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Cobra PS3 USB Dongle Reversed by Zadow, Payload Development

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128w ago - Following up on the recent PS3UserCheat dongle hacking news, today PlayStation 3 developer zadow28 has updated his ongoing work with some reverse-engineering and payload development research on the DRM-infected Cobra PS3 USB dongle.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (77.33 MB) / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror) / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror) / [Register or Login to view links] (350.88 KB - place these in the Cobra-USB_PS3_Updater_v1_0\CBUP43210\USRDIR directory) / [Register or Login to view links] (954.98 KB)

It's important to note that these files are not end-user friendly yet, work still needs to be done by those familiar with PS3 PPU / SPU coding in [Register or Login to view links] by other PlayStation 3 developers to further develop payloads for dongle-free PS3 scene solutions.

Finally, below are some recent related Tweets via Twitter (linked above), as follows:

If you cant uses the stuff i post carry on. as promised i post all i find compared to others. Like secrets Hens that work on 4.11

Its my findings regarding the cobra, lot off reversed, and decrypted. Shouldn't be any trouble porting this to any device

Ohh almost forgot one off the most important ones goes in the Cobra-USB_PS3_Updater_v1_0\CBUP43210\USRDIR

Don't think Dean is gonna be very happy.but but.

Just an little test off whats ill be sending tomorrow. will explain also there

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Isleofdoom's Avatar
#1052 - Isleofdoom - 1d ago
No it has to be a mm bug mate I have never had this issue myself but what you can do is go back down to an older version try using 4.65.02. It seams that these new versions all have issues due to him reverting back to older method requiring disc in drive.

I've also seen the changes hes added n caught some bugs so he may need to fix these

topantita's Avatar
#1051 - topantita - 1d ago
i'm using CFW 4.65. After update my Multiman with this version, in the middle of game (around 10-15 mins playing) its suddenly out to XMB menu...

its happen with two games i have playing too... is Multiman not compatible for CFW lower than its version? (4.66 for CFW 4.65) or is it a bug?

i'm indonesian, sorry for my english... ^_^

gabifofofa's Avatar
#1050 - gabifofofa - 1d ago
thanks for the info

Isleofdoom's Avatar
#1049 - Isleofdoom - 1d ago
If you are gonna try splitting in 2 partitions keep one as ntfs and make other FAT32 as this way you can put all your pkgs on FAT32 and run both directories its the best way to go

zombieman12's Avatar
#1048 - zombieman12 - 1d ago
nice thread

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