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Gameboy Color and NES Emulators for PS3 in Development

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217w ago - Previously it was reported that shinhalsafar started work on an FCEU NES emulator port for PlayStation 3, and today Robo Hobo has shared a WIP of his Nestopia (NES emulator) and Gambatte (Gameboy Color emulator) PS3 ports for JailBroken consoles.

Download: Gameboy Color and NES Emulator for PS3 / Gameboy Color and NES Emulator for PS3 r2 / Gameboy Color and NES Emulator for PS3 r3 / [Register or Login to view links]

Note: When upgrading do not delete your old version, it will delete any savegames you've made. Just choose install package, when it tells you the current version is already installed just tell it to install anyway.


Release 3:

• Settings are remembered between sessions
• Option to underscan output, up to 10% for nestopia and 50% for gambatte
• Option to enable Vsync and Linear Filtering(to reduce scaling artifacts, in exchange for blurriness)
• Maybe fixed sound, maybe not

Release 2:

• Added great NES icon from fraser0206 at psx-scene, thanks
• Save games and save states in nestopia
• Fast Forward, Hold R2 to go at 4x speed
• Fixed the Exit Game option from the PS3 menu, it no longer restarts the system
• File list tweaks, removed the . and .. entries(use Circle to go up a directory). Holding cross no longer trys to down more than one directory.
• VSync is still disabled


• Supports Game Boy Mono and Game Boy Color
• Supports zip
• Press right stick to open menu, circle to exit menu
• Opening menu causes sound problems
• Press L3 + L1 to save state, L3 + R1 to load
• All saves are placed in the game folder


• No zip support
• Not really ready for anything
• Press right stick to exit
• No saving or loading
• Package uses same 'icon' as gambatte


• VSync disabled to prevent sound issues
• Sound buffer code sucks

Next I hope to work on:

• Adding various settings.
• Load new game without exiting emulator.
• Overscan workaround for those with issues.

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#16 - New Guy - 217w ago
New Guy's Avatar
when browsing via ftp what folder do the roms go in and what format do the roms need to be in (since snes had to be converted) ?

#15 - PS3 News - 217w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
You will have to resubmit it (or I can in a bit) as I was doing maintenance so it didn't save. Usually Sunday nights is when I do the backend maintenance work since it's generally the most quiet time.

#14 - halsafar - 217w ago
halsafar's Avatar
FCEU PS3 is released. Posts are up. PS3News post should appear shortly. VBA is next. Then a hybrid of all three.

#13 - aries2k6 - 217w ago
aries2k6's Avatar
Great to see more emulators popping up. Props to the coder.

It works better than I thought for a first release and already an update for me to try out.


#12 - Justin121994 - 217w ago
Justin121994's Avatar
thebomb5: If they wii can handle it somewhat I'm really sure the ps3 can. Some just has to port the emulator over I know I'm not.


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