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GroovyManager PS3 File Manager Proof Of Concept is Available

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222w ago - I've created my first POC (proof of concept) version of my PS3 file manager called GroovyManager, with Groovy Installer now also added below as the first update!

This version is VERY basic. I was more concerned with functionality than beauty in this version.

Download: GroovyManager PS3 File Manager Proof Of Concept / Groovy Installer

The main screen is very plain:

Your only option is entering the IP address of your PS3 and then starting the scan.

Note: You must have the PS3 FTP Server running before you start the program.

The program will scan the internal hard drive as well as ALL attached USB hard drives

When it finds a game it copies the PARAM.sfo file and the ICON0.txt file locally to your machine. When all games have been found it parses the PARAM.sfo, creates a txt file of the PARAM.sfo values named Title_ID.txt, renames the PARAM file to TitleID_Drive_PARAM.sfo and the ICON0 file to TitleID_Drive_ICON0.png.

The programs not perfect but most of the issue occur because the PS3 FTP server isn't stable. I still have to do quite a bit with error trapping, reading local drives and of course making it look pretty.

I've a link to the program - there's a good chance that I'll release the source code as well (I need to clean up my code first )

I'm not trying to take any credit away from the Gamezplorer creator and I'm just a bored programmer looking for something to do :lol:

Please let me know what you think and if I should continue moving forward.

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#23 - PS3 News - 221w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by namdlo View Post
Here's the update I promised...

Thanks namdlo, I have added it to the first post and +Rep as well!

#22 - namdlo - 221w ago
namdlo's Avatar
Tip of the night: Backup your code before making major changes -- this includes cleaning up icons.

I lost 3+ hrs tonight to "recovering" to a backup from yesterday. Here's the update I promised...

This is being released as a "beta" - I've tested it on 2 machines with no issues but I am in no way saying it's perfect. It was tested using wired and wireless connections with no issues.

This version is missing a few things:

  • No file management - no move, copy or delete
  • Genre is not completely working yet

Both of those will be completed by the end of the weekend. I've tested the functionality I just haven't fully implemented it into the code yet.

The install requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile - the program will attempt to download it for you. It might require a reboot too.

When it boots the first time it's going to ask you to set up the the IP address for your PS3. You should then go to "Settings" and setup any local drives/folders that contain games. Scan the system...

Please give me feedback!

#21 - namdlo - 221w ago
namdlo's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Senaxx View Post
Is there a way i can test your prog?

I'm hoping to release a version tonight (I'm EST) - it will depend how much I get done.

I'm only getting a few hours a night to work/test it.

I want to test it on another machine (my laptop) before putting it out.

#20 - Senaxx - 221w ago
Senaxx's Avatar
Is there a way i can test your prog?

#19 - PS3 News - 221w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by namdlo View Post
I'm still hoping to release this sometime during the weekend. I'm including my newest screen shots with two of the views.

Nice to hear namdlo and +Rep for your continued efforts with this app.


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