Guide: Three Ways of Running Your Own Code on PS3

240w ago - Today SKFU has posted a brief guide on three way to run your own code on Sony's PS3 console, as follows:

1. OtherOS

The easiest way to run your own code on the PlayStation 3 is through Linux which you can install as alternative OS. Several restrictions regarding the RSX, but it seems to become better regarding 3D acceleration since the new MESA 3D GL was released with CELL support.

2. BD-Java

A few days ago I reported, that the developers of found out, that BD-Java still works if you correctly burn it on a Blu-Ray disc. With the FreePlay's minimal BD-Java SDK it's quite ok to develop Java for PS3.

3. Flash

Since FW 2.0 till FW 3.0 there was the so called Informationboard. This is a simple .swf file on the HDD and can be replaced with knightsolidus' HDD decryption method. As the informationboard.swf does not run in a sandbox there's a lot possible but sadly it was removed in the actual FW 3.0.

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cfwprophet's Avatar
#11 - cfwprophet - 240w ago
PLZ guys let this "hacker" be alone. He belived that a RAM dump could lead into the private and decryption keys.

To this time i told him @ a other forum that it is not possible to do this. And the members there believed him and to be countered to me that the common-key from the Wii would also be dumped from the RAM. Its BS, common-key would be dumped out of the GPU the Starlight!

iCEQB's Avatar
#10 - iCEQB - 240w ago
I mean how his method works..

Preceptor's Avatar
#9 - Preceptor - 240w ago
What do you mean? The only information I know is what have been posted in the news and what was leaked through various sites some months ago.

iCEQB's Avatar
#8 - iCEQB - 240w ago
Is there any further information about the Knightsolidus method??

Preceptor's Avatar
#7 - Preceptor - 240w ago
Hmmmm I didn't know.

Could you rewrite the HD on the fly with it? Or did it work the same way as the Knightsolidus method?

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