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Disney Universe PS3 Patch Update Fix for 3.55 Custom Firmware Out

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125w ago - Following up on their previous PS3 Beta patch update for 3.55 CFW, today the E3 Team have released a Disney Universe BLUS30773 patch fix for 3.55 and 3.41 Custom Firmware users with details below.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (16.09 MB - Password: e3movesuit)

To quote: 1. We are glad to claim that our E3 Move Suite available now, it has 5 accessory include E3 bluetooth earphone, E3 navigation controller, E3 motion controller, E3 camera and camera stand.

The suggested retail price is only USD 68. You can get from our official distributor and know more details from official web e3-tech.net.

2. A new game released free by E3 Team again to congratuation E3 Move Suite on market. Thanks all users whom support us. The new game is Disney Universe BLUS30773, which not released by any other guy before. Please note it is 1.01 update game directly.

3. We notice lots of user care for our new (DRM-infected) USB dongle. We are still working hard on it, and here reveal some features:

  • It is easy upgrade, plug and update.
  • It will support all PS3 game, include all game's update & DLC.
  • It will work on new high CFW in the future.
  • It can only work game which modified by E3 Team.

The most important is we need protect our work well, so we should try best make it un-crackable. We need time to complete those function, and also will adjust our plan as per user requirement.

PS: We only released e3 card reader, e3 flasher and e3 move suite. All other dongle haven't any relationship with E3 Team !

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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Serton's Avatar
#171 - Serton - 160w ago
Hi everyone I'm new here and basically new to the "ps3 world". I'm about to get a new ps3 next week and it probably comes out with 3.7 firmware, so I'd like to know if through this device I can downgrade it to 3.5 without soldering anything. Thanks in advance.

(I've tried looking for info myself but I couldn't get the correct and 100% answer)

jows23's Avatar
#170 - jows23 - 160w ago
Quote Originally Posted by racer0018 View Post
I have heard both sides. From what I understand is that you can use it on more then one. I have installed it on a 160 and downgrade it and then I am going to put it on a 320 and see of I can downgrade another. Ran out of time tonight so can't downgrade. My family always comes first. I will upload pictures and guide tomorrow night of the 160. Thanks.

Ok, so I'm waiting for the confirmation about the downgrade in its two PS3, greetings.

maaz1's Avatar
#169 - maaz1 - 160w ago
Thanks for your reply HeyManHRU but Sorry I am so confused that I couldn't even explain my question properly

So, I have current HDD on PS3 with OFW 3.73 installed and have some PSN purchases on it, I have another HDD which I will use for CFW 3.55 after installing e3 flasher. so will i able to play psn games that I have on my current HDD after installing e3 flasher (multiplayer)?

will I be able to play homebrew games ? but because dual boot is not supported, is there any other way to do that? in short will be able to use both hdd (ofw 3.73 and cfw 3.55) after installing e3 flasher? or should I wait for "Dual Boot" to come out?

sorry for being super n00b.

Thanks again

HeyManHRU's Avatar
#168 - HeyManHRU - 160w ago
You can't play games of a HDD on 3.73 OFW as of yet, you'll need to buy the game disc.

If you really want the dual boot function I would wait for the next release which will allow it. Also please do keep in mind that this is not a "jailbreak" device. It just allows you to downgrade via flashing your PS3 NOR.

maaz1's Avatar
#167 - maaz1 - 160w ago
Thanks mate, really looking forward to the pictures and guides as I am going to install it on PS3 slim 320GB and I hope everything is fine with your family

I have two HDD, one with ofw3.73 and another one I will use with cfw 3.55 after i install e3 flasher, so is it possible for me to play games that I have on HDD ofw 3.73? or my console will be banned from PSN? and dual boot is not possible so what do I do to play hdd that has psn games and hdd that has backed up games.

Sorry for being a super n00b.


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