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Graf Chokolo and Marcan Working on Bringing PS3 OtherOS Back

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203w ago - Another update from graf_chokolo and Marcan42 who are working to bring OtherOS back to PS3, to quote:

I managed to boot an unencrpyted LV2 kernel from VFLASH. The decrypted LV2 kernel from Service JIG just made some strange sounds for several seconds and then did shutdown Normal unencrypted LV2 kernels boot normally. We could kick out lv2ldr from HV completely and boot enencrypted LV2 kernel always Working now on Linux bootloader. Stay tuned.

I didn’t use default.spp to boot decrypted LV2. I patched HV process which loads LV2 kernel, kicked out lv2ldr, replaced the function which loads lv2_kernel.self with my own code which loads just any OS from a VFLASH region It can be either petitboot, LV2 kernel or something else And dual boot is also possible with this approach. We could store several kernels on VFLASH and decide at boot time which one to boot.

And yesterday i found also out how to enable all debug and log messages in HV and HV procs and actually see these log messages Expect more soon. And greetings to SONY I will try today to boot decrypted 3.56 LV2 on my 3.41 PS3

If you could upload a binary image of AsbestOS for me please, i could test booting it today from VFLASH. Thanks.

Guys, i would be greatful if someone could upload me decrypted 3.56 lv2 kernel. Thanks.

If i got the right version then i just booted decrypted lv2 kernel 3.56 from VFLASH

Thanks for the images. Just booted your tftp image from VFLASH And i see UDP packets coming from PS3

From marcan42: twitter.com/marcan42

Don't confuse AsbestOS itself (a Linux bootloader) with the way you launch it: USB exploit, lv2 payload, lv2 replacement, or (now) OtherOS++

In other words, there's absolutely no reason why you couldn't use AsbestOS with his "OtherOS++"; in fact, you should! (once it's done)

Graf_chokolo doesn't seem to "get" AsbestOS. It isn't mutually exclusive with GameOS; AsbestOS built as otheros.bld is still a good idea.

graf_chokolo, I don’t think you “get” AsbestOS. It’s just a linux bootloader, in fact it would work great as otheros.bld or any other way of running it as an lv2 binary, and it’s more robust than petitboot (and smaller and easier to modify).

OtherOS + extra rights isn’t a replacement for AsbestOS, it’s an alternative to our original approach of replacing lv2 with AsbestOS. There’s already one released way to boot AsbestOS (USB exploit, which isn’t very clean/handy), Hermes is working on a runtime lv2 bootstrap for it (also not very clean but handy for people who like CFWs), there’s the lv2 replacement that we demoed but which isn’t out yet (which is clean, though can’t dual-boot GameOS yet), and once you release what you’re working on you will be able to just boot AsbestOS with it. Of course you could just run petitboot too, but where’s the fun in that? (we could’ve just used petitboot as a lv2 kernel for the 27c3 demo too, but AsbestOS is just much easier to make work and I already have a working new boot ABI using the devtree to pass the region1 allocation to Linux and patches that make it work regardless of whether the bootmem split is 128/128 or 16/240).

This isn’t a competition, I see no reason why AsbestOS can’t work great with whatever you’re getting ready

Btw, re: disk encryption, they use the same key and a NULL IV (can’t remember if all 00 or all ff) for every sector. It’s a very stupid/insecure block encryption scheme. There are flags for the sector read commands to toggle encryption on and off, that’s what we used to boot Linux off of a raw, totally DOS formatted disk with no encryption or lv1 regions.

Also, we thought about booting an unencrypted lv2 kernel too (I assume you’re messing with default.spp?) but we were very short on time and self was easier. Of course, you know a lot more about lv1 than we do

I think this blog is eating my comments if they have URLs…

Here are three binaries (compiled off of the public git, it’s just stage2_native.bin) with three different boot modes (config.h settings):

.[Register or Login to view links]
.[Register or Login to view links]
.[Register or Login to view links]

-hdd boots from a raw DOS formatted HDD (first partition must be FAT and contain a kboot.conf, same as we used at 27c3), -tftp boots from DHCP/TFTP (bootfile should be a kboot.conf), and -netrpc sets up a server that lets you read/write memory and issue hypercalls from a client on your PC, for experiments (see netrpc scripts in asbestos.git). See the AsbestOS readme for info on how to boot kernels with it (you need my ps3-linux.git patches). Git is at git.marcansoft.com.

You should run dbgcli on your PC on the same network as the PS3 to watch the debug output (even if you don’t set up the kernel/kboot.conf, if you get that it means it’s working). You can compile it from git, or here are two Linux binaries (64/32bit):

.[Register or Login to view links]
.[Register or Login to view links]

Have fun

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#29 - isotrex - 204w ago
isotrex's Avatar
How much is the t-shirt and where can we buy them.

#28 - zagan - 204w ago
zagan's Avatar
Might not stop the mirrors but Sony will still run people through the court room ringer. That won't be pretty.

Unless it's game devs trying to make some cash along the way. The problem he could face is being take to court. The problem all this has for Geohot is is does nothing to support him and only supports Sony's side probably why they still got the TRO as a large part of this wouldn't have happened if he hadn't blabed about hacking the PS3 and then releasing the key etc.

He's only 21 so he wouldn't have much clue how screwed he is really and his lawyer is probably some hick town freebie lawyer who knows next to nothing about these cases. but what people don't understand overall is even if they don't live in the USA Sony could still sue them in the USA and just hand those people a subpoena and goto court and if those people don't turn up the court would have to do a warrant for that person and have the police in country they are in arrest them and have them transferred to the USA for the court case.

That would take a few years but is doable and wouldn't that be a major mess around for those people. Which is the overall point of these court cases Sony can change the hardware and software easy, the PS3 won't be the same by the end of this year.

Though these people who end up with a subpoena will still be sued and will end up paying fines and maybe do some jail time as well or instead of paying the court fine. Like whats happening to Geohot right now, people can say anything they like, do anything they like but it won't stop the court case from happening.

#27 - Reddawg2010 - 204w ago
Reddawg2010's Avatar
kally12 i completely understand that sony gets royalties for each game sold I'm just saying that if a great game does not sell well (gets pirated way too much like the psp I've played some great games on the psp) the support for the console and company that made the game goes down and everyone loses. I know I'm not going to be able to stop pirates because they think screwing people out of their jobs so they can save a few bucks is worth it but it doesn't hurt to try to get them to realize it right?

#26 - shummyr - 204w ago
shummyr's Avatar
Personally right now Graf_Chokolo is one of the biggest scene devs and he is still going strong which basically says screw you sony and screw the DMCA which is what should be done by all the devs.

#25 - kally12 - 204w ago
kally12's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Reddawg2010 View Post
yeah we may pay that one time price but what about the costs on making the games also? If you don't buy them then how will they make software money back?

See, the thing is that while Sony can and does expect customers to purchase games [which Sony gets royalties for each game], it's completely up to the consumer whether to buy anything.

Selling a product at a loss is a bad business practice, and Sony making the assumption that people buy games to make up for lost revenue is an even greater risk.

Quote Originally Posted by nafeasonto View Post
GeoHot lost the case, every hacker is going to be scared crapless, and not publish any "hacks" anymore. Unless every hacker in the world, gets together and sues/counter sues Sony. Say goodbye to the PS3 Scene.

I'd like to tell you that the trial hasn't even started. He is still in the process of litigation, which hasn't even progressed to trial. There is still time.


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