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Guide: Three Ways of Running Your Own Code on PS3

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275w ago - Today SKFU has posted a brief guide on three way to run your own code on Sony's PS3 console, as follows:

1. OtherOS

The easiest way to run your own code on the PlayStation 3 is through Linux which you can install as alternative OS. Several restrictions regarding the RSX, but it seems to become better regarding 3D acceleration since the new MESA 3D GL was released with CELL support.

2. BD-Java

A few days ago I reported, that the developers of demonhades.org found out, that BD-Java still works if you correctly burn it on a Blu-Ray disc. With the FreePlay's minimal BD-Java SDK it's quite ok to develop Java for PS3.

3. Flash

Since FW 2.0 till FW 3.0 there was the so called Informationboard. This is a simple .swf file on the HDD and can be replaced with knightsolidus' HDD decryption method. As the informationboard.swf does not run in a sandbox there's a lot possible but sadly it was removed in the actual FW 3.0.

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#16 - aries2k6 - 274w ago
aries2k6's Avatar
If I understand the thread correctly this is a guide to run your own code on the ps3 and not a guide for hacking the ps3.
So I would like to add 3 more ways of running your own code on a ps3.

4. PS2 Homebrew

You need a ps2 compatible ps3, obviously. SwapMagic original discs (3.6 or higher) to be able to boot from usb or do a disc swap to boot from cd/dvd.
You have access to the GS chip and can program anything within the limitations of the ps2 hardware and ps2 sandbox mode of the ps3.

5. Yabasic

Once more you need a ps2 compatible ps3. The Original PS2 Demo disc that came with PAL consoles or a disc swap for a backup. It also boots through USBLoader.
So what can you do with it? Lol, it's Yabasic but you can run your own code.

6. PS1 Homebrew.

You need some way to perform a disc swap. There was some psx homebrew called Yaroze. I believe there was also a NES emulator. You would have to obtain a PS1 SDK to program your own code.

#15 - cfwprophet - 274w ago
cfwprophet's Avatar
First what i want to say: I love that you write your programs for Linux!

interesting things:
Yea true but no private, puplic or decryption keys like you wanted to found with this methode.

the flash thingy:
But its gone with FW 3.0 and there is no more a way to downgrade a PS3 with higher FW and i belive even if you have the whole hdd decrypted you would not find what you WANT to find

"lame piracy"? and you mean you are not a little bit to arrogant? How you want to know how many games i have buyed and actuel @ home?
Or how many PS3's and consoles i have at all?

why are keys in the dumps u ask?

no becouse the key (or maybe all) are in the Cell and never left his place.

at last:
Than have fun with your psydo nat bug and try it again or again and again or better tell sony about your findings from the vm0 becouse we are all, oh sry no only im a "lame pirat" and your the one who bring the importend stuff to the normal user becouse the normal user can write a Media Center running and installed onto the ps3.

But i wish only the best to you and every one else who try to get this beast to purr like a cat.Im out for now..


#14 - SKFU - 274w ago
SKFU's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
PLZ guys let this "hacker" be alone. He belived that a RAM dump could lead into the private and decryption keys.

To this time i told him @ a other forum that it is not possible to do this. And the members there believed him and to be countered to me that the common-key from the Wii would also be dumped from the RAM. Its BS, common-key would be dumped out of the GPU the Starlight!

how do u think the old partially ram dumps were obtained? magic?

there's already interesting things dumped through this way like:

- ps3 retail bootable
- psn server login private auth
- db
- etc

to explain the flash thingy:

it's a way i talked about with several other devs and it was working so i used it also in the post. this is NEW. but as its still very time consuming and bored to replace files through hdd and 3.0 patched it i didnt bother to make a major post just bout this.

as this does not run in a sandbox you can use it for stuffz like:

- read hdd with the flash once installed without decryption
- modify several files on the hdd (no further explain cuz this would just lead to ur lame piracy)


why are keys in the dumps u ask if its so secure?

well that's easy, it is NOT SO secure.


the vm0 stored on hdd is not secured at all so if a key finds its way in there its easy to dump the vm0 and gain a lot of interesting stuff with the hdd decryption or try again and again till u find it via the NAT bug

#13 - PS3 News - 274w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
OK, this is from SKFU on IRC which may help to clarify what he meant:
what i meaned is decrypt hdd with knights methode and use the swf to run ur flash code as it doesnt run in a sandbox. its kinda cool.. one example is u could mod the db if known how to do etc etc

only bad is 3.0 removed it and as theres no 3.0 debug yet i dunno if theres still possible to reactivate the swf via widget controller

#12 - Preceptor - 274w ago
Preceptor's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by iCEQB View Post
I mean how his method works..

If there is it wasn't plublished and I don't know.


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