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GenPS3 Mass iSO GUI by McScruff for PS3 Custom Firmware Arrives

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56w ago - Following up on the PS3 Game (Rip-to-iSO) Mass Converter application, today PlayStation 3 developer mcscruff has made available a GenPS3 Mass iSO GUI for PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) users with details below followed by a PS3 ISO TOOLS pack by Rudi Rastelli.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

To quote: Hi all, I have made a quick front end for genps3iso that lets you Que up your folders with or without IRD's (NO VERSION 9 SUPPORT) and makes the iso's.


Bored mostly but i had 3 games i wanted to make and i also wanted to go to the pub..., my drinking habit had to be put on hold for 10 minutes while i set it up, let it finish then set up the next.. where as i could have gone out and let it run..

There is bugs in there but it does work (a bit) , if you like it but want extra things in it just ask.

Tested on Windows 7

Just put the GenPS3-Mass.exe in the same directory as genps3iso. Thanks to the cobra team for their tool that does all the work.

Finally, in related news today PlayStation 3 developer Rudi Rastelli has made available PS3 ISO TOOLS, which are four handy GUI Tools for Batch Generation and Handling of PS3 iSOs with details as follows:

PS3 ISO TOOLS - 4 handy gui-tools for batch generation and handling of PS3-ISOs

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

These are 4 Tools I've made for handling my PS3-ISOs. Now I would like to share them. May be someone else will find them useful as well. Not extensively tested, but worked for my whole archive without a problem. So should be stable enough.


Creates single or splittet ISO(s) from either a single PS3-Game or a whole PS3-Game-Archive in folder-format
Optional: hides splittet ISO-parts("*.iso.1", "*.iso.2", etc) in windows explorer
Optional: deletes PS3-Game in folder-format after conversion.
Optional: renames generated ISOs like "[Game Name] [Game ID].iso". (Special characters will be removed)
Optional: Updates game name list*
Extracts "PARAM.SFO" and "ICON0.PNG" as "[Game Name].SFO" and "[Game Name].PNG" for use in webMANs "/dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp/"-directory


Batch Renames ISOs like "[Game Name] [Game ID].iso". Renames "*.SFO" and "*.PNG" as well. (Special characters will be removed)
Optional: hides/shows splittet ISO-parts("*.iso.1", "*.iso.2", etc) in windows explorer
Optional: Updates game name list*


Batch joins splittet ISOs to single ISOs
Optional: deletes splittet PS3-ISOs after joining


Batch splits single ISOs to splittet ISOs 4 use on a FAT32-formatted harddrive
Optional: deletes single PS3-ISOs after splitting

How To's in english and german are included in the download.

*Game names are taken from the list i've found at aldostools site (aldostools : Hope it's ok that i've used that list !?)


  • aldostools for game list
  • Team cobra for genps3iso
  • masa 3108 for testing



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#6 - macsamilian - 57w ago
macsamilian's Avatar
this is good for converting ps3 game folders back to iso format along with other tools as stated but i have been recompiling iso's using iso tools and ird's to play on new ntfs manager which is more useful for cfw users

#5 - misiozol - 58w ago
misiozol's Avatar
Yes there is boss like running games on rogero hybrid and running iso form external server , and single iso file is faster to transfer that thousands to fat32

#4 - g8ryj - 58w ago
g8ryj's Avatar
This is useful if you only have a small hard drive on your PS3 and have all your games on a windows PC, because you can play ISO's directly from your network rather than copying them to your PS3's HD thanks to the recent dongle incorporated firmware

#3 - PS3 News - 58w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
For use with the for-profit ODE devices is my guess. For the rest of the PS3 scene on PS3 CFW, there isn't much point in converting them I imagine.

#2 - TRib - 58w ago
TRib's Avatar
Sry for my ignorance but.. whats the point in converting a rip to ISO?? o_O


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