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GeoHot Retires from PS3 and iPhone Hacking, Others to Lead On

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232w ago - Today George Hotz aka GeoHot has announced he is retiring from Sony PS3 and Apple iPhone hacking, citing that the demand for updates from end-users will never stop.

In his exit from the PS3 scene, GeoHot left many legitimate PlayStation 3 users without OtherOS and without the promised 3.21OO PS3 Custom Firmware.

The good news? Others whom GeoHot shared the PS3 METLDR info and LV2 dump with are currently using his work to continue hacking the PS3 console, with rumors from IRC (for what those are worth LOL) indicating a public "end-user" PS3 hack may arrive before September 2010 from their camp.

Unfortunately though, just like the past Dark_AleX and "M33" PSP releases, an incoming PS3 hack will probably be from a fictitious group and won't include anything useful to PS3 Devs such as dumps, reversals, sourcecode, etc.

Hopefully once a hole that Sony can't block is public, other PlayStation 3 Devs will begin working on the PS3 though... and sharing all the juicy the technical details along the way for others who wish to learn.

This will help ensure the PS3 scene won't fall victim to the hypocritical and ridiculous "anti-piracy, users deserve nothing" attitude that began the downfall and led to the fate of the current PSP scene.

To quote: His PS3 username, Twitter account, and blog are all now shut down. His last tweet said, "it was a cool ride, and i've learned a lot about a lot. perhaps one of these days i'll do a more formal goodbye."

Along with that post, he wrote in his blog explaining his reasons for retiring from the scene. He says that he "didn't fully realize most of the current scene don't care unless they are getting something," but now he does.

He then continued a bit more in his post with the following: "The real reason behind no release isn't technical. It's just that it will never stop, after blackra1n, people demand unlock, after blacksn0w, people demand untethered. I miss the days when jailbreaking and unlocking were difficult, it attracted a much higher caliber crowd."

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#75 - PS3 News - 230w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
I gave jimmidy's OtherOS BLD file a try tonight on my 1.10 PS3, and it doesn't appear to be a gzip file so I received the following error: The data is corrupted. (80040002)

That said, perhaps later PS3 versions support a different packing format or he simply screwed up lol, after all, he did say he doesn't even have a PS3 of his own.

If anyone else gives it a try, feel free to reply...

Edit: When re-packed into a gz the OtherOS.bld installs, for those who wish to check it out I have attached the repacked version below.

#74 - Jomppe - 230w ago
Jomppe's Avatar
I thought this could be useful, from [Register or Login to view links]

This otheros.bld sets up PPU+SPU0 and decrypts a custom build binary I patched into it: [Register or Login to view links]

their is something that looks like a encrypted SPU binary when updates are unpacked in XDR, it looks like it gets loaded too.

Sony uses decrypt_in decrypt_out via the shared LS while isolation is on, all SDKs share the same code.

I've tried a couple of the loaders just trying to get them to push something back out on xdr. I've got otheros.bld doing work

I'm doing exactly what Sony code does when it has a loader isolated and initiates mailbox. I've looked at plenty of their code.

it was all negative values too, even when I ignore that and give it a pointer and range to buffer out it doesn't do anything.

I set SPE and PPU states up exactly like the Sony code does, and went to initiate PKI mailbox and SPU only pushed a vector.

This just brings into question the claim that their was successful decryption of binaries..and even if the PS3 was defeated

loader basically checks what is mapped when it's loaded and even emulation of mailbox init doesn't work.

because one of the loaders is mapped in a lvl2 and dumps and it has a few threads that wait for SPU feedback through a vector

loaders and ROM thread check LPAR-state and lvl2 thread states before doing DMA PKI mailboxes..you+geohot=BS

#73 - tjay17 - 230w ago
tjay17's Avatar
If he hadn't ran his mouth about "what he found" then we would probably still have other os and someone who really wanted to do something and not try to get a name from it might have had homebrew and maybe a homebrew channel like on the wii to get new apps could be on the ps3.

#72 - Haksam - 230w ago
Haksam's Avatar
the whole world got to see what happens when a crazy clown messed around with a corporate like Sony.

It was a good experiment and something we don't enjoy watching the drama unfold, but at the end of the day, Sony shove everyone with a,
"Its all just business".

#71 - rockon4you - 230w ago
rockon4you's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PhilipJWitow View Post
Wow, this is kind of unexpected.

I haven't heard from the guy for weeks and was wondering what he was up to. Looks like the crazy security of the PS3 holds up once again. :|

It's also interesting none of the news sites covered this. Hmm.

Well as you know, many of ps3 holders to this day don't even care about the modding. Some people just love the true experience of the ps3 without hacking. Myself, I work on computers all day, which is irritating. College is stressful with learning all the computer software uses. But, ever since the Linux kernel came into the atmosphere of PS3 news and all other hacking sites, it became an epic worldwide topic for people to discuss.

Btw PhilipJWitow, you got a good point about how none of the other sites covered that info. I love ps3 news though because they always have the most up to date psn stuff and also ps3 exclusive news that people would love to hear. Good Job Ps3 news! Keep it a comin' !!!!


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