if it's possible for an average dev to write a driver for the rsx without any information about the chip!

pip1's Avatar
#7 - pip1 - 181w ago
3rd party gpu drivers are one of the hardest things to program from what I understand.

RadioactiveSoup's Avatar
#6 - RadioactiveSoup - 181w ago
access to rsx sure, software to use it nope if we're lucky a year, but more likely never.

We can only hope

pip1's Avatar
#5 - pip1 - 181w ago
access to rsx sure, software to use it nope if we're lucky a year, but more likely never.

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